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Extremely Attractive +4 charisma. 
Sex Appeal +2 charisma. 
Strong Will +5 
Strong Consitution +5 
Logical +2 
Highly Intelligent +4 
High Dexterity +4 
Dark Wisdom +2 
Immunities: Mental Attacks, Further Force over the Will, Further Marks, Cold and Ice, Necromancy, Disease.


Vampiric Devil - Abraxas depends on blood and consumption of souls to maintain his health. He must consume at least two quarts of blood per week, and 1 soul per month to sustain himself. He is weakened if he is deprived of these needs, and if he starves (-1 stamina per day without blood, -10 stamina per month without a soul, starvation at 0 stamina); he slips into a comatose state. Revive with +1 stamina per quart of blood, +5 stamina per soul. HP loss of -100 per -1 stamina lost to starvation. HP loss will not fall below 50 from starvation however, as body slips into hiberation.. 
Despair - He suffers severe bouts of despair, sometimes seeming for no reason at all. He is unable to control these episodes of depression. 20% chance a day. 
Rage - once his rage is provoked, it is hard to curtail. His rage boosts his strength (+5), but also blinds him to all but a few who can reach him past a frenzied state. 
Phobic - of being dominated or imprisoned. He also has a fear of being violated and if he feels threatened on a personal level his fear either turns to rage, or dread, depending on the being he is confronted with. 
Anti-social - he does not get along with others well, with a few exceptions, though he can also be very charming. It all depends on his mood. 
Nemesis - Mekkor
Enemies - The Alamascan order of angels and possibly Caine 
Mark of Possession - His soul and flesh bear the Morning Star's mark, thus his will and destiny can be controlled by Lucifer if he chooses to do so. 
Fixed Destiny - Angel of Despair, he cannot escape being Guardian of Hell's Gate but by one very difficult path he is currently clueless of. 
Psychotic - Suffers schitzophrenic attacks, or an extreme urge to hunt and kill a random stranger from time to time, -10 on all Mental Checks but intelligence during delusional episodes, and -10 to logic during predatory episodes. 
 Livid Nightmares - shakes his constitution (-10) for awhile after waking, even for an entire day if nightmares were extreme.


Sword of Abraxas: +80 damage, heritage broadsword
....... Power of the Guardian: nulls all arcane power. He cannot use Arcane Power himself while this power is active. Does not affect weapons, or inborn powers, unless a power is channeled to affect another.
....... Keeper of the Crypt: Raises spirits into ascension of the light, destroying wraiths, disintegrates zombies and raised dead. +35 d6 damage. Double damage to vampires.
....... Soul Reaver: captures souls of the dead into the blade, increasing the blade's damage by +10 per soul captured until power is used. This power can be saved for one potent attack. [12 souls saved for +120] 
Recurve Bow: +40 damage 
Duel Berretas: +38 damage each. He uses Hollow Point (+5 dmg) or Armor Piercing. Pair of 9mm semi-automatic pistols, custom magazine and clips that load 20 rounds. Also Special Silver, UV, or Carbon Ice, Nitrate rounds are provided to him as needed. All do aggravated dmg. to those affected. 
Long Dagger: +16 damage. 
Throwing Daggers: +12 damage each, quiver of five. 
 Hunting Knife: +14 damage.


Leather Biker Apparel: AC 8. 
In Heavy Combat: Kevlar Body Suit, AC 40. 
Combat Helmet: AC 35. 
Mylar Composite Body Suit: AC 8, Protects against PRUs. 
Black Leather Armor: AC 35, medieval style with white diamthrill plate and pyramid studs on breast, greaves, and arm guards. He wears heavy duty spiked monster boots with this armour and a black diamthrill chain maille cowl. 
Telekinetic Armor Spiked Collar: AC +80 to all armour while worn.

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Sorcery: 8 (full path) 
Curse Weaver: 10 (full path) 
Hells Inner Sanctum: 30 
Necromancy: 10 
Elemental: 15 
Umbramancy: 36 (full path) 
Blood Sorcery: 31 
Illusory Shroud: 35 (full path)

Devil: 30 
Nosmorgoth: 3 
Blacklion: 36


Sword: 35 
Thrown: 30 
Archery: 21 
Firearms: 26 
Martial Combat: 32 
Riposte: 22 
Martial Death Blow: +1 HB 
Martial Sword: +2 HB 
Beheading Blow: +1 HB 
Sharpshooter: +2 HB. 
Moving Target: +1 HB. 
Hasted Combat: +1 AR per ace.


