Player: GM

Date of Creation: June 10th, 2000


Name: Victor Greed

Race: Astraeus Vampire and Chaosian ascendant 

Subrace: appears Namis but is a Chronosian Traveler

Rank: Chaosian Hierophant and Time Weaver, Astraeus clan priest.

Age: unknown due to time weaving

Age by Appearance: 30s

Paths: Time Weaver, Sorcery, Spectremancy, Life Weaver, Death Weaver, Path of Verdure.



Kingdom: The Looking Glass Kingdom: a pocket plane, The Glass Castle

Glass Kingdom Employees: 

☆  Dresha, his personal servant,

☆  Numiri, a caretaker, and Dresha's older sister

☆  Stophess and Crayden, his warrior cooks,

☆  Haliss and Lilmina, regular servers in dining room.

☆  The Crystal Guardians, guards and mages who safeguard Victor and his realm.

☆  Guard captain Eglian

☆  Arch mage Crosemia, 

Estate: Orchard Creek Estate in Esscha Endor: Haandel, stable master, his wife Ysora, a gardener, their adopted daughter Ailees or Liddi, their baby daughter Della, Estate Guard captain Torbaen, Arch Mage Salxyn Kyne.

Shrines of Chaos: Valis Water Shrine, Orchard Creek Life Shrine, Glass Castle Time Conduit, Heir of Lionguard Time Shrine (black horn mnts. Noctmaire) .

The Greed Retinue: 

▪  With Victor in Esscha Endor - Tugoru, Tsetqiss and Tsetsu twins, Borul, Agvhon, Etsulan, Haptsolaan, Raavkesh, Norwelyn

▪  In Urik- Aglloth, Valis, Elvena, Ahnris (named after the orchid), Belanya, Delderen, Wolvaag, Tomahs, Kentkauduir (young elf), Millie (Spork)

The Throndir Retinue:  Throndir, Thettius, Thumvor, Degavaus, Trevien, Imvarien, Luelo, Xael, Raros, Qetnos, Hecien, Lyndorien, Dagmet, Estor



Chaos Roll: #10 d6+1, fails if 0 aces.

Save: +2

Staff: Staff of Relativity, +4 d6