Name: Mendes

Race: Doomwolf Devil

Demeanor: typically stoic and quite self possessed, but can be hot headed if his temper is aroused. 

Rank: Commander of Blackstone,  Alpha Campfire Pack.

Weapons: Dual Longswords, Dragon Fangs, drink stam, will, life, absorbed by Mendes, can control the wounded if will 5 pts. below his own. Spear and Shield, scourge breaker, spear bypasses armour with shadow pierce, shield buffets attackers with telekinetic blasts on contact that damage and stun. 

Armor: Wolf Harness, rune etched, half plate, black diamthrill armour with wolf head helm, 

Magic Items: rune carved ivory torc, arm band and bracelet. 

☆  Torc creates an expansive spherical shield of force at will. 

☆  Arm Band lets him call his pack across distances.

☆  Bracelet lets him commune with nature.



Tall, 6'8, with desiccated, smooth, hairless grey skin exposing a large skeletal structure, bleeding into black extremities. Eyes and Teeth turn black and breath foul when doom spores start rising to the surface of him. It's when his pale grey eyes turn black that he becomes contagious by contact. Hair is a shock of wild black curls cascading several inches below his broad but bony shoulders. When wet his curls straightened to locks almost twice as long.

Wolf form is a withered jet black wolf surrounded by a fume of spores captured in a shadowy black, abyssal aura. Red glowing eyes indicate he is not contagious but if eyes turn black his doom spores are active.



Wyld Channeler: tap into the forces of nature to bend them to his will through synergy. 

Abyssmancy:  full path

Shamanism: full path

Gift of Nature: full lycanthropic path


Special Abilities

Doom Plague Master:  the rare ability of a doom lord to control the horrific doom plague which afflicts them and to summon and control those transformed and being transformed by this abyssal plague.

Apex Evolution:  As the doom plague evolves the doom lords evolve ahead of it.


The Campfire Pack Retainers

  • Mendes: Commander of Blackstone, Lycanthrope; 25 (MA) 22 (PA) 
    Strength-[19], Stamina-[24], Movement-[20], Stealth-[22], Willpower-[23], Constitution-[20], Alertness-[19] 
  • Arvalen: (f), Therianthrope; 18 (MA) 15 (PA) 
    Strength-[21], Stamina-[18], Movement-[16], Stealth-[14], Willpower-[27], Constitution-[23], Alertness-[18] 
  • Odao: Shapeshifter; 24 (MA) 21 (PA) 
    Strength-[21], Stamina-[24], Movement-[21], Stealth-[23], Willpower-[22], Constitution-[18], Alertness-[19] 
  • Wogheti: (Wog or Wolf for short), Bestial Abominations; 23 (PA) 20 (SA) 
    Strength-[31], Stamina-[28], Movement-[24], Stealth-[26], Willpower-[27], Constitution-[20], Alertness-[21]
  • Talyss
  • Motlucen Saxsil
  • Eliena Triard
  • Havyd
  • Cribo
  • Rarfal 
  • Salil Somos
  • Akmari
  • Trudarg
  • Werthrek
  • Idoto
  • Semek