Tiberius Decasey

Name: Tiberious Corca DeCasey
Age: By Appearance: 21 True Age:840 Date Born: 1998 ET
Race: Dervish Astraeus Blood Sorcerer
Subrace: Trueborn Dervish Astraeus
Clan: Decasey Astraeus
Parents: Byron Decasey and Selennia Decasey - True Born 
Twin Sister: (and life mate) Rhiannon Decasey.
Other Siblings: Shaithis, Lorella, Azturel
Children: True Born Child Memnoch (Devil), Elizabeth (vampiric devil sired by her husband Amon) 
Grandchildren: sextuplets out of Liz and Amon; Morpheus, Hector, Phrixus, Evander, Aurelia (Lia), and Angelica (Angel). Clanmates: Robert Lyons MacKensey-Progeny of Rhia. Katherine Maynard-24-Progeny of Rhia. Cole Burger-22-Progeny of Rhia.  Saffiel, Valkar, Terra 
Progeny: Celeste Kilcanoragh- Band Members of Forsaken Tribute: Morrison Massie-23. Mark Templeton-25. Shane Taylor-21. All Forsaken Tribute were Sired on New Years Eve. 2004.
Location: Club Elysium New Orleans, Castle of Five Kings - West Shore Isles, Shadowlands
Nature: Twisted
Demeanor: Whatever he wants to present himself as-Chameleon
Alignment: Chaotic Evil


  • Brevar: Fionar House servant
  • Seffrin: Inisai gardener (brother of Uldesaul)
  • Uldesaul: Inisai chef and gardener
  • Merowyn: (f) Tempest Draek (Nephalim) lady in waiting and blood serf (Rhia)
  • Lirewe: (f) Ssetis half devil lady in waiting (guests)
  • Selanua: (f) Ssetis half devil lady in waiting (sister of Lirewe, guests)
  • Erdufel: elven house servant
  • Arukhet: Lycanthrope Trecouri groom
  • Ferakai: Nephalim (Neffari) groom and blood serf


  • Taluss: Ymlohept Bhassir warrior
  • Arbir: Spectral Temple Knight
  • Denwaur: Deadrealms Noseru battlemage (tiger)
  • Marcella: Inisai warrior
  • Wenauru: (f) Elven battlemage
  • Vortivaus: Trueborn rogue battlemage
  • Wyrvengo: Bhassir Lycanthrope warrior



  • Sharpshooter: 27, +2 HB, +50 damage (Desert Eagles)
  • Swordsmanship: 15
  • Martial Combat: 22
  • Bestial Combat: 26 

  • Inborn: 32
  • Clan Paths: 28
  • Path of Blood: 25
  • Quantum Sorcery Check: 2 d6, snake eyes botch power, drain -5 stamina and result in normal damage, doubles add +1 HB and +1 d6. 

  • Street Smarts: 25
  • Escape Artist: 26
  • Quick Thinker: 22
  • Persuasive: +1 logic and charisma
  • Climb Walls: 18
  • Rock Climbing: 12
  • Feline Balance: 18
  • Quick Talker: +1 logic and charisma
  • Charismatic: +1 charisma
  • Charming: +1 charisma
  • Hunting and Tracking: 29
  • Direction Sense: 21
  • Improved Stealth: +2
  • Pick Locks: 20
  • Hide: +1 stealth
  • Find Traps: 21
  • Detect Traps: 21
  • Breaking and Entering: 19
  • Security Systems: 19
  • QPRS: 15
  • Set Traps and Snares: 20 

    Common Skills
  • Business Management: 25
  • Book Keeping: 26
  • Accounting: 21
  • Computer Science and Technology: 22
  • Bartender: 18
  • Interrogation: 27
  • Intimidation: 26
  • Reconnaissance: 19
  • Linguistics: French-27, English-32, Romanian-22, Gaelic-14, Esurian-14, Cenys-17 

    Vital Stats
  • Health Points: 1130
  • Heart of Fire: phylactery
  • Layers of Life: 2500 HP
  • Regeneration: 62
  • Fortitude: 44 

    Physical Checks
  • Strength: 28 / VF-68 / VT-76
  • Stamina: 35 / VF-72 / VT-154
  • Movement: 20
  • Stealth: 26
  • Dexterity: 28 

