Global LAWS of AUROS

Laws Upheld by the High King

Environmental Laws

•  Petition the High King or any Representatives thereof for a license to purchase land to build or harvest resources on deeded land.  Likewise petition for a temporary license to harvest any natural resources in a designated area within a restricted time as granted by the High King's authority. 

•  Destruction of live natural resources outside of city, village or town limits is otherwise strictly forbidden.  Only deadfall from trees, fruits or nuts may be harvested.  Hunting and gathering to provide food for a single person or their family is permissible. 

•  Defacement or destruction of natural landmarks is forbidden outside of licensed mines and quarries. 

•  Though the harvest of plants and loose mineral deposits is permissible, never harvest or collect from areas where those resources are low or scarce.

•  Never pollute natural water resources. Waste water marshes must be far enough from natural water resources that water must be completely filtered within a mile before reaching any natural water source. 

◇  Breaking any of these laws will result in serious repercussions including fines, imprisonment or even death in severe cases.

0. The High King or an agent chosen to represent them, may volunteer involvement in serious affairs of court or kingdom as they see fit, but must investigate any serious matter they are called upon to oversee.
1. War not on the other kingdoms but instead seek peace at all cost. Respect the differences between the cultures, principles, laws and customs in each kingdom and its localities.
2. If a dispute cannot be settled between two kingdoms, the High King may step in to demand a resolution which must be obeyed.
3. Any leader who defies the global edicts may be reprimanded or cast from authority by the High King or be executed if a violation is severe and repeated.
4. Every ruler is a law unto their kingdom and anyone in their domain is expected to heed their laws. Tread carefully where laws are unknown.
5. No law but the Laws of Auros can surpass territorial borders.
6. If one kingdom does conquer another kingdom and that war or battle was not contested by the high king, the conqueror gains possession of the conquered kingdom as its monarch.
6. All kingdoms must obey the high king even above their own laws.
7. Execute or imprison no one long term who is proven unaware of your kingdom's laws, else those laws be common, i.e. Murder, Rape, Assault, Destruction of Property, Theft, Espionage. These acts are globally punishable by kingdom jurisdictional laws without provisional amnesty. 

HIGH KING Standards

The regency kings and queens are expected to adhere to any final commands of the high king. If they wish to challenge the high king they may stress their grievances with him and if he wont yield convene a council of the regency monarchs. If the majority support the petitioner without prejudice then the high king must yield to their decision. Without prejudice means just that. It is the issue and not the individual that must be addressed.

The high king may assign leaders of a chosen title to an empty throne but can only dethrone a monarch with good cause. If contested a monarchs council must rule on removal.

Thrones that Stand Empty 


☆  Kingdom of Morash, northwest Tsolaph Tarser Morash, the only son of Mernaph is currently holding the seat of Morash but has no official authority as he is an unnamed heir


Westhaven, southwest Morendor, currently under the rule of Prince Regent Amon, owner and Monarch of the Demon Horn Kingdom in southernmost Westhaven


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