Killian Kilcanoragh the Wolf

Name: Killian Kilcanoragh the Wolf
Age: Unknown, appears in his 30s.
Race: appears human, devil by proxy
Occupation: Nature guardian, Lives off the land, sells potions and scrolls, nothing truly powerful, healing and invigorating potions, various scrolls, he also enchants items using rune lore. Killian has a very low tolerance for anyone who abuses the balance in his or anyone else's natural areas.
Daughter: Nuanui (noo-ahn-wee), 16, shy but good natured, sheltered, innocent. NPC available for play on request.  Identicle Twin of her sister Sysyu. the twin sisters both would have died at birth but Killian saved them and kept Nuanui as his own.

Personality: Extremely atttractive, typically selfpossessed, can be temperamental if his patience is tested, curious, wise, alert, charming, and cunning. Calm as he is typically he can be quite unpredictable. Though he keeps mostly to himself he can be social especially if driven by curiosity or interest. 


Looks: fairly tall, six one, lean sinuous build, fair skinned, eyes vary between ice blue or jade green with sky blue flecks framed by long, lavish lashes, cascade of lengthy, jet-black, thick, corkscrewing hair to the small of his back, his most defining physical feature. 

Garb varies between layered robes of green, brown, black and grey forest colors, sandals or bare feet, or mostly black poet shirt, breeches, knee high boots, leather gambeson, long cloak. Climates also dictates what he wears.

Location: Durasgard, a pocket realm of Anwnn.  This realm can fit into almost any world but what happens in one world happens to him in all of them his secluded little kingdom is part of. Those worlds his woodland connects can also be accessed through his forest.
☆ A forest realm accessed from other worlds by the forest his kingdom overlaps or by vine shrouded openings in a woven wall of vines and branches.
☆ This otherworldly forest overlaps and blends into the natural woodland of the world it converges with.
☆ One has to navigate an ever changing labyrinth of impenetrable vines, trunks and branches to reach the forest heart and the small but well situated hamlet at the center where his home is. Killian controls this labyrinth and can open a safe and direct path to someone that will lead them through or out of the maze.
☆ The Cair Dur wild dogs the forest is sometimes named after, a large, ancient, mastiff-wolf hybrid breed, defend the forest and its inhabitants. 
☆ If a fire is set in Durasgard outside of designated fire places it just fizzles out. 
☆ The forest area inside the labyrinth is comprised of massive trees, waterfalls, two rivers and various creeks, deep ravines and hills, all manner of plant life, a mushroom ring gateway into Anwnn, a haunted mine, and other wilderness features, all packed into a seventeen mile wide, twenty mile long area inside the labyrinth's three mile wide outter defense.
☆ Six of the huge trees in the forest center support six ample tree houses built primarily of bamboo, his main three story tree keep, the largest among them, spans the largest of the trees. The houses surround a natural clearing with a large fire pit with hand carved chairs of solid wood, a wood smoke house, a sheltered, stone, cold-house cellar, a stone artesian well house, and a stable with two paddocks. 
☆ At the edge of the hamlet clearing is the entrance of a silver and crystal producing cavern in a rock hillside. The natural mine's interior is lit by bioluminescent algae and mushrooms that release glowing pollen and spores when they bloom and mature.
☆ The windows of the homes have shutters to keep out the rain and beautifully printed silk shades like stained glass to keep out the insects while breathing fresh air. 
☆ Houses accessed by strong wicker elevators using a smooth pully system.

Each grid space is 5x5 miles.

The Rings of Durasgard

Going outermost to innermost.

1.  The Unsung Wood: the forest surrounding Durasgard outside the Wreath of Tears. Open forest anyone can explore. This is the native forest Killian overlaps with his Durasgard pocket wilderness of Anwnn. Anything unusual found in this forest is probably a product of his forest realm. Part his forest and part native forest. He seeks out secluded largely overlooked forests to raise his realm into.

