Report to Saeed of Braemen and Seth

As recorded on paper word for word by Braemen and delivered to Saeed by his hand for discussion.

Seth: ~"Saeed, when you have a moment, I wish to bend your ear on a matter concerning Solbaid, to lay things to rest for good and move forward. With it settled we could finally more forward past this greivence."~ 


Braemen: "I am Braemen, patron of his majesty King Saeed Kassim. Who is it seeks audience with his most high and addresses him as only close friends and esteemed associates should?"

"Anything you wish to say to my king you may say to me, Lord Sirillus. He has asked me to act in his place in all matters concerning Esscha Endor with his full authority."

"What exactly is it you wish to accomplish, my  Lord?"

"Be clear," he added in exacting tones.


Seth: "I had hoped to talk to King Saeed about Solbaid, as I mentioned in the communicae."

"Are you aware of the history between himself, Solbaid, and my house? It is a complicated affiar to say the very least, and only made worse by recent events."

"I reached out because I want to see if things cannot be mended through diplomatic means."

"I have always found King Saeed to be an excellent intermediary when it came to King of Landunder and by the sea."


Braemen: "Yes, Lord Sirillus, I am aware of the situation there.   Saeed is indeed a crack mediator but it is I you must contend with by his orders. To trust him is to trust he knows who is best to represent him. Allow me to begin by saying it will please him and I to have that matter dead, buried and covered by a mountain of dirt, rocks and sand.  If by what has happened recently you mean the terrible difficulty that befell Lord Armagen, then yes, that has made the conflict more difficult to navigate. You may make it easier by telling us who is responsible for the ordeal which he suffered."

"And please. Do not stall. Let's have it, shall we?" 


Seth:  “If King Saeed believes you are best suited to the task, then I’ll not argue it.” 

“Armagen was a mistake, no one should have been caught in that, however we erred in calling on something that was beyond us. When it comes to that, I am at fault.”

“A child was taken too early from her mother, my step-daughter slain. Whatever the reason a mother deserves satisfaction, so I intended to give that to my wife, his ever an innocent was caught up in our vendetta. The curse was meant to make Lord Solbaid submit to the scales of justice, but in doing so we committed an injustice.”


Braemen: "Who called up the curse?" He asked more specifically.  "And do consider the precipice you are standing so near to when you answer."


Seth: replied. “It was Desiree who invoked the rite.”

“If a pound of flesh must be given, I will freely offer mine in her place. If assurances are needed, that the vendetta is ended, I can take you into my confidence and share with you...”


Braemen: "It is good you have spoken truth. The responsibility must lay where it belongs for if we are not responsible for our actions we and those around us are damned."

"Before you share your confidence with me, hear me out. You mentioned that you erred by cursing the wrong individual when in fact cursing anyone in landunder was an act of war. WAR Lord Sirillus."

"You said your wife deserves justice. She's had four chances to get that justice now. Two assassination attempts, that we KNOW of, one curse and one army down the shoot. What shall we stand idle for next I wonder?"

Braemen continued. "There will be no more dabbling in excuses. If your queen trespasses against Landunder again it is SHE who will answer for it. AND you, should you support her deeds as you have in the past. Wrongs have been wraught on both sides. If you wish I shall lay them all out and we can weigh them against each other. You claim you have ended it though. Then END it and make no more excuses for your wife or yourself. Bury tit for tat for good. Make no more mention of the injustice you swore to forgive in writing no less on Urik mountain, when your wife planned to open Landunder's back door to the enemy. You have broken the pact of peace made between yourself and Lord Solbaid again by this curse on the regent of Landunder and by Sea. A pact made after your daughter was killed no less. Do you recall the earlier pact made whereby you acknowledged Solbaid's claims to Landover AND Gothtyrdan, by the sea. And where he acknowledged Blackstone and Esscha Endor landover was yours? You vowed not to tread on him and he not to tread on you and he allowed you to stay in his fortress. Your wife has since attempted four times, FOUR to kill him. FOUR times she has shattered the peace you agreed to uphold. Did Lord Solbaid or his people since pacts were made attack you or yours? Did he evict you from HIS palace? Where is that vile monster you think he is? There have been wrongs on both sides. But there have also been rights. Attempts made to keep the peace. There will be NO FURTHER citings of past injustices. There will be NO further amnesty paid on Solbaid's deed. Break the peace again and Hassim will back Armagen in a war against you and anyone who stands between us. Only neither Saeed or Solbaid will be involved. It will be I bringing their combined armies, I and Armagen and our people you will be fighting. To be clear, you've three choices laid out before you. Obey the peace. Go to war for the wrong blood. Or abandon Esscha Endor to a more worthy leader, for if you choose any option other than number one, then you are NOT worthy."

Braemen was leaving no path to them for seeking justice.

"It's simple really, Octavian. May I call you that? Braemen is fine by me. Simplifies things when you only have one name. This is how easy is it. You make a pact, you stand by it come hell and Armageddon. They who break the pact are in the wrong. It is THAT simple. Think. Solbaid has broken no pact since one was made. Do you see how it is? Your wife broke YOUR word. Repeatedly. And you allowed it. You cast a vote. It's simple. Honor your pacts."

