General Information

Character Name: Memnon, Memnoch, alias Gollieth Memnon
Race: Devil, Arch
Sub-Race: Pentari Abyss Draek
Character Information:currently unbound.
Appearance:  Devil Form; albino, winged, horned, tail, fangs, elfish ears.  White Dragon form.  Also an albino Neffari, or other forms he chooses to take.
Information: Author of Desire, this devil 'grants wishes' but he is NO Djinn. There is always a high price or a hard if not cruel lesson for his benefaction.

Demeanor: varies according to who he meets, but towards those he likes and respects he is typically easy going, witty, chatty and childlike.

Combat Skills:  legendary bestial martial, martial melee, archery, thrown, artificer, staff

Passive Skills:  ranger, survival, swimming, artist, poet, mounted, dragon rider, flight, combat flight, many more

Paths:  quantum physiomancy, illusory, Author of Desire (control events and fate as needed to fulfill desires)

Spellbook:  improvised with signature: 'Author of Desire' which allows him to 'command reality' and 'control events'

Place of Origin: Leonese System: Morashtar

Weapons:  favors twinblades and bows
Armour: dragon scales which can appear on his body like armour in any form he takes
Magic Items: staff of shadows (allows him to channel his power even when he is stripped of power or in dead zones.  Increases his power by +4 when it is channeled through the staff. 
  ..... Staff Signature power is Engulfing Shadows of the Abyss, these shadows stun and drain all physical and mental checks by -5, -1 per ace, and if all physical checks fall to 1 or less, target plunges through the shadows into the abyss where they are held in limbo until released or removed by Memnoch.
Shadows can be released in bursts or be streamed for a constant effect until stream is broken.

Arcane Collection

Info: he has collected many items of power over the millenia.  To name a few...
.... Various gate items.
.... Trap Items
.... Dominating or Enslaving Artifacts
.... Protective Items
.... Augmenting Items
.... Stealth Items
.... Summoning Items
.... Damaging Items
.... Deadly Items
.... Anti-Spying Items


Property: planar ice kingdom of Memnoch, castle is surrounded by icy forests, caves and mountains, one of which is Aegoth until he becomes active.

Items: collection of magic items, provisions, clothing, and weapons he keeps in a magical rucksack.

Gold: large treasury hoard worth millions

Equipment:camping gear, clothes, survival gear, dragon tack, horse tack



TYPE: Winter Dragon
Name: Aegoth
Race: Pentari Dragon of the Pit (abyss ice and abyss elements)
Age: milennia
Class: guardian and mount
Combat Levels:  75
Paths and Levels: 60

Size: true size is the length and breath of a huge mountain but on rare occasion he can shift down to a more manageable size or even take his former demon guise.

HISTORY:  Began as an Ardennian Badland Demon and 'deevolved' into a pentari dragon in an ascension into Haman which occured when he and Memnoch were killed by enemies of the Tsulari.  Has known Memnoch since they were quasi-immortal children of the Tsulari and Ardenn.  Aegoth is Memnoch's mount guise in battle or to impress and dearest friend.


TYPE:  Ariad Elf Siblinmgs
Name: Misoma (Miso), and Diodor (Dio)
Race: Ariad Elves
Age: Dio is 21/Miso is 11
Class: Retainers
Combat Levels:  09/02
Common Levels:  15/12
Paths and Levels:  sorcerer 06, earth elemental 05 / witch 01, air elemental 01  

HISTORY: Work for Memnoch and learn from him while undergoing their Ariad trial of independance.


TYPE:  Proxy, unknown
Name: Voralius the Winter Warlock
Race: primordial devil
Age: unknown, looks mid twenties
Class: mage
Combat Levels:  14pa, 50ma
Common Levels:  31
Paths and Levels:  Abyss Weaver 50, Abyss Ice elements 50, Warlock 50, Innate Command of Primal Desire, 32.

HISTORY: Created by his maker so long ago that he's been forgotten, he has finally tracked his maker down on the wake of his terrible enemy Balor.  Finally sighting him in Esscha Endor, a friendly land just recently torn apart by a hurricane and simmering with inner turmoil, Voralius has decided to stay in Esscha Endor and see if he can be of any help. From there he would watch his maker until ready to reunite with him. Has an adult winter dragon named Winter and is a dragon rider.


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