2.  The Wreath of Tears: a ring of springs and spring fed tributaries between the Unsung Wood and Gormand Break. A very squishy, hard to navigate area that isn't dangerous, just inconvenient unless collecting the pure spring water from its sources where it bubbles out of rocks. A very lush but wet area.  This is where the realm that is purely Durasgard begins.

3.  Gormand Break: nourished and watered by the Wreath of Tears, this band of grassy earth that surrounds Durasgard's wooded labyrinth is a veritable garden paradise of berry thickets, fruit trees, lush deer cropped grass, and beautiful shade trees all the way around Durasgard's vast labyrinth. Wolves also prowl these feasting grounds when hunting game which is plentiful in 'the Break'.  Purely Durasgard.

4.  The Wending Tangle: this wilderness tangle is a huge mystifying Labyrinth of vine and branch woven corridors and walls. Rocks and boulders break the ground as well. There is no question if people entering this web will get lost. They will unless allowed passage through.  Purely Durasgard. 

     ☆  The paths of the Labyrinth are ever changing in chaotic frequency that seems impossible to predict. Its tangle will neither burn or cut. Plants not supporting the maze can be harvested though. 

     ☆  Killian controls the maze and can open up passages straight to the woodland heart or with some trickery, right to his tree hamlet.

     ☆   A creek meanders through the maze of leafy growth and animals of all kind occasion to wander there as well. One might even meet up with someone lost in the tangle .

5.  The Heart of Durasgard or Cair Dur Heart: this area harbors Durasgard Forest and is comprised of massive trees like skyscrapers, rocky hills, rivers, creeks, rich earth, all manner of flora, fungus and wildlife, and a mineral rich cavern legend has as haunted.  

     ☆  Killian's Tree Hamlet is called Dun Cair Dur and is centrally located in the forest heart.  It is described above.

     ☆  The Twin Rock Rivers, east and west, flow from the Twin Rock Mountain north to south on the west and east side of Durasgard forest. At the southern end of the west river is an incredible, nature made swimming pool.

Background: Nothing of Killian is known yet on this world. His is an unwritten slate that remains to be discovered. He traveled from a place not too unlike this world he chose to explore, a world of medieval cultures and yet untamed marches, of elven kind, dragons, Sidhe, all manner of beings mortal and immortal, many beings steeped in lore and myth. Perhaps he'd come to this world to dwell in the in between. 

☆ Vine twisted Staff: Thorn is the staff's name. Natural vine twisted length of strong driftwood, enchanted against breaking with runes. Large, clear, green quartz crystal clasped in staff's talon-like rootball. Staff was nature made and how he found it minus the runes. Increases focus when harnessing and channeling elements or arcane forces. 

☆ A very sharp hunting knife. 
☆ A gorgeously crafted netherelf bow, quiver and arrows.

☆ Camping gear, rope, horse tack, alchemical potion kit, rune carving tools, gardening impliments, whetstones and other commonplace items or tools.

Abilities: He is an artificer of the elements and arcane but has nothing to prove so is discreet with his capabilities. If he or those he protects are attacked only then will he be seen channeling the paths he commands. Keenly aware that people tend to be wary of arcane practices he is subtle and cautious in his use of the forces he can wield. He is also proficient in martial combat, his staff included, with his bow, a sword and knives. His staff is his main weapon in combat. He uses his bow mostly for hunting.

Killian's Companions: His black horse Obsidian, looks very Friesian or Dales. Petname Sid.

His pair of Kar Dur Wolves Freki and Geri

Recent History

      Killian had left Morashtar owing an acquaintance a drink which would nettle him until that debt was paid. He hated owing anyone anything, even something as petty as a drink. He had put that out of his mind though when the shadows and mists of the forest parted to unveil his tall frame seated upon his very friesian looking pure black horse. The air cleared of haze and gloom as he left the tree line behind him and stepped his horse out onto the open medium of a dirt road meandering like a lazy serpent to trace the forest edge. Killian had chosen the most isolated forest in the region he could find on his map. From his modest little hamlet in his forest's center, that's to say the forest overlapping the woodland actual, he had ridden his beautiful black steed for approximately twenty miles before reaching the seldom traveled road he had come upon at woodland's edge. Seldom, he recognized, because grass grew lush and high on the mediums where wagons and horses did not tread. Traffic was evident enough however in that the tracks and ruts were solidly dirt and pebbles. 

