Raegar Berathian




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☆ Date of Character Creation: 1/14/2023
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☆ Character Name: Raegar Berathian
☆ Age: 35
☆ Age by Appearance: 35
☆ Nature and Demeanor: friendly but stoic, carries himself with confidence, protective of people who he believes need defending.
☆ Location: ranch in Westguard or with his Army, Legion of Dawn in Esscha Endor or in the field.
☆ Rank: Captain of Airborn Defensive Units, Legion of Dawn. Owner of the Circle Oaks Ranch.

☆ Description: tall, light brown skin, green eyes, black hair, well built, ruggedly handsome, scar on right cheek and both lower arms from a lion. Burn scars on upper left arm and neck from a dragon. He is half Namas.

☆ Family and Friends: wife Raenora and three children Timmo, Sassa, and Dinni. His dear mother Lenella. Ranch hands Daggerti, Raas, Wenwi, Coldyn, Herel, Mottlo, and Foreman Aragmir.

☆ Companions: his trusty stormcloud horse Danni. His bonded dragon Viscariod. His Airborne Defense Unit, the ADU. His foreman and friend Aragmir.

☆ Abilities:Animal Kinship, Improved Regeneration +5, Quickness, Keen Senses, Toughness, other demonkin abilities locked.

☆ Traits: above average intelligence, suspend aging at will, resist disease 85%, resist magic 85%, locked demon traits, Death awakens him as a demon.

☆ Paths of Power: none yet

☆ Common Skills: Equestrian, Ranch Management, Business, Wilderness and Desert Survival, Hunting, tracking, scouting, Dragon Rider, other

☆ Combat Skills: Warmachines (ballista, catapults and slings, net cannons, other), Leadership, Combat Readiness, Quick Retreat, Regroup, Swordsmanship, Sword n Board, Duel Swords, Sword Mastery, Archery, Thrown Weapons, range precision, range bonus, Combat Focus, Airebien Defense, Aerial Combat, Mounted Combat, other

Raegar History

Raegar has been a rancher since he could sit a horse. His father was killed during a dragon raid on their stormcloud herd on Raegar's 16th birthday.  Raegar quickly discovered that the dragon was being controlled by his older brother Woldyn who had stolen a scroll which allowed him to control a dragon and he thought he'd just 'have a little 'fun' and commanded the falcor dragon he'd searched out to attack the horses and to bring one of them to him alive and fit. His brother Woldyn had always sought trouble and his father had feared he was psychotic. Even as the dragon was tearing his father apart, Raegar grabbed up his sword and charged at his brother to thrust the blade into his heart, but he did not die. Woldyn laughed at him saying it tickled. Raegar promptly yanked the sword out of him then swung it around to lop off his head. Released from the domination spell by his death the dragon offered its life to Raegar who refused to kill her. He instead offered the dragon a home on his ranch in exchange for her protection. The dragon happily agreed and she and Raegar became friends. She even taught Raegar to ride her and vowed to come to him whenever he called her by name, Viscariod.


On that tragedy he inherited his father's ranch but also joined the Legion of the Dawn when he turned 18. He rose in the ranks to become Captain of their Airborne Defensive Unit, training and deploying his men to fight airborne enemies, including dragons. An expert in tactical flight combat, defenses and weaponry, he and his teams are the enemies dragons and winged hostiles fear.


When off duty he is at his ranch in Westguard. When called to duty he reports to his commanders in Esscha Endor, pulling his team quickly together with him.


Raegar had Demonkin abilities that he had yet to unlock because he was unaware that his father Uldumar was a demon. His own capabilities were unknown to him. None of his family but his father knew of it. It was a secret he took to his grave. A grave that would not hold him where Acheron would. His father had been a good man. It baffled Raegar that his brother had turned out so bad. Woldyn had been a good brother to Raegar despite the blackness in his heart which made killing him terrible for Raegar.


"There are those who say killing is easier when it has to be done. I disagree."

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