Windstorm Wardens


The Windstorm Elites

Vhanna (f, namas), 33
Peracles (netherelf vampire), 29
Ardegan (namas lore master) 30



Rene Blanchette

Azor Blanchette

Eremia (f) archer 16
Morena (f) shaman and lore 18
Penduen (archer) 21
Ulfyn (warrior) 15
Marsai (warrior) 19
Wegholl (warrior) 11
Ymdoru (warrior) 17
Rugion (warrior) 15
Others: 1 d6 levels, 1 d6 - 6 d6 total roll for level.

Estor (f) 23
Tirella (f) 21
Barvella (f) 26
Imrus (mage, necromancy) 28
Krynfar (mage, storm elements) 26
Niven (wizardry) 20
Vortenya (warrior) 17
Yvania (warrior) 26
Others: 1 d6 +1 levels, 2 d6 - 7 d6 total roll for level.

Celiandar (battlemage, sorcery) 18
Mythrowen (battlemage, necromancy and sorcery) 29
Omru (elemental - morph, earth, fire) 20
Baraden (warrior) 18
Vulcar (warrior) 27
Dynaer (f, arcane master) 26
Mirion (f, elemental - plant, earth and air) 21
Others: 1 d6 +1 levels, 2 d6 - 7 d6 total roll for level.

Vampire Rogues
Kelsen (battlemage, fire, ice, shadow, air) 28
Malkaezen (battlemage, dead realms magic) 25
Vauksen (warrior) 19
Shynsah (f, battlemage, air, water, light, fire, electrical) 20
Noctenwi (f, mage, necromancy, sorcery, spectremancy) 24
Others: 1 d6 +2 levels, 3 d6 - 7 d6 total roll for level.

Demon Acolytes
   *  All are Battlemages and have Domination
Sylvana (shadow, fire, ice) shadow demon, 28/25
Denveg (abyssmancy, necromancy) abyss demon, 21
Ardaemus (sorcery, any elemental) devil kin, 29
Solamuss (fire) red demon, 24
Eloryn (sorcery, necromancy, fire and wind) f, Bhassah Maul demon, 26
Others: 1 d6 +2 levels, 3 d6 - 7 d6 total roll for level.

Lycanthrope Rogues
Eldruwyr (warrior) 22
Ymruso (warrior) 24
Oromir (warrior) 28
Ezramel (warrior) 23
Others: 1 d6 +1 levels, 2 d6 - 7 d6 total roll for level.

Temple Camp (Leaders): 

Temple Barrier: disrupts arcane, elemental, planar, time, haste, invocation, summoning and protects against mental attacks within camp perimeters.

Shrine Camp (Elites):  

Shrine Barrier: disrupts arcane, elemental, planar, time, haste, invocation, and summoning.

Alter Camp (Novices): 

Alter Barrier: disrupts arcane, gates, planar, and elemental.  Also used for hunting camps.

About the Windstorm Wardens
*   They are a large organization.  There are many of them and they number in the hundreds.
*   They are discreet and as such wear commoners clothing, but when hunting they dress for stealth in dark or natural mottled colours with hooded jackets or cloaks.
*   Some of them are very adept, others are younger and less skilled 
*   They set up base camps in caves, jungles and forests or are harbored in small villages and move around a lot.  They have three base camps and when hunting parties go out they camp out in a different location each night as they travel.  
*   They store their weapons in one caravan with locked and warded doors on both ends and store other supplies in a second warded caravan.
*   If a stranger or several strangers enter their camp they will remain cool and act normal, even hospitably unless attacked, but will move camp when the strangers leave.  
*   They seldom muster all of their members to one location, but they might if they go to war with a powerful enemy they can isolate.  
*   They tend to form small bands and attack one target, or a small group at a time. 
*   Their Elites are good at recruiting and know what to look for in supporters and recruits. 
*   They have been a problem for years because their leaders are cunning.  
*   Young members are not told where the leaders are camping.
*   They have rogue (clanless or loner) vampire, lycanthrope and demon members, and even their second in command is a vampire.  These 'hellspawn' as they refer to all sired beings, were forced to become what they are and have a vendetta against all immortals which sire by blood or infection, such as demons, vampires and lycanthrope.
*   The Windstorm's lore masters protects their camps with various glyphs and runes, some carved in stones placed around the camp, others in the trunks of trees, and they also protect the elites as well from possession, domination, mental attacks, haste, various powers, and gate seizure by etching protective runes in their flesh.  All members are protected against mental probes.
*   The Windstorm Wardens supports causes to rid An Morendor of all hellspawn but they will only act independantly even when teaming up with another faction.
*   Their Standard: United we stand, divided we fall, autonomously we endure, and in secrecy we prevail.  They live by this creed. 







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