Survival Skills 
Camping: 19 
Climbing: 22 
Rope Climbing: 21
Direction Sense: 17 
Find and Make Shelter: 16 
Detect Traps: 18 
Set Traps and Snares: 20 
Pick Locks: 24 
Danger Sense: 19 
Find Healing Herbs and Springs: 14 
Street Smarts: 22 
Blend into a Crowd: 17 
Escape Artist: 19 
Escape Routing: 18 
Quick Talker: 17 
Smooth Talker: +2 charisma 
Hide: +2 stealth 
Prowl: +2 stealth 
Hunting: 36 
Tracking: 31

Magic Skills: Prodigy of Chaos: 30

Special Skills 
Subterfuge: 18 
Computer Science: 23 
Computer Hacking: 19 
Espionage: 24 
Leadership: 26 
Intimidation: 20 
Interrogation: 19 
Torture: 21 
Charismatic: +4 
Operation of PRUs and Security Systems: 30 
Theft and Robbery: 20


Common Skills 
Horseback Riding: 15. 
Drive Motorcycles: 22 
Drive Cars: 16 
Drive Heavy Machinery: 15 
Operate Crane: 14
Drive and Operate Forklift: 16 
Swimming: 14 
Flight: 34 
Persuasion: 28


Checks and Vital Stats 
Stealth: 21 
Movement: 16 
Dexterity: 17 
Reflexes: 19 

Olfactory: 22 
Vision: 21 
Hearing: 17 
Taste: 19 
Touch: 16 
Alertness: 19 

Intelligence: 18 
Logic: 21 
Wisdom: 28 
Charisma: 24 
Instincts: 21 
Constitution: 20 
Aligment: chaotic (21) with good tendencies (12). 

  Vital Stats 
HP: 1220 
Regeneration: 65 
Fortitude: 22 
Strength: 32 
Stamina: 40 
WP: 30 
Death Count: 1 
Transient Death Count: 2

 Arch Devil Stats 

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 Fortitude: base Level +10 
 Strength: +12 when devil form is tapped 
 Stamina: +15 when devil form is tapped 
 Bestial Senses: +1 per level, adds to normal senses. 

Inborn Powers 
 Domination: full path, unique knowledge option, change normals to custom abilities 
 Dark Presence: projects their will for a desired result -vs. Constitution 
 Dark Allure: Intoxicating scent, Charisma +8 
 Possession: full path 
 Metaphysical Sight: see and identify energy streams, auras, moods, alignment (see angel powers) 
 Shade Form: drains life or health, by contact meta-haste + 4d6 
 Divination: project mind to parallels and inner planes of knowledge, past, present and future to gain knowledge 
 Supernatural Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace. 
 Improved Regeneration: Level +10 Regeneration Level 
 Devil Form: Increases all physical, sense and affectable mental checks by +6, or +12 to one check field. Devil form can vary but is often a jet black, partially bestial, winged creature with claws, fangs, sharp teeth and horns or antlers. 
 Form Shift: Unlimited forms of up to +1 per level, form selection at level 40 
 Illusory Projection: same as phantasmancy, limited, they can create illusions that can be felt, smelled, and touched 
 Metaphysical Bonding: they can sense the vibes of, and locate anyone bound to them at will 

Arcane Paths: Path of Chaos, Chaos Aspected, double stamina cost on light elements.

WoD-Way of Death 
All other deaths but his way of death are transient. 3 resurrections from final death allowed. All other deaths transient-with free resurrections. Each resurrection from true way of death becomes more and more difficult.

Malshivest are angels of the first hierarchy that fell into Acheron to become Arch-Devils. Their names are Azriel (played), Abdiel (or Arcade), Abraxas (Also known as Casey and Artorius, who became the Angel of Despair, Played), Azazel (aka Mordreig, played), Androalphus, Arioch, Gabrian (or Gabriel), Malcomb, and Sammael (or Satan)

Arcane Paths: Path of Chaos - Spell book of up to 200 spells allowed.


Magic Skills -- Prodigy of Chaos 
1-Channeling Fork - Forks power to hit various called targets.
2-Arcane Seal - Seals a Spell within an item or subject and protects against dispells.
3-Arcane Mark - Marks a spell with Magic user's signature to protect against detection and identification.
4-Arcane Proofing - Protects a spell, magic item, or select object against specified effects or threats. Roll for each Proof cast. Success Roll = Power of Proofing +Level of caster. Shatters, dissolves, disenchantments, disjoining, and detection. +1 protection per Success. +5 protection per Ace rolled.
5-Negation - Negates various powers as called.
6-Proofing Factor - Proofs against various effects as called.
7-Anti-Factor - Protects a power or target against called power or effects. Must be used prior to any engagements. 
8-Permenance Factor - Makes a power permanent, seals and marks a power.
9-Arcane Lore - Talismans, Runes and Glyphs, Scrolls, Enchanted items and Weapons.
10-Disabling - Disabling spells by various called methods.
11-Arcane Weaver - Create spells on the fly, with 1 d6 chance of failure (on a roll of 1).
12-Selection - Powers only affect chosen targets. 
13-Layer - Layer various powers.
14-Loop - Creates a self-perpetuating loop of power which is very hard to disable.
15-Stream - Stream power to create a continuuem rather than applying power in bursts or waves.
16-Modify - Modify a power to tweak it to perfection, or to alter subtle aspects.
17-Morph - Morph power to alter it mid-stream, burst, or wave.
18-Stabilize - Stabilize a power to make it less likely to have weak or to fail.  (Acts as secondary roll, which is rolled first to back up the roll for actual power.)
19-Scatter - Scatters energy and weaves.
20-Tear - Tears weaves of power and energies.
22-Block - Blocks a called path of power or energy.
23-Soak - Soak an energy to regain stamina, or to convert it otherwise.
24-Convert - Convery energy into raw power which can enhance strength, stamina, health, or arcane energy.
25-Redirect - Redirect a stream, burst, field, or wave of power
26-Create Field - Create a field for powers as called.
27-Catalist - Set contingencies which trigger a power or effect as called. 
28-Solidify - Solidify any power to make it concrete.
29-Liquify - Liquify any power to make it a liquid.
30-Chaos Master - Aspect Taps
17-Mystery-The Unknown
19-Power of Perpetuality-[Echos-(Voice-Memory-Time)
20-Cyclonic Balance

