Westshore Kingdom

Nation of Vampires and the Five Kings

Pentacle Laws of Carthenia

  • 1 - There is to be no violence within the Castle of Five Kings. Any challenges or conflicts are to be taken to the Tournament Arena in the western Courtyard.
  • 2- No Progeny is to hunt on their own until their Sire has trained them propperly in the "arts" of the blood hunt. The Sire is to provide "Blood Offerings" for the youngbloods to Practice on until their progeny have mastered the Blood Hunt.
  • 3 - No Progeny is to be freed of their Sire's Bond until the Sire is certain their progeny or scion can survive on their own. The Sire must then have the approval of at least one of the Five Elder True Born Kings to free their progeny or scion of their bond.
  • 4 - Anyone who betrays these laws or a member of our nation shall be brought before the Counsel of the Five Kings to stand at the center of the Pentacle and be judged.
  • 5 - Anyone who breaks one of the Pentacle Laws, or national laws, as approved by the counsel of kings and the Morning Star, shall be brought before the Kings into the Pentacle and be severely punished then sent to Acheron for their fate to be judged.
  • 6 - No one may marry outside of the Clan. If one wishes to wed one not of Clan, they must be Sired into the Clan before they can be wed.
  • 7 - None who is of the Nation of Five Kings may reveal the Haven known as the Castle of Five Kings to anyone outside the nation. If anyone who is not of the Nation of Five Kings is brought into the Castle of the Five Kings, they shall be killed or held captive until Sired or enslaved.
  • 8 - No one who is of the Clan or Nation of the Five Kings is to be enslaved. The bonds between Sire and Progeny shall be used only to teach, protect and control the progeny as necessary. Control is only to be used over the progeny when they frenzy or lose control themselves.
  • 9 - Slaves that are taken must never leave Westshore or their Haven unless in the company of their Master.
  • 10 - All who are of the Nation of The Five True Born Kings shall do all in their power to uphold Pentacle and National Laws and to love and be loyal to their Clan, Nation and Kings. If conflicts arise, they are to be brought before the Counsel of Elders to be resolved.

Clan Oath - "Blood, Respect and Trust binds us, our Laws keep us safe, With trust we are respectful of one another. Beyond our Clan and Blood we are each our own Law." 
The Nation of the Five Kings: all trueborns and their clan members residing on Westshore Island makes up the Nation of Five Kings. Each member of this nation is a Pentacle Carthenian. All trueborn who agree to reside in our nation and to abide by our laws becomes a Carthenian. All vampires sired by Carthenians also become Carthenian. All non-vampire natives who have agreed to stay are subject to Pentacle Laws and rule, and are Epsilon Nationals.
Westshore Ranks of Society

  • The Five Kings - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon Kings 
    .......... Alpha King: Tiberious Decasey
    .......... Beta King: Demascus Mordante 
    .......... Gamma King: Ivan Urik 
    .......... Delta King: none, yet to be replaced 
    .......... Epsilon King: Valerian Devlin
  • The advising counsel - Alpha Carthenians
  • The trueborn nationals - Beta Carthenians
  • The sired nationals - Gamma Carthenians
  • All other Nationals - Delta Nationals
  • Slaves - Omega Nationals.

National Laws of Westshore

  • All crimes which result in death or harm are to be brought the counsel of five Kings.
  • The judgment of the five kings is final, and cannot be overturned, and once a judgment has been made, the accused cannot be tried for the same crime again.
  • All other conflicts are to be submitted to the counsel with letters of complaint from all parties. Each case is vetted in the order it is received or by the severity of the circumstances.
  • All Law officers in each district are assigned by the counsel of five kings and must answer to the pentacle of kings.
  • Each district must obey and uphold all national and pentacle laws.
  • Each district may recruit and train their own arms.
  • Treason is repaid harshly with torture and death, and in rare cases domination and slavery, depending on the circumstances.
  • No one may trepass on our shores beyond the beach at the gatemarker without escort of a carthenian.
  • All crimes are judged on a case by case basis.


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