Kingdom of Hassim


Like its neighbouring kingdom the Desert of Fire, any stranger met along the road might tell a traveler they can pass with relative safety through Hassim along the main roads whereas offroad or on secluded paths one might find all kinds of trouble. The main road west to east, called Merchants Road, follows a string of artesian watering holes and leads to the east coast and the jewel of Hassim, Inaaksu and the White Palace of King Saeed Kassim. People speak of the king as a figure of some notoriety who is also known to treat guests well and visitors who keep the law fairly but is ruthless to lawbreakers and agitators. Charming, highly intelligent, and handsome Saeed has a dark side people would be wise not to provoke.


The entire city is carved of white marble from the quarry it stands upon.  Inaaksu means white city.  Nearly half of the entire Hassim desert's population lives in Inaaksu.  With the tempest ocean at its back and the desert at its front gate, Hassim boasts an impressive fleet and is a major trade center.  One of only four cities along An Morendor's eastern coast Inaaksu is among the largest trade centers in Morashtar.  Inaaksu also has one of the largest standing armies in the world, second only to Hesstromeph, Noctmaire, and the former AoM which was halved during 'the great exodus'. 

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