    Mental Checks
  • Willpower: 32
  • Intelligence: 35
  • Charisma: 24
  • Perception: 20 

  • Good: 7
  • Evil: 12
  • Neutral: 8
  • Chaotic: 14
  • Lawful: 8


Trueborn Astraeus

Astraeus Devil: This race of Vampire was engendered by Lucifer, who created 4 First Born Astraeus out of Humans who made a pact with the devil for Immortality. The Devil's Astraeus are marked with the Morning Star's mark of souls which is passed down from the First Born to each generation Sired after. All four Primogen are still live. Tiber is the True Born of one of these Primogen, Feoda Corca, alias, Byron Decasey, and his wife/progeny Selenia Decasey. Tiber made a transition into a devil, what in hell is called a Vampiric Dervish, a year after he came of age, which is a very rare occurance.

Dervish Vampiric Abbilities: 

  • Extreme Physical Strength, +8, +1 per level.
  • Astraeus Clan Abilities and Powers
  • Vampirc Temple
  • Vampiric Forms: Wings/Claws/Fangs, flight, bite and claw
  • Regeneration: +30, +1 per level
  • Vampiric Charms: Charm by Gaze, Dominate Will, Phantasms, Mind Control, Phantasmal Domination, Viable Phantasms.
  • Vampiric Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace.
  • Drain Energy by touch
  • Siring and Bonding: by blood sharing and giving, slave bonding, blood siring and bond of the sire.
  • Blood to Soul Bonding.
  • Shape Shifting: Shadow, Vapors or Animal, Shift into Animal Form or Storm of Bats, or Rats (have acid saliva.)
  • Tiber's Animal Forms: Panther, Tiger, other big cats and cats.
  • 85% MR
  • Venomous Blood.
  • Special Abilities: Purify Blood, Transcendent Fertility.

Paths: NecromancyCurses, Quantum Sorcery (unique path), PhantasmsCommand of the Elements, Path of Blood

Resistance: 85% vs. sunlight and fire. Classic vampire banes have no effect on Astraeus. Souls cannot be taken. His souls is marked and will be taken by Lucifer as he dies, or if wrong death occurs he is raised by his Heart of Fire. Immunities and resistance lowers by half when vampire is in or near torpor (HP of 50 or less). 

Special Advantage:
 Rights of command in Hell granted by Lucifer himself, including passage and use of magic within Hell. Fertile: Able to engender children by mating without use of enchantments (VERY rare, Vampiric Devils and Userkaf Vampires ONLY in fact.) 

True Borns: True borns are very rare and can ONLY occur with very specific enchantments. A True Born is a vampire that was created by conception and carried in the mother's womb rather than being Sired. Hell's True Born can not be conceived AT all, unless the Lord of Hell or a Hell's Vampire Elder given rights to the enchantments, casts a specific fertility spell on the mated couple, using triggers and contingencies to specify time of conception. True Borns can not be born by natural labor, for this causes an exchange of blood that will Kill the child, which in effect either kills the mother or damages her severely due to the presence of a dead child in her body, which pollutes her immediately. They must be delivered before the child enters the birth canal by a Womb Gate spell which aids also in healing the mother of her changes to accomodate the child, also cleansing the baby as it is delivered by this magical birth. True borns are VERY powerful, and most Sired Vampires despise them out of fear. They are HIGHLY intelligent, learn their powers at an amazingly increased rate, and have a natural knack for teaching themselves to Master their Born With Powers, and they inherit BOTH parents Born With Abilities and Magic Traits. They ARE to be feared. They tend to be "carefully" brought up, which if REAL care is not taken, can result in Vampire Brats with exceptional skills, some might refer to as Elite Snobs. Due to their Genius True Born are prone to being schemers. They are never ashamed of taking evasive action in their strategy, or attacking indirectly, for logic dictates a fool would go in with guns blazing when they could use covert operations. By the time they mature to adult-hood, their power often exceeds their parents. Their aging is hasted, they age at one year for every month and their aging Halts anywhere between 16 and 27 years of age tops. These Vampire are beautiful in their human appearance, male or female, which adds to their charms. Even the most arrogant of the True Born have charms that are seldom rivaled. True born are always born one generation below the Lowest {Elder} Generation of their parents.


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