 Paths of Power

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Stamina 1
1-Suspension - Lift someone gentle or catch someone or something falling to let them or it down softly.
2-Trip - An invisible force trips someone in motion.
3-Jinx - Causes someone to drop a weapon, fall down, or other minor called effects.
Stamina 2
4-Quicken Blade - One thrust becomes three rapid thrust, One swipe three, etc.
5-Boomarang Effect - A dagger or sword when thrown hoops rapidly, able to hit a target multiple times, and comes back to weilder.
6-Resilient Sphere of Arrest - Encase creature/object in resilient sphere of energy.
Stamina 3
7-Id Cloak - Protects against race, power, alignment, and presence being identified, and guards again sight, mental probe, visionary, divination and aural sight powers.
8-Field of Force - Invincible wall, dome, sphere of force, often used in warding rooms and buildings.
9-Ultimate Stony Grasp - VERY powerful and hard to break grasp.
Bypass Wall - Walk through walls
Stamina 4
10-Enduring Sleep - Places target in deep, lasting sleep.
11-Arcane Immunity - Saving throw bonus 6 d6, +1 per success against spells.
12-Shatter - Shatters an object.
Stamina 5
13-Disintegrate - Disintigrates an object or element.
14-Deadly Shocking Grasp - If held for longer that 10 seconds, is deadly.
Stamina 8
15-Orb of Arrest - Arrests target in an Orb of holding energy.
Stamina 6
16-Vampires Blood Bane - Spell does 5 dmg per success, each round until 1 LP remains. Spell can be cast 3 times of day. This spell burns a vampires blood, then their bodies from within to without, and hinders regeneration 50%.
Magus Tendrils Spray - One or rarely two. of the seven rays conjured by this spell hit a target, each with a different power.
17-Arcane Dead Zone - Creates a dead magic zone up to 100 yard radius. No magic can penetrate or be used inside of zone.
18-Elemental Aura - Protects from attacks of same element and allows the casting of some spells related to that element.
Wish - Allows one wish on success. A form of conjuration. Must be something within the realm of possibility. Wish must be material.
Stamina 7
19-Sphere Of Ultimate Destruction - Create a temporary Sphere Of Annihilation. Lasts one turn.
20-Arcane Sphere - Protective Sphere of Magic woven with 9 various effects, each with a kick if sphere is touched. Each time sphere is contacted, an additional power woven into the globe strikes them, so that number of effects equals times touched. Each power must be dismantled in order it was woven with correct dismantling spells. 
Stamina 8
Stamina 9
Stamina 10
28-30-Arcane Weaver - Create spells, artifacts, arcane items, powers, wards and commands.
Stamina 11
31-35-Improved Power - Apply any Arcane Power at Levels 36-40
Stamina 12
36-40-Improved Power - Apply any Arcane Power at Levels 36-40

Curse Weaver

Stamina 1
1-Hinderance Hex - Makes one unable to perform a single, physical act, such as making a right turn, picking something up in their left hand, blinking, standing still, any single act.
2-Revolting Visage - No matter how handsome or beautiful, target will appear hideous to anyone who sees them, while they look normal to themselves. Lasts 1 day per success.
3-Faces with Names Hex - A curse which makes a person unable to remember names longer than five minutes, any name, but their own.
Stamina 2
4-Timeless Curse - Victim loses ALL sense of time.
5-Senseless Hate - Make someone despise a single person and be very hateful towards them at ALL times. Can lead to murder.
6-Witless - Someone suffering this curse has no sense at all, and always makes mistakes in judgment.
Stamina 3
7-Rancidness - Everything the victim of this curse eats or drinks tastes horrible beyond belief.
8-Blindness - Makes someone go blind.
9-Curse of Vanity - One with this curse is always bragging to others aloud about how perfect, and beautiful they are, and constantly primping and worrying about every detail of their appearance, meanwhile they are growing uglier by the day, not that THEY will notice.
Stamina 4
10-Infestation Curse - Victim is infested by insects, which crawl all over their body, and no matter what efforts they make to rid themselves of the creepy crawlies, they keep manifesting in their hair, clothes, shoes, pockets or purses, and on their flesh. Insects include - Cock roaches, fleas, ticks, centipedes, millipedes, various beetles, flies, silverfish, spiders, ants, and various other nasties.
11-Phobic Insanity Jinx - Jinx someone that every time they see a called object or person, they go utterly insane until out of sight of the called trigger.
12-Curse of Poverty - A person is compelled to give everything they have away, along with all their savings, and any resources or income they may have, including property, and quit any job they may have.
Stamina 5
13-Altered Gender - Turns a male into a female, and a female into a male.
14-True Greed - Victim will do ANYTHING to get what they want, and they are obsessed with everything they could desire. Cars, clothes, wealth, anything material that would catch their fancy, and they will rob, steal, lie, cheat, even kill to get it.
15-Bestial Abomination - Victim is mutated into a half animal form. Parts of body that remain human, and parts which become beast, formulated by the invoker of the curse.
Stamina 6
16-Curse of Wrath - A person cursed with this will react violently if anyone aggravates, provokes, or upsets them, and attempt killing anyone who crosses them in the slightest way.
17-Murphey's Law Curse - One calls on the demon Oze to bestow this curse, with an offering of a prime, raw steak, red wine, and an offering of their own blood in a ring of pillar candles. He must be invoked by name in a calm, pleasant voice. When one is inflicted with this curse, what they believe cannot happen, will happen, from the most trivial things to the most absurd.
18-Hopelessly Lost - Person with this curse laid on them never knows where they are, how to get back where they came from, or how to get somewhere, no matter how many time someone tells them the way.
Stamina 7
19-Diabolic Retrogression Curse - The demon Ahriman must be invoked, and incurring his wrath is very dangerous. One must request his presence and inquire what offering he would like, and meet that request. The curse causes the victim's mind and strength to gradually regress until they are in a child like state both in mind and strength of body, and if they curse is not broken, their mind will regress to nothing, with their strength.
20-Monstrous Fate - Subject of this curse is turned into a monster (as called).
Stamina 8
Stamina 9
Stamina 10
28-30-Curse Weaver - Invoker has the ability to either harness any curse, invoke, harness and channel the aspects required to weave their own curses, or to invoke powerful demons to lay curses on someone.
Stamina 11
31-35-Improved Power - Apply any Arcane Power at Levels 36-40
Stamina 12
36-40-Improved Power - Apply any Arcane Power at Levels 36-40

