Ulfuar Arisgaurd

Player: NPC

Date of Creation: Jan 7th, 2023

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Race: Morendor Elf, earth and forest falcor.

Location: Blackstone,  Esscha Endor. Travels once a week to various shops to buy cloth, and to order metals and supplies.

Occupation: master tailor and armour smith

Age: 265

Age by Appearance: mid 30s

Appearance: 5'11, lean hard sinew,  attractive with brunette hair streaked with auburn, medium fair skin.

Acquaintances: Roland, neighbor, weapon smith. His father Athelien Arisgaurd, smith of Noctmaire. His mother Eloralell Arisgaurd, tailor of Noctmaire.  'The Boys' Remus, Beran and Soren of Noctmaire.

His daughter and store keeper Dannallora. His wife Elandriel is missing, believed killed by AoM trying to get home during the war.

Resources: 4 story Keep in Blackstone with a forge, stable and paddock outside and workshop and store inside first floor. Fairly wealthy independently,  parents quite wealthy.

Store Open: 10am to 6pm, but working 6am to 9 or 10pm. His beautiful daughter Dannallora serves the customers and calls on Ulfuar as needed.



Located in Esscha Endor Ulfuar has a shop and tailory on the first floor of his four story keep with an armory and blacksmith shop out back by Shopwrights Alley, a pretty little cobblestone road.  His friend and former lord Melchaiah had been the one to suggest him as a tailor and armoror for the king of Esscha Endor. Ulfuar specialized in flight clothes and armour. He used to live and work in Melchaiah's hold of Densaer but the Noctmaire Trecouri had convinced him to come set up shop in Blackstone awhile. Ulfuar Arisgaurd was a Morendor Elf, more commonly called a Shadowlands elf, of the falcor Tree and Earth branches. As such he had auburn streaked chocolate brown hair, was lean with one forest green eye and one golden hazel eye, his skin a creamy tan color.  For an elf he was moderately handsome, which by human standards meant he was quite attractive.  He worked with cloth in the mornings and metal in the evenings from.dawn until half past dusk (9-10pm), and had gotten a huge commission from a lord Amon whose vast family he also made flight clothing and armour for.  Between Melchaiah and his dragon knights, Seth and all his flyers, and Amon and his brood and his legion, there was no end of business for Ulfuar. 


Ulfuar's father was the one who trained him as an armour smith while his mother had trained him to be a tailor. They both worked in the citadel of Noctmaire so Melchaiah's honorary father King Aurelius already had an armourer and tailor. Where Ulfuar was not needed in Noctmaire, he was needed in Esscha Endor. He thanked Melchaiah for his wisdom in recommending him to lord Octavian of Blackstone.  Ulfuar also trained with the Noctmaire army for years and saw war overseas in Mephais and at home.


Blackstone was a beautiful but young city that Ulfuar was proud to call home and worked hard to create the most beautiful and rugged outfits for the people of the land that had become his home. Happy not to compete with his own parents in business he does quite well for himself and daughter in Blackstone.


The fairly large, solid stone keep he lives and works in was endowed to him by the King under the conditions that so long as he remain a resident of Blackstone and work to keep his flight wares shop open with his goods set at a fair price, the keep was his. After thirty years he would receive a deed to the keep and remain owner even if he retired or sought another occupation. The keep was on a half acre piece of property and had a small stable of its own and paddock for his horse to the side of the keep. He had become good friends with his neighbor Roland, a namiss weapon smith. He and Ulfuar helped each other out quite frequently when their orders got backed up, which with the recent war and influx of warriors happened fairly often.  Though capable of forging fine weapons Ulfuar prefers smithimg armour, the beautiful elven clothing he crafted often complimenting the armor he forged.  The elf was also skilled in working with diamthrill.


An elf of many talents beside being a master tailor and armouror, he was an adept trainer of horses and forest lombra. He was also an expert earth and verdure elemancer and used those abilities to enhance his workmanship of both cloth and metal. He had developed and honed those skills in fact to be able to weave his own cloth, tweak existing cloth, and to fabricate and even forge his own metals and minerals. He did so sparingly however to add detail and to reinforce for he took pride in his handiwork and did not care to abuse his power. The elements didn't just manifest from the ether, they were drawn from the world or otherworlds surrounding them. An able swordsman, martial artist and elemacer who had seen and survived his share of war, Ulfuar could defend his goods if necessary. 


Skills and Abilities


¤  Swordsmanship:  duel weild, precise aim, battle readiness, quick battle reflexes, elven martial sword

¤  Elven Martial Hand to Hand

¤  Mounted Combat

¤  Natural Leader


Common Skills

▪  Forge Master, diamthrill smithing, metallurgy, tempering expert

▪  Tanner, leather working  

▪  Tailor, sewing, designer, 

▪  Animal Husbandry, horses, lombra, animal kinship

▪  Athletics, swimming,  climbing, jumping, riding


Spell Book

☆  Plant Weaver 

☆  Earth Weaver