Some History on Gothardda

    Sarku came across many goblins, Maelvanor and Nether elves, Dragonkin, and other underground dwellers in those years he built the subterranean city he would call Gothardda. Some, like the Vengoath cannibals, he was forced to kill or drive off. Others, like the Goblins and Elves; he made friends of and welcomed into the city which pushed in towards their territory.

    Hundreds of years ago, after the completion of his city, a terrible Horned Demon named Solbaid the Black Horn, sire of King Saeed Kassim, brought into the Dark World City a horrible plague of necromantic disease which killed all but the few who could resist such arcane pandemics. Sarku's wife and children were among those who died. Sarku and those knights of his who had survived (Amon among them) was driven out by the powerful Lich and retreated to the fortress above, where he lived in grief for many years after.

    As ruler of Esscha Endor, he went through the motions; protected the people and their interests, until even that became too much to bear. The fallen angel and animorph of many mixed forms was to the people a curiosity, a freak to be gawked at, and he was not shown the proper respect by them. Rather than punish them for their ignorance, he assigned leaders to the realm and retreated to his castle to live in isolation, with only a few servents he kept on. Oh, he still acted as Esscha Endor's guardian, but as a solitary one. There in his imposing castle he became even a greater object of curiosity to the people of the realm, a mystery and legend people spoke of but seldom saw. As such he was hounded by trespassers who just wanted to get a peek at the monster in the monstrous castle. Children he drove away in fear, adults he treated more violently, killing those who threatened his life during such defensive attacks.

    Sitting in his library one night, staring at the animals carved in the molding, the pillars, the statues marking doorways or corridors, and even clinging to some of the furniture he had chiseled out of the stone as well; he remembered the high magics he had used when shaping all the creatures from actual shadows of living images. As he had shaped each one, he had brought into each stone beast the spirit of a living animal of its kind. Of them he had made guardians, a castle filled with familiars. He had only to speak a word of power to bring one, many or all of them to life as he willed it...as living, animate stone. Disease could not harm stone, he thought. With that thought in mind, he called them all to life, and lead them into the city extending far into the cliffs' underbelly, where he was met by Solbaid. The guardians launched an assault on the Horned Demon at Sarku's command and drove him off, back into the darkness from whence he came. 

    Solbaid had not attacked the city randomly. The city had dug its roots too close to his lair, to HIS territory, in the caverns which the city merged with. No, the city limits had not quite met Solbaid's territory but it was enough to give the solitary Horned Demon pause and reason to defend what was his from an encroaching threat. Solbaid would not hear of peace or living in harmony with others. The Horned Demon did not return to his cavernous lair beneath the land of Esscha Endor, but instead retreated to his cavern lair in Morgal Eshvah - The Abandoned World Nether Kingdom, where his enemy O'Braugh Connemara resided. O'Braugh was an enemy Solbaid had brought on himself. He the solitary horned demon would do his best to avoid.




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