Hell's Inner Sanctum

1 [1-3]-Beloved of Lucifer - Owed to having the Morning Star's favor, he can communicate with Lucifer and request his presence at any given time, from any place.
2 [4-6]-Temple of Healing - transfer any select target to Hell's Temple of Healing and then recall them from the temple at will.
3 [7-9]-Eater of Souls - as an eater of souls he can breathe the souls of others into himself.     
 Range +1 yard radius per ace, power doubles with physical contact.     
 -1 stamina per ace     
 -1 level per ace     
 +30 damage per AR applied.     
 Victim dies and their souls is consumed by Abraxas on death, whereof their vital energy feeds his soul, and what remains of their spirit becomes a wraith under command of Abraxas in Hell's Anti-Chamber.  Abraxas can summon these wraiths at will.   Mages become death wraiths. 
4 [10-12]-Gateway to the Antechamber - Abraxas can at any time open a gateway into the Antechamber and take refuge there, or take others there.
5 [13-15]-Hellish Retalliation-When enraged, the power of Hell's flame is called into his flesh, doing no harm to him, while anyone, but those selected not to be affected, who touches him is inflicted with hellfire. His claws and fangs are also imbued with this fire. Hellfire burns with a cold so bitter that it blisters one from within to without, and degenerates them rapidly.  25% HP damage per day.  There is only one anti-dote for Hellfire.
6 [16-18]-Blessing of the Eternal Flame: an unpredictable but powerful spell that invokes the sentient power of the Eternal Flame at level 40 to bestow a random blessing which the eternal flame chooses. This protective measure or gift of the dark flame is permanent unless Abraxas revokes it, which costs him a penalty also decided by the flame. GM or players involved calls outcome. If the invoker uses this power too many times on himself, it invites a harsh penalty from the flame.
7 [19-21]-Gateway to the Morning Star: a gateway which delivers him to the Morning Star or his palace as called.
8 [22-24]-Master of the Infernal Nomads: summon and command any spirit type, any undead, living dead, or raised dead, or any creature type from Acheron's Lost caverns. A glowing seal appears which brings those summoned to it, bypassing any seal locks on Acheron as any arcane seal for summoning hell's own does. Checks, 1d6 per ace, not to exceed 7 d6, roll total, Level up to +1 per success, up to +1 per ace, or +1 per success on a crit.
9 [25-27]-Barrier of the Flame: a protective aura of azure-blue flames invoked from the eternal flame surrounds a called area of up to +1 yard per level as called. This barrier protects all within it against all harm at level 40. Nothing can damage those protected, and if anyone within the barrier tries to harm another in the barrier, they are unable to inflict any damage or pain. Lasts until dispelled or broken down. Barrier has HP of total roll = HP vs. damage. Can only be damaged by normal weapons. Magic attacks increases its HP by total roll of each spell that hits it.
10 [28-30]-Black Flame of Death: the black flame of Acheron is harnessed and unleashed in a powerful firestorm which erupts outward from Abraxas to spread throughout any enclosed area to incinerate anything living or flamable in a matter of seconds into ash. This fire is mystical and is not subject to fire immunities. Only an equally or more powerful light spell can cancell it.
11 [31-35]-Devoted Companion: this companion will stay by the side of the one he or she is summoned to as a faithful guardian until he or she perishes, and will never disobey the comrade they were summoned to protect and keep company. Only one can be summoned to one person until the last companion dies. These companions are emotional beings, but they simply will not leave those they are summoned to. They will however tell their master what's on their mind if upset. Devoted companions are created by the eternal flame and all are basically the same.
         Call Gender
         Call Appearance (this is how the flame made the companion)
         Levels up to +1 per success as called.
         Checks up to +1 d6 per ace total, not to exceed 7 d6.
         Ageless, appearance remains the same but will scar if wounds are extremely deep.
         Regeneration Level: +1 per success.
         Magic is Defensive: shield, conceal, disrupt power, shatter power, reflect power (bounces it back at caster) heal wounds, revitalize (grants stamina), break curse, and neutralize poison.
         Combat: melee weapons and hand to hand combat.
12 [36-40]-Elite of Acheron: Abraxas has claimed the right to roam in any of Acheron's corridors while remaining under the protection of its wards. He is also able to choose any unoccupied lair or area for his own, with a territory of his own of up to +100 square yards per success. He is also able to access any temple with exception of the Temple of the Eternal Flame. He can also bring anyone he chooses into Acheron, and trap anyone he chooses anywhere he chooses in Acheron. This power has been endowed to him because he has earned Lucifer's trust.
Note: summoned creatures cannot be brought into the Antechamber.


