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Wizard Quest Games Actors

Character sites submitted by players.

See GM controlled Actors and NPC available to play as PC on reques here. Contact GM to request a character to play from any list of characters designated as NPC.

Inquire via Contact if you wish to play NPC available to play.

These Actors are played characters  (PC) controlled by the GM.

These factions are controlled either by players, or the GM. Players can request NPCs within any faction or request to join any faction with their own PC. Players can also request taking over any GM controlled faction. Contact GM for any requests.


•  Morashtar Mercator Map

This planetary map links all the Continental Kingdom Maps

•  Morendor Landmark Map

This map has all the key landmarks 

•  Morendor Rivers Map

Identifies the Rivers and bodies of water in Morendor.

See Link below to create your own WQG character cloud. Send link to GM if you want your cloud connected to this one.


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