RPG: The Middle Kingdom

Character Name: Melisseant Ambrosious Character

Title: Queen of Noct'maire 
Race: Dark Star Draconian 
Gender: Female
Age: 1831 Age By Appearance: 19

Maximum Age: Immortal 
Occupation: Healer, Advisor, Matriarch 
Demeanor: Patient, Kind, Passionate, Fierce if provoked, Watchful, Curious, Guarded around strangers. 
Nature: Good hearted, Chaotic in Dragon Form, Wary, Honest, Loyal, Adventurous, Passionate about what interests her. Her fidelity and loyalty to her husband is absolute. 
Alignment: Chaotic Good 
Faction Alignment: Clan Noct'maire 
Elven: 5'5 in height. Slender, Firm build. Very attractive. Long, wavey, Crimson hair. Ice blue eyes. Elven ears which her dense locks often cover.
Clothing: Varies from medieval style dresses of linen, wool, satin, silk and muslin, to Elven tunics and leggings of beautifully woven cloth. Wears full suit of exquisitly crafted, form fitted, elvin armor with chain mail head-dress when questing, or in dangerous times, carrying a dark star elven long sword, a 'shadow sword' and two daggers when in battle dress, and she KNOWS how to use them. As a Dark Star her scent is very alluring, with a sweet aroma of roses the tongue and olfactory alike can taste. 
Morgir Appearance: Tapping her darkstar Traits her shoulders tear to protract into Gold feathered wings with 24 foot span. Wings flare under threat of dark powers to shimmer and emit a silvery aura which surrounds her form to protect her from necromantic and shadow magics and also deflect weapons with telekenetic field of energy. In angelic shift her touch heals and is very warm, and her scent is even more enhanced, often attracting blood drinkers and flesh eaters. 
Dragon Appearance: Alters form at will into Gold Dragon. Shoulders reach 30 ft stature standing on all fours. Whiskers beneath chin of tapered snout, webbed fins covering ear sockets which pick up sounds like radar. Spines running along back from crown of serpentine neck to arrow blades of tail. 70 ft wing span, spanning bony fingers, wings shoulders clawed. Hook like claws 8-12 inches long, 15 inch long dew claws. Double row of pointed teeth 3-5 inches long with curved upper and lower 8 inch long canines. Scales of gold covering reptilian body.
Kingdom: Anathrack Ríosh Haven:

Castle Noct'maire Location: North-Central An Morendor Wards and Security: See Castle Noct'mair Page

Family Connections: 
Husband: Aurelius Emrys Ambrosious {Web Page}
Son: Aoeling (Prince) Collenfereth (proud) Beran (bear) Emrys (merlin) - Pet Name: Beran
Son: Trent Kilcanoragh Doom Knight-Out of Magnus McKane, Godson of General Mordenta.

Son: Remus Noctemius Aurelius {Web Page}
Father: Belorian Eoghan O'Daily the Comet {Web Page}

Employees and Servants: 
Name: Haezor-Hersey Age: Appears 22Race: Dark Angel Position: Body GuardLevel: 18
Name: Trent Knightguard Age: Appears 22 Race: Abominate Draconian Position:Body Guard Level: 18
Name: Stephanie Callaway Age: Appears 30 Race: Demon Slave Position: Lady in Waiting Level: 5
Name: Victoria Darshall Age: Appears 25 Race: Demoness Position: Lady in Waiting Level: 15
Name: Isoboel Wulfguard Age: Appears 21 Race: Norse Demoness Position: Lady in Waiting Level: 8
Name: Naomi Moresthgaith Age:Appears 24 Race: Ariad Elf Position:Lady in Waiting Level: 9
Name: Akallabeth Moresthgaith (Beth)Age: Appears 24 Race: Ariad ElfPosition: companion Level: 8
Name: Anarima Age: Appears 19 Race:Shadowlands Elf Position:Chambermaid Level: 7
Name: Danedwaidth Age: Appears 20Race: Shadowlands Elf Position:Chambermaid Level: 10

Background: Her earlier life was fraught with hardship and treachery which has made her very wary of strangers and her trust hard to gain, though she tries to see the good in people. She met King Aurelius Emrys Ambrosius while on a quest with the genesis of the Age of Tàrnath in An Morendor. They wed a year after meeting and she has, and always shall remain faithfully devoted to her husband and King. 


☆     Sgaithir-Tara Sword+25-PA+MA - Black Diamthril, Shadow Stalker Long Sword, '32 double edged blade, dragon scaled hilt, dragon head pummel with emerald eyes which glow when activated. Sword's blade directs weilder commanding its powers to find hidden gateways and doors, or open gates through the realm of shadows. Sword soaks necromantic powers, phases past the ethereal and can imbue a victim with 'Mortus Sleep' a necromantic effect which drains victim of energy, and -1 Level while sending them into a deep sleep for 1 d6 hours, decomposing the victim of HP= Dmg. rolled per hour. Does 10 damage to Melisseant to channel its necromantic powers. No damage for shadow powers.