1 [1-3] Cause Fatigue - Causes lapse of extreme fatigue. 
2 [4-6] Healing Grave - Heals serious wounds. 
3 [7-9] Invigorate - Returns stamina to someone who is weak or fatigued. 
4 [10-12] Deadly Vapors - Drains health rapidly, 20% each turn, while caster and those selected are not affected. 
5 [13-15] Necronomican Curtain - Those behind curtain cannot be seen, sensed or heard, as this power makes subjects selected cease to exist to those who are not veiled. 
6 [16-18] Deathly Majesty - Command and summon souls, spirits and the undead. 
7 [19-21] Dead man?s Eyes - If someone meets necromancer's eyes using this, his gaze is deadly, draining the life from victim in moments to take the life into themself. +70/140-Crit. per AR. 
8 [22-24] Forced Alliance Catalyst - Turns target to caster's side for 1 turn per success.  Affect can be permanent if Necromancer can overpower the target's will with this spell (with a crit). Saves allowed. 
 9 [25-27] Resurrection - Knowledge of Soul Beckoning and Capture, Corporeal Restoration restores body. Soul Command, Union of Flesh and Soul, Vital Flame and Raise and Awake the dead to resurrect a person. 
10 [28-30] Dead Realms Warding - Create wards with any necromantic power, layer and factor those wards with 150% MR. 
11 [31-35] Arch Necromancer - Create death spells, curses, artifacts, magic items, improvise dark magic, create wards, monsters and creatures. 
12 [36-40] Resurrect Army - Does what it says. Massive aural wave blasts over an army like a gust of shadowy wind and restores corpses, then the bodies begin to glow as their souls plunge back into their bodies and vital flames are sparked, and with command, Raise the Fallen, the dead rise fully resurrected with 100 HP each. Caster is KOed for a day and requires a week of recouperation. 
12 [40] God of the Dark Temple - Ascended into a Serûhir (Seraphic Incubus Vampire and Soul Eater). Holistic creation and command of the Dark Temple's powers. Any Life and Death command can be summoned. Ward Creation, Stable Weaves and unbreakable seals to any not exceeding their power with the knowledge of disabling powers selectively. Failure with more 1s than successes.

Elemental Spell Book

1-Air Hike - Up to 1 additional foot in height per success.
2-Air Net - Catches someone falling to let them down gently.
4-Snuff the Air - Air is snuffed from called area to suffocate those who require air to breathe, also snuffs flames. Up to 1 square yard per success. 

5-Time Gate - Create a time gate which delivers anyone selected to enter to called points in time.
6-March of Time - Reverse, or Advance time, up to one month.
7-Time Weaver - Command any time effect for called duration. If spell fails with an absolute failure, then backlash damage occurs and chronomancer is unable to capture time stream again for 1 d6 days.
8-Encase in Ice - encase a target in ice to freeze and damage them.
9-Immutable Ice - Protects any object made of ice from melting and breaking, 10% per success.
10-Architect of Ice - Create towers, domes, bridges, castles, ice spells, etc. of ice.
11-Master of Electricity - formulate electrical commands, use them for warding, creating enchanted items, artifacts, and catalists, and blend them with other gifts.
12-Master of the Elements - formulate air, ice, time and electrical commands, use them for warding, creating enchanted items, artifacts, and catalists, and blend them with other gifts, or add more power at levels 36-40.


 Nosmorgoth Aspects

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    1st Gen: Marcus Sirrilus
    2nd Gen: Artorius
    2nd Gen: Demitri

Clan Item:  Band of Necronomy: Worn by Marcus; This runed arm band of black diamthrill allows bearer to create zombie minions from the dead, and Morbid Knights from the dead and critically wounded, and raise the dead to fight, protect, and guard. Also ties the bearer to the Will of Sammael. Can only be removed or offered by Sammael. Level 30 Necronomy, Level 36 item with strength and power LoD of item vs. destruction of 406


Your Roll: Character succeeds to cast the spell, with CRITICAL POWER!!! of 406. The spell roll was 7 aces and 11 successes with a power check of 46.


    these vampires are an ancient race, while one known clan (the clan listed above) is a new line. All were created by Sammael of Acheron.  It is unknown whether he intended this race to be exactly what it became, or if his creation of the first generations left room for evolution.  Whatever the case, this is the race his creation became when he made shadows of other vampires, then gave them shape and power.