And Braemen would be drawing up a new pact for all the interested parties (Seth, Desiree, Braemen. Armagen, Saeed and Solbaid) to sign. The terms would be unmistakable.

"Now what is it you wish to share?"


Seth: "You are correct, and we will sign it. What I had wanted to say was that, if we fail to uphold our end, we will be not but cinders before you even lift a finger. In removing the curse we made a pact, Killian and his wolves will devour the whole of Esscha Endor, if ever Solbaid is attacked in response to the vendetta. But, more than that, I want to be done with this all. We must move on for everyone involved."

"So, a new chapter then? We cannot forget the past, but we can forge ahead and not be beholden to the past.. Yes, and please, no need to stand on ceremony, Braemen."


Braemen: "A new chapter is indeed what we need, Octavian."

"She summoned Killian the Wolf? Your wife's tenacity is mad. If she could turn that determination towards helpful prospects there is no telling how much she might accomplish. Turn her away if you can from the trouble she is so extremely prone to."

"Which reminds me. There is one more thing I need you as a leader in Morashtar to understand. In each kingdom a king rules their domain under laws they and their people establish. You cannot dictate right and wrong to them under your law as they cannot dictate the same of you. When you or yours enters the kingdom of another you fall under their jurisdiction, their laws. What is moral and what is legal isn't always the same. You must learn to accept and respect the other kingdoms whatever your differences may be. We all of us must obey the Laws of Auros as laid down by the Morning Star and upheld by the High King. These laws are on the books and next to most thrones in An Morendor. Furthermore, if you have no laws on the books, you the king and your officers ARE the law."


Seth: "We agree, which is why she has decided to focus more on Our children, community, and art."

"I have agreed to put the matter behind us so I will not dig deeper into what could have been done at the core of the issue, since it was a rather unique circumstance, but when it comes to the Rule of Law set forth by The Morningstar, I intend to uphold it, and the laws of Esscha Endor."

"I accept."

"Sarku was very wise, I can only hope some of his wisdom shall linger in my halls so that I might benefit from it."


Braemen: "I sincerely hope you honor your pledges, and that you are able to keep that queen of yours in check. Love makes men dumb and women keen, Octavian. Rulers can't afford to fall prey to the cracks love leaves in them. Your friend Shaithis might shed some light on that."

"Sarku is wise but laws are best when recorded and made available to the public. A leader is less likely to make them up on a whim. Well it appears we have wrapped things up for the time being I am pleased to say. I will contact you soon about scheduling a meeting where you and your wife may sign a new accord with LandUnder and By the Sea. We can meet face to face at that time and I would request a room in the castle proper so I might spend some time in your fair realm. I am sending you the Laws of Auros. Do write them down. I thank you for the time you have spared in helping to set aside this grievous conflict. Until we meet, Octavian."

No sooner had he said goodbye than Seth felt a little dizzy as Braemen basically loaded the laws referred to directly into Seth's mind utilizing their telepathic channel. Seth would remember them for a few days before the imprint faded.

The Laws of Auros were as such:
0. The High King or an agent chosen to represent them, may volunteer involvement in serious affairs of court or kingdom as they see fit, but must investigate any serious matter they are called upon to oversee.
1. War not on the other kingdoms but instead seek peace at all cost. Respect the differences between the cultures, principles, laws and customs in each kingdom and its localities.
2. If a dispute cannot be settled between two kingdoms, the High King may step in to demand a resolution which must be obeyed.
3. Any leader who defies these global edicts may be reprimanded or cast from authority by the High King or be executed if a violation is severe and repeated.
4. Every ruler is a law unto their kingdom and anyone in their domain is expected to heed their laws. Tread carefully where laws are unknown.
5. No law but the Laws of Auros can surpass territorial borders.
6. If one kingdom does conquer another kingdom and that war or battle was not contested by the high king, the conqueror gains possession of the conquered kingdom as its monarch.
6. All kingdoms must obey the high king even above their own laws.
7. Execute or imprison no one long term who is proven unaware of your kingdom's laws, else those laws be common, i.e. Murder, Rape, Assault, Destruction of Property, Theft, Espionage, Abduction. These acts are globally punishable by kingdom jurisdictional laws.


Seth: "Yes, well, I cannot argue that."

"I have been meaning to catch up with Shaithis, should I be concerned?"

"I will take that under advisement and you are welcome any time, we have plenty of space. I will have a room set up for you, an special accommodations you are in need of?"

"I will Apprise Desiree of what we have agreed to. Thank you for your time, I am just relived to put this matter to rest, Braemen. Until we meet in person, be well."


Braemen: Concerned?" Braemen contemplated.  "Well, he is king of Seumir now if that is a concern. He shares a joint rulership with his brother Morgriff." 

"Accommodations... a couple of rooms, a desk. That will serve." He apprised. 

"Fare well." That said communications were cut as he left his den with papers in hand to report to Saeed.


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