☆     Ashtar-Sianthor Sword+30-PA+MA - White Diamthril Broad Sword of a dazzling silver metal, angel winged cross-guard, hilt checkered with Celtic reliefs, Pummel a celtic rude set with a dark star sapphire which flashes with a radial of light when its holy powers are tapped. The Holy light of Tuatha streaks through victim on a hit and does double dmg. to evil. Sword warns of danger and evil and casts a holy aura of protection around its weilder to ward off dark powers. 
☆     Dragon Tooth Dagger+18-PA+MA-Dagger injects dragonic venom with command Inflict Venom. Poison causes excruciating muscular pain-(1st round), followed by numbness-(2nd round), then paralysis-(3rd round). Poison Resists Neutralization, Vaporization, and Transfer by 50%. Diamthril Thrown Daggers: Set of Five+15-PA each, magic and etheral phasing, Str-100. 

Armor: Full suit of exquisitly crafted, form fitted, black diamthrill, Elven armor with chain maille head-dress and chain gloves, +51-PD-Absorbs magic-50%. Full suit of Elven, white diamthrill, chain maille armor, with chain head-dress and gloves, 52-PD-deflects magic-60%. 

Skills and Knowledge

Combat Skills: 

     Precision Aim+2 on called aim-HB.

     Sword Prestige+8-HDB.

     Thrown Dagger+8-HB.

     Dagger Prestige+8-HB.


     Combat Riding+2-HB-when mounted.             Danger Sense+2

     Physical Perception.

     Medieval weaponry-{Archery-20, Sword-25, Medieval Martial-25, Dagger-28, Sling-18}
     Occupation Skills: Healer-28, Leadership-{wisdom & logic},


Survival Skills: 

     Outdoor Survival-26-{Climb Trees, Mountain Climbing, Tracking, Find Edible Plants and Foods, Hunting-Fishing, Tanning, Leather-Fur Craft, Set Traps and Snairs, Find and Remove Traps.}

Common Skills: 


     Cooking {excellent cook}-20,

     Music-19-{Mandolin, Lute, Irish Harp, Singing} 

     Poet, Artist.
     Knowledge: Arcane and Occult-28, Monster Lore-20, Morashtar Lore-19, 

Physical: Self-Healer, Elven and Angelic Haste, Strong for a woman, Marked Soul-{Her soul bears a mark, that when she dies, her soul shall be cast to the realm of the great one who marked her. Her soul can be taken by none other than he. Her clan and allies are her greatest defenders.}
Mental: Charismatic, Intelligent, Intuitive, 
Ethical: Kind Hearted, Loyal, Dependable, Empathetic, etc. - Elven angel says it all. 

Physical: Her death lies in the way of despair and utter destruction. Upon her death shall this divine creature fall into darkness and undergo trials in the Underworld. 2 Ressurections remaining.
Mental: Susceptible to cruelty, imprisonment and betrayal. Despair can destroy her will to live. 
Ethical: Exposed to a lot of dark sorts. This causes her some amount of inner conflict. She does not take cruel treatment of others well, unless they truly deserve it. 



     Nimble+3 Dex-Elven/Angelic.

     Quick Reflexes+2 Dex-Elven. }

     Form Shift-Dragonic-Morgir.

     Healing Touch-Angelic.

     Alluring Scent-Angelic-Dark Star.

     Immortality. Way of Death-Angelic form-{Despair, and Total Destruction, Once killed as an Earthen Angelic, she takes on Angelic spirit form and is plunged into the underworld to withstand a trial and if she fails, she falls into Hell to become a fallen angel, her soul and life the possession of Lucifer. If Dragon Form is killed off, she will no longer be Dragonic.} 

     Morgir Presence,

     Innate Magery-Dark Star.

     Visionary Dreams. Divination.

Gold Dragon Stats
Information: These beautiful, gold scaled dragons are not usually hostile unless provoked, or someone trespasses on a site they guard. This is another race of dragon which loves riddles, and was the second breed of dragon after the Black Dragon to be created. 
Armour: Heavy Scales-35-PD
Traits: Strength: 39, Stamina: 33, Fortitude: 35
PA: Enhancer: +39 Strength damage.
PD: 35 {vs. Strength+Weapon Dmg.}
SA: 28 
SA: Enhancer: +74 damage-Vapors, +86-Spit
Trait Advantages: Great Strength, Stamina, and Fortitude. Quasi-immortal. Immune to Poison, Acid, Fire and Heat. Speech.
Disadvantages: Cold X 2-dmg. Vulnerable Spot. Death from mortal wounds. 
HP: 1155
Weapons: Claws-28-dmg, Bite-55-dmg, Tail-30-dmg, Wings-23-dmg, Wings and Tail-{throws victim 5 d6 feet, stuns -1 d6-AR at 10+ feet.}

Special Abilities 

Light and Solar Elements: Limited Path, choose one spell in each level for each path. 
Nova Bomb: 1 d6 damage per base level, + Base Level added damage. Because fire clings, it does Aggravated (normal) damage for +2 AR per ace. Solar gases spread out in a 6ft, +1ft per level diameter to choke and burn the eyes and lungs of those breathing it for full aggr. dmg per turn. 
Laser Breath: 1 d6 damage per base level, + Base Level added damage. does Aggravated (normal) damage for +1 AR per ace per turn to all in its conal path. 
Laser Bite: teeth like lasers cause deep cauterizing punctures-(1st round), followed by numbness-(2nd round), then atomization-(3rd round). Particle scatter Resists Neutralization. Vaporization occurs at rate of 1% per level per turn until laser teeth are extracted. 
All do double dmg to vampires, undead, abyss and spirit types.