Physical Traits 

     Claws: +1 per level.

        Fangs: +1 per level.

        Wings: +5 damage, retractable in vampire form, fixed in shadow form.

        Strength: +6, +1 per two levels.

        Regeneration: +10, +1 per level.

        Fortitude: +2 per level.

        Movement: +6

Special Abilities

    •        Shade Form:  takes no damage by physical means and has telekinetic push, blow, throw, knockback, and shockwave. Smokey black form of their corporeal body..
             Shadow Lich Form: if ascended to this form, it appears like their shade form but is semi-viable, like a phantom.
      Touch of the Soul Eater: these vampires can heal the sick and wounded if they draw the disease or wounds into themselves, but the vampire takes the illness into themself to feel the pain of the one they are healing and later purges the pain or sickness they have absorbed with any blood they have consumed.  They need to feed soon after healing another in this way or risk slipping into the shadow realm and into shadow form.
            Soul Eater: devour spirits to sustain shadow form. 1 spirit per week must be devoured, or 1 fresh spirit per 2 weeks.
             Drain Soul: vampire can drain part of a victim's soul to weaken the will and control the will of the one whose soul they have weakened.  This soul thread is still connected to the target and will return to them after a duration of +1 turns per success unless the vampire touches them to maintain their grip on the soul thread.  This power relies on touch and requires the will to be weakened to less than the vampire's will to succeed.
             Vampire Form: drink blood (one gallon per week) to sustain corporeal form.  If corporeal form grows weak, or is in too much pain vampire shifts into shadow form.  No pain can be felt in shadow form, and no damage can be taken from physical weapons.  Newbloods require three times the amount of blood.
             Shadow Form: vampire can shift in and out of shadow form at no stamina cost.
             Shadow Phasing: vampire can phase in and out of shadows at no stamina cost.
             Shadow Walking: vampire can shadow walk to cross great distances at no stamina cost.
             Shadow Gates: vampire can formulate shadow gates at no stamina cost.
             Manipulate Shadows: vampire can move and control shadows as called at no stamina cost.
             Verto Umbra: shadow exchange

1-1  connect with a progeny or living body proxy on same land mass to pull self through target, and they through Umbramancer in shadow transition to exchange places. Target appears where Umbramancer was, in mind at first (3 turns) then in spirit (next 3 turns) then in body (next 3 turns).


    • , connect and swap places with any visable target, or swap places with a progeny anywhere.

21-30  lock onto, connect and swap places with any target veiwed by Black Curtain on same land mass.

31-40  lock onto, connect,and swap places with any target viewed by Black Curtain anywhere.

        Black Curtain: gaze through the shadow realm and out the other side to see across distances. Up to ten miles per success in any called direction, distance x 10 on a crit.


    Blood Loss:
    Lack of Nourishment: same results as blood loss.
    Sunlight, Fire and Electricity (damages both forms).

Innate Paths

    Umbramancy -- Master of the Black Veil

       Sycophancy: full path

Arcane Paths 

    • Blood Sorcery


    •          Cauldron of Blood Specs: These vampires become Shadow Liches.


    Illusory Shroud: full path

 Nosmorgoth and Blacklion PathsReturn to Top 


Stamina 1 
 1-Manipulate Shadows - Cause shadows to shift, bend and move as called. 
 2-Shadow Veil - Hides target in shadows. 
 3-Shadow Stalk - sneak around unseen and unsensed while maintaining a physical form. Shadows disperse when an action is taken against another. Unseen for one action. 

Stamina 2 
 4-Shadow Cloaking - Cloaks target and their presence. 
 5-Shadow Door - create a doorway of shadow where no doorway exists that opens and closes only to creator. 
 6-Shadowy Concealment - Make a called target take on appearance of shadows. 

Stamina 3 
 7-Shadow Walking - close distance through shadow realm. 
 8-Shadow Bridge - Create a solid bridge of shadows 4 feet wide. 
 9-Shadow Perception - Allows for detection of shadow forms and active shadow applications.

Stamina 4 
 10-Gate of Shadows-which caster can take others through via the shadow realm. 
 11-Trap Door of Shadows - a trap door opens under someone and drops them into a cell of shadows which holds them captive. 
 12-Intercept Path - Allows shadow elemental to intercept other gate paths, even select ones with higher power (roll). 

Stamina 5 
 13-Phasing-Phase out of material realm into corporeal form of shadows. 
 14-Aura of Shadows - nothing about subject protected by this gift can be sensed by any means. 
 15-Gateway of Vision - Allows shadow elemental to pierce the temporal layers of the shadow realm to see present, past, and future incidents. Elemental must be able to identify which subject of information sought by a name or location involving subject. 

Stamina 6 
 16-Corporeal Assimilation -1 Form per 5 levels. Corporeal Disguise, can be any living creature. 
 17-Corporeal Shadow Form - Ability to take actions in shadow form. 
 18-Shadowy Keep - a tower or room of shadow is raised which can only be accessed by creator or those he selects to enter or leave the keep. 