      Killian always found it refreshing and tantalizing to explore an area for the very first time. To not know where this road led and to find the answer at the end of it, however far or near he had to ride or walk to get there. To meet the first humanoid he crossed paths with and hear them speak in their own dialect and make that first contact to communicate with them. His translator had never failed him on other worlds before this one. He'd find out if it failed him here. There was so much to discover on each new world his forest bridged. He looked forward to forging new acquaintances here. Oh he was vividly aware of the dangers lurking therein the unknown but Killian though cautious did not hide from unrevealed peril. Therefore he looked at the road north awhile then south and decided on a hunch to take the road south. 

      It was about midday as his muscular mount carried him at a pretty trot along the road. Killian had decided he'd travel until he either met a tavern, a pub or a good place to camp just shy of nightfall, whichever came first. He struck quite the figure along the road dressed all in black poised relaxed on his black horse whose mane and tail mirrored his own locks being so curly and long. Killian's raven ensemble was leather and cloth; leather boots and gloves, a leather and wool gambeson and vambraces, over wool breeches and a silk poet style shirt. The gambeson and vambraces were reinforced with studs made from a very resilient and shiny black metal from his home world. The last piece of clothing was a hooded great cloak. His was a mixture of styles from across worlds and ages that came together very handsomely. He could pass for a nobleman as easily as a highway man. Though Killian would postulate little difference between the two. Thieves appeared in all the classes and most especially the rich. In some modern worlds he might come off as retro unless being so attractively attired was the style.  South he traveled at an unhurried pace though he occasionally gallopped Sid, the stallion's nickname, for both fun and exercise. 

      There were a few things worthy of discovering about Killian right away. He loved his horse, his hair, the pair of wolves he left at home with his daughter Nuanui, and he loved his daughter. To love was a weakness he acknowledged but he accepted the risk all the same. At peace here was a harmless, even a genial man. At war he was beyond fierce but you never saw it, only a stone cold, unreadable enemy whose cunning was dangerous to rouse. Today he was at peace. A charming and attractive friend you might make along the road. A pleasing fellow who might even lend a helping hand where needed.

      Killian had several weapons on his person and saddle. A beautifully crafted bow of such a pale shade of wood with so little grain it looked made of bone but bone inlaid with gold where it was carved with ornate runes of outland elven kind in flowing vine and leaf patterns which followed the bow's curves. The fletching of his arrows were made from white banded, golden feathers. His quiver was a pale color too, natural to its rune tooled leather.

The staff strapped to his handsomely made saddle was bleached white driftwood that also looked like bone, its shaft straight but with a deep corkscrew twist from the vines that once twined it. Its eagle-claw-like rootball clutched a large, translucent crystal with moss green striations at its center that looked like actual moss, with a few flakes of gold suspended in the crystal. The elven language carved inside the deep part of the corkscrew of his staff like most designs  apparent on his gear were more than just beautifully decorative. The last weapon he carried was concealed in the belt neath his cloak, a large hunting knife of black diamthrill, the same metal as his gambeson's studs. Killian hunted game and collected foods to feed himself. He used the knife to skin and butcher game, but also as a melee weapon if he had to.

      He needed to discover what the game laws were in his area before he ran out of food, and see if he could stay where he was. No one else lived in that particular forest but that might not matter. He didn't care for the idea of getting arrested or hung for killing some nobleman's taboo deer or squatting in their wilderness. No. Both of those things would prove terribly inconvenient. Killian had things to offer though, in exchange for hunting rights and the land, if not to purchase then to stay and even guard the forest and its precious game for a share of it.