General Information

Date of Creation: September 3rd, 2010 
Name: Morgriff 
Race: 1st Gen Vampiric Sephiroth, Astraeus Clan. 
Clan: Decasey 
Parents: Byron Decasey and Yvalia Talsharr (fostered to Delenna Calistori, deceased). 
Month Born: Nov. 31st, Celűir, Month of Celebration, 637, 6th Age 
Age: 4 years; Appearance: 17 
Class: Shadow Ranger 
Location: Chateau Rouge DeLune 
Demeanor: friendly, sometimes aloof, kind but also dangerous, odd in his honesty and the way he perceives things. 
Appearance: He is the spitting image of his father in his youth with platinum blonde hair and very dark green-blue-grey eyes like aged iron.  Very handsome and masculine with a full lower lip, a shapely upper lip, a fairly wide strong nose, squared jaw, well defined cheeks and chin. 
Familiars: Most any animal he interacts with