Stamina 7 
 19-Shield of Shadows - A dome of shadows surrounds called target/s and any powers or attacks aimed at target/s will pass into the shadows without hitting target. if attackers step through the shield, they come out on the other side of the shield past the shielded targets. Lasts until dispelled, protected targets cannot attack while guarded by shield, they too pass into the shadow veil if they step into the shield and another stride delivers them on unprotected ground. 
 20-Sanctuary of Shadows - Call the shadows into a lair, castle, manor, compound, or even a woodland area, to conceal those within. Very hard to detect. Also protects from sunlight.. 
 21-Shadow Planes Walker - cross any distance and into any realm, world, alternate plane, or demi-plane. 

Stamina 8 
 22-Black Oracle - Part the shadow veil to reveal those clan members selected, and use Shadow gates to intercept subjects within shadow realm and to intercept shadow gates. 
 23-Shadow Planes Gate - like a walker only shadow elemental can take others with them. 
 24-Eclipse in Shadows - Eclipse an area in the shadow veil, up to 10 feet per success. Protects from sunlight. 

Stamina 9 
 25-Shadows and Stone - Haven, or even a select chamber, room, cave, etc., can be overlapped by the demi-plane of shadows to conceal overlapped area in an isolated fold of the shadow realm. Cannot be infiltrated without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone, and intercept path abilities. Only higher power using correct applications can invade protected area/s. 
 26-Dungeon of Darkness - Sinks a subject or select area within the demi-plane of shadows where the shadow lands overlap an underworld, creating solid walls. Very hard to detect without the ability to find an overlap. Area is hard to escape as well where no gate can be formed to escape without specific knowledge of Shadows and Stone. 
 27-Dark Creationist - create any called, tangible, shadow effect, object or scope (such as shadow-bridges, doors, gates, keeps, castles, weapons, trees, ropes, ladders, vines, forests, lakes, etc.) with called effects which include selection of who creations are tangible to, and ethereal passage only to select subjects through doors and tunnels. 

Stamina 10 
 28-Shadow Catalyst - Allows caster to create a contingency, that triggers a shadow affect if catalyst is triggered. Caster calls catalyst, with power of up to +300 as called. 
 29-Protection from Shadows - Protects from any rivaling Shadow Effect 
 30-Shadow Scape - Create a corporeal scope of shadows that is ethereal and invisible to anyone not select to enter corporeal zone. Area is created via quantum visualization to create material wilderness, buildings and grounds, etc., all cast in a night-like scope of shadows. Moonlight and sunlight can penetrate area to create a filtered light effect if called. Up to one acre. 

Stamina 11 (31-35) 
 Formulation of Commands - forumlate shadow powers, wards, items and artifacts as called at or below these levels as gained. 

Stamina 12 (36-40) 
 Improved Power - use any shadow power at these levels as gained.

Blood Sorcery

 1-{1-3} Bestial Trance - Charms victim while mage is feeding 
 2-{4-6} Crimson Flame - Using blood energy to project a flame 
 3-{7-9} Enrapture - Using blood energy to enchant a subject 
 4-{10-12} Arcane Domination - Dominate channeling blood energy 
 5-{13-15} Blood Source - Transcendental transfusion of blood 
 6-{16-18} Dervish Flame - Ignites a victim's blood into flames 
 7-{19-21} Oblation of Life - Transcendental removal of blood 
 8-{22-24} Master of Enslavement - Use blood to enslave and burn mark of possession 
 9-{25-27} Arcane Prowess - Blood energy tapped to make mage incredibly strong and render them invulnerable to physical damage. 
 10-{28-30} Abyssal Decay - Mage can devour blood, will, essence, soul by touch through opening a metaphysical vacuum within themselves, decaying their victim rapidly. 
 11-{31-35} Blood Cauldron 
 Stage One - Mage can create a blood cauldron, out of an ordinary cauldron, by invoking Saolinín Dirgban the Goddess of Blood, with an offering of half their blood. When the goddess is invoked she tells the mage to spill their blood into the cauldron. The goddess in turn awakens the spirits of life and death inside the cauldron, of creation and ends. The goddess also protects the cauldron 44 d6-LoD vs. Power to Destroy or affect cauldron.The only blood within the cauldron is four pints of the mage's blood as it was first offered. If this blood is ever spilled out of the cauldron, the mage must offer half his/her blood to the cauldron again. Stamina is only paid ONCE to this cauldron, to invoke the goddess the first time. After that the cauldron feeds on blood offerings and its master's will. 
 Stage Two - The mage's will slowly becomes the cauldron's, and visa-versa, and no one but the mage who created the cauldron can command it. Blood must be given to the cauldron to activate its powers, in the amount of one pint for every command given the cauldron. All Blood Sorcery spells cast through the Cauldron are automatically sealed and proofed against disenchantments (+2), and can be cast at level 35. The cauldron soaks all blood spilled into it. When all the mage's will is gone, the cauldron turns the mage into a Shadow Lich. Cauldron uses -1 Willpower per command used through the cauldron. 
 Stage Three - The mage's will is returned to them as a Lich, while all the Shadow Lich's arcane power and a great deal of their life force is transferred to a secret object to form their phylactery, or vital force. This object must be destroyed to destroy the Shadow Lich. The cauldron's TRUE power is unlocked as the mage becomes a Lich. Through the cauldron the Lich can command any of their powers, formulate Blood Sorcery powers, enchant items with existing or formulated commands, create wards and artifacts, enslave others, kill them, even mutate, or create monsters out of other creatures, learn and practice Necromancy with up to 4 spells in each level. In a word...Shadow Liches are POWERFUL, and very difficult to kill. These Liches have a strong tendency to be as hungry for power as for blood and souls, and are not very nice with rare exceptions. It was an extreme lust for power which got them where they are in the first place, after all. See Shadow Lich Page. 
 12-{36} Tribute of Life - Shadow Lich only. Lich offers a victim to their Blood Cauldron to enhance cauldron's power, or to regain some of their former vampiric appearance. if the cauldron has devoured the blood, souls, and lives of 10 victims by the time the Lich reaches level 40, they gain a subrace shift, although IN this shift, they can only command levels 1-35. Tribute of Life powers the cauldron by +4 otherwise. 
 12-{37-40} God of Blood - Shadow Lich can call on the power of the cauldron even at a distance to improve their powers, and can Cast any Blood Sorcery or Necromantic powers at these levels when mastered.

