Morning Star Knights

(dispatched as allies to Seth when Mael sees fit, unless Acheron is sealed)

  • Azriel: fallen seraphim and Arch-Death Angel.
  • Memnoch: albino dark fallen who became a devil.
  • Abdiel: among angels he was the most vindictive in opposing the Rebels which Sammael lead against Haman. Abdiel is a Malduzar, or angel of the pit. Sammael loaths this dark fallen angel.
  • Agiel: fallen angel of the pit, has powerful necromancy and warding against the dead.
  • Aeros Nystori: the spy of Lucifer, he spies on other Arcanon, the Anduain, and others for Lucifer. If other Arcanon or the Anduain abuse their power he either kills them or captures them as the Morning Star commands. He also lends them support. He is a master shapeshifter. His presence and mind are immune to trespass and probes, Arcanon of the Arcane
  • Botis: This devil takes the form of an unsightly snake or a man with long sharp teeth and horns carrying a sword with snakes entwining the cross bar and pommel. He reconciles quarrels and is a master of familiars. Despite his appearance, Botis is a moral demon
  • Camio: Caym. This devil has a bird-man form and can also take the form of a man. He always carries his sword. He is an air and water elemental which can commune with animals and help others to understand nature
  • Mashith: sephiroth