Kingdom of Esscha Endor

Overlords of Esscha Endor

King of Overland:  Marcus Sirrilus Octavian (Seth) - Astraeus Vampire
Ruling House: Gothtyrdan (darkworld fortress) 
House City: Blackstone, commanded by Overlord Mendes and the campfire pack.

King of Landunder:  Solbaid (Eremon) - Fomor Horned Demon
Ruling House: Blackhorn Palace
House City: Gothardda (dark world city--a hidden and once forgotten city beneath Gothtyrdan), commanded by Regent Armagen with support of Ellastar Caldrus, King of Landunder Maelvannor and his family

Capital City: Blackstone

Commander:  Mendes of the Campfire Pack

Ruling House: Blackstone Keep

Knights of Blackstone: Sedwyn, Geddfel, Yliandra, other NPCs in development

The Warlords: Malfyn, Xeksolos, NPCs in development

Oldest Town: Lakeshore

Regent:  Devyn, 2nd Jammison

Ruling House: Lakeshore Keep

Palace Residents

King Marcus Octavian Sirrillus

Astraeus Vampire, also goes by Seth, white hair, pale skin, green eyes, lean build, 6'1 in height.

Desiree Sirrillus

Queen of Esscha Endor and their three triplets Xevos, Magnus and Aezlen.

Artorius Xavier 

comes and goes, a friend of Seth's he sometimes stays as a guest.


He and his proxies come and go, leaving Seth and his underlings to rule Esscha Endor in his absence.

Sysyu Desertwind

Daughter of Sam and Mael, she presented herself as a stranger seeking employment wanting no special treatment when her father Mael asked that she take up his residence at Gothtyrdan. She now serves as the Queen's Lady.  And her favorite impish little brother Namrexses who came to visit her (he said) and stayed.

City Residents

Ulfuar Arisgaurd, flight armorer and tailor, wrightshop alley, and his daughter Dannalora

Roland Talgaeros, weapon smith, wrightshop alley 

Dalgor Heth, inn keeper and public stables, city square

Knights of Esscha Endor

Aeros Nystori: He is a master shapeshifter. His presence and mind are immune to trespass and probes, Arcanon of the Arcane. Morning Star Knight. Dispatched by Maelmorda to serve Esscha Endor as first knight.

Mortiara: clanless demon

Devyn: namas

Hadroth: namas

Orcrioth: nether elf

Seress: nether elf

Siaph or Sarku: dark fallen shapeshifter, animist and elementalist, guardian of Gothardda, its fortress, and Esscha Endor.

The Campfire Pack Retainers

  • Mendes: Commander of Blackstone, Lycanthrope; 25 (MA) 22 (PA) 
    Strength-[19], Stamina-[24], Movement-[20], Stealth-[22], Willpower-[23], Constitution-[20], Alertness-[19] 
  • Arvalen: (f), Therianthrope; 18 (MA) 15 (PA) 
    Strength-[21], Stamina-[18], Movement-[16], Stealth-[14], Willpower-[27], Constitution-[23], Alertness-[18] 
  • Odao: Shapeshifter; 24 (MA) 21 (PA) 
    Strength-[21], Stamina-[24], Movement-[21], Stealth-[23], Willpower-[22], Constitution-[18], Alertness-[19] 
  • Wogheti: (Wog or Wolf for short), Bestial Abominations; 23 (PA) 20 (SA) 
    Strength-[31], Stamina-[28], Movement-[24], Stealth-[26], Willpower-[27], Constitution-[20], Alertness-[21]
  • Talyss
  • Motlucen
  • Triard
  • Havyd
  • Cribo
  • Rarfal 
  • Somos
  • Akmari
  • Trudarg
  • Werthrek
  • Idoto
  • Semek


Corso - werelionKaelyn - Demon Kin

Valira - half-elf child (sienna brown skin, violet eyes, silver hair, age: 14)

Ygretta - Namas lady in waiting, in house caretaker and nanny.Other NPC as played

Noble Residents and Guests

Armen and Archer Kassim (twin meridian arcador, or wraith devils)

Keir and Rainier (twin dreamlanders)

Shaithis Decasey (Astraeus vampire, priest of chaos and chaosmancer)

Residents and Guests



Other NPC as Played

Officials of Esscha Endor

Pending PC Assignment,

NPC Standin: Dumarc Elior Lerimet of Esscha Endor and Govenor Meg Chaise of Lakeshore Village, Paradise Lake

The Warriors of Lakeshore: 

° Braam,

° Khorev,

° Denneth (rezzed),

° Rorc (rezzed),

° Hessel,

° Illiath,

° Morwin (raised by Acheron secretly as an Abyss Draconian, reads as Eschion in human form) 


◇ Devyn (richest fisheries, rice farms, aquafarms, vacation spot, population)

◇ Treviuss (richest farmer)

◇ Victor Greed (richest estate, orchards,  vineyards, lumber, horses, farms, medicine)

◇ Savros Saxill (richest fisheries, equestrian farm and school)

◇ Havor Trintner (wealthiest rancher and miner) 


☆  Kaeor (sorcerer),

☆  Gorgedd (elemental (plant and water),

☆  Kemish (healer)

Chaosian Priests: 

Order of Thettius

•  Thettius (sidhe Black Shapeshifter),

•  Kriomren (Namas),

•  Nepterian (Namas),

•  Graeol (werewolf),

•  Elesanthra (Shadowlands Elf),

•  Pruoll (Redwood Elf Weyr-Specter, lunarmancy),

•  Maugthres (Vampire of Shapes),

•  Criaph (Ssetis draconian),

•  Setsunaini (Inisai Namas),

•  Losjori (fomor shapeshifter),

and various novices including

•  Beon, progeny of Thres

in order of rank.

Residence is Orchard Creek Shrine


Amon: fallen angel and arch devil, rules 40 legions of devils (which he cannot call to Morashtar unless the seal between worlds is broken); very arabic looking angel with curling, jet black hair, medium brown skin, and pale grey eyes  Married to Elizabeth, his acolyte, with whom he has many children.


Gothtyrdan & Blackstone


All wards are level 40 and were raised by Maelmorda, aka The Morning Star. 


Haven Shadow Wards: displace and can harm, LoD see below.Ward Commanders: Octavian, Sarku, and any officers as called by Octavian.


Shadow catalyst: LoD 450, channel called shadow commands through wards, including but not limited to shadow gate seizure and transfer, blinding shadows, intercept path and misdirect path

Counter Void: LoD 460, snuffs power by drawing it into a shadow void

Conquer and divide trap: LoD 444; a shadow tear that can be deadly, or dismember

Permanency factor: LoD 442, stable lasting power

Warding Factor: LoD 453, boosts any lesser LoD to 453

Area Protected 

The entire fortress, its ramparts, its dungeon, its floors, and the area between all of its walls, is warded by haven wards. Inside; the Ward Commander can vanquish anyone from the fortress at will.There is one weak area in the wards.  GM knowledge.

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