Illusory Shroud

 1-Alter Reality - create a minor alter reality of one thing as called in an area of up to +1 square foot per success.
 2-Bypass Reality - pass in and out of the veil which lies between the Illusory world and the corporal, to conceal self and reappear elsewhere in immediate area. 
 3-Daydream Weaver - weave waking dreams which others see.
 4-Alter Image - alter the image of something seen.
 5-Dream Walker - pass through the illusory shroud to cross distances on land, over creeks, rivers, beyond walls, past fences as each stride covers a distance of up to +1 mile per success. 
 6-Visual Projection - Subject sees what vampire projects from his mind.
 7- Sensory Reality - Vampire causes another to smell, feel, hear or sense things vampire creates.
 8-Shroud Gate - Vampire can pass through the shroud to cross extreme distances
 9-Alter Perception - Subject perceives of visions, scents, sounds, and touch sensations vampire creates.
 10-Fractured Reality - Vampire causes another to lose all sense of reality while altering reality as they see it, leaving some elements of reality in the scope.
 11-Alter Reality Gate - Vampire can pass through the shroud to journey into Alternate Dimensions.
 12-Alter Reality - the curtain between Illusion and Reality is brought down and those who enter an alter reality area cannot decifer between reality and illusion as the illusionist reshapes the surrounding reality as they see fit.
 13-Realistic Figures - create realistic living things.
 14-Alter-Identity: illusionist creates a new appearance for themself or another as called
 15- Livid Reality - Subjects selected perceives of whatever sense of reality illusionist creates while blinding subject's perception to their presence.
 16-Dream Weaver - weave the dreams of a subject as called.
 17-Reality Fork - Fork illusory power to affect up to +1 subjects per success within visual range.
 18-Reality Scope - illusions and alter reality can affect anyone with a range of up to +10 yards per success, or up to +1 miles per success on a crit.
 19-Dreamscape Weaver - weave dreams into an alter reality.
 20-Illusory Gauntlet - Create a dangrous maze or path in which a subject or subjects encounter a variety of challenges as called, with up to +1 challenges to complete per success.  Damage done seems real, and can injure or kill if logic of one subject to the gauntlet fails against realism of the illusion, but when the illusion is finished, all damage, even deaths reverse themselves as reality returns.
 21-Nightshade Entrapment - trap someone in their own dreams or in dreams woven as called.  Person subject to this power lies in a deep sleep while they live out the duration in their dreams.  Person can only be awakened when the dream ends.
 22-Alter Reality Contingences:  formulate catalysts and the effects that they trigger using and combining illusory powers.
 23-Daydream Walker - cause someone to act out the alter reality of a daydream illusionist controls.
 24-Illusory Monster - conjure an illusory monster which becomes quasi-real if enough power pours into its creation (if a crit is rolled).  The monster is controlled by the illusionist of course and any damage it does is real if the monster becomes quasi-real, otherwise any damage it does reverses itself the moment the monster is dispelled.
 25-Realistic Scope - weave a called alter-reality landscape. 
 26-Land of Enchantment - Realistic land where imageries can interact with subject and other aspects within that illusory-reality weave as illusionist directs. Seems as real as life in every aspect as the master illusions makes it.
 27-Reality Scope - entrap subject in a precreated alter reality world.
 28-Hellish Reality - ensnare victim in a hellish world of the illusionist's creation.
 29- Architect of Reality -  creates a permanent zone of alter reality.
 30- Master of the Shroud - Formulation of commands. - Use with other powers, improvise effects, create artifacts and items with alter reality effects, and use power for wards.
 31-35-Improved Power
 36-40-Improved Power

The one weilding these power can only learn them if they truly believe that there is no other reality than what the mind creates and envisions.  They must truly believe that the shroud between the imagination and reality is the only real illusion.

Power boosted by Logic vs. Logic.

On a Failure: illusionist's own illusion becomes their own reality for time=to number of successes. IF manipulation fumbles the illusionist is struck with a terrible backlash which sends them plummeting into a state of utter deluded insanity. Roll for Duration.





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