Aeros Nystori

General Info

Name: Aeros Nystori,  better known as Niall

Race: Darkstar Arcanon

Rank: Morning Star Knight, spy of Acheron, Lord of West shore Castle and estate, Lord of Blackwood Region, Morgaith, 1st Knight of Acheron

Appearance:  Dark hair, green eyes, 6ft, build of lean sinew, masculinely handsome  

Paths: Shadow, Phantasmancy, Spectral, Wylde Magic (Wylde Weaver), Master shapeshifter. His presence and mind are immune to trespass and probes, Arcanon of the Arcane (Arch Arcane Weaver).

Resources: he is quite wealthy, castles in Acheron, Morgaith (shadow realm), and Westhaven shore, An Morendor  

Residence: presently resides between Gothtyrdan in Esscha endor and his castle estate in Westhaven.


Damos, a shadow demon he can summon from his home in Morgaith.

Belial, a mogduain devil and friend he can summon to his aid.

Naxul, a nazadun steed he can summon from shadows .


Voltaryn Nightwind:  Deluvian weyrdragon Master of the Storm. A large white wolf or tall, lean, darkstar elf with long white hair, stormy, pale, grey-blue eyes and darkish greyblue skin. A relative who'd tried to kill him and got absorbed by him instead.

Raiku Dotuko:  Fox demon and nature spirit. Unable to save this demon when he'd found him dying he assimilated him to preserve him. He appears as either a red fox or a willowy, quick elf with red hair, red brown skin, fox ears and a fox tail wearing tattered green and brown clothes.

Daegmon Soldaamus:  Daeg is a human dwarf in appearance, his most powerful shift, sorcerer and arcane weaver. He often roams as a separate entity from Niall. Another Niall saved from oblivion by assimilating him. 

Gethfuar Nalyks:  a slayer Niall killed and absorbed who was responsible for the near deaths of Daegmon and Raiku and made the fatal mistake of also attacking Niall. A handsome darkstar human covered in all manner of arcane glyphs rendering him immune to most magic. Niall plunged his soul into Acheron so has complete control of his form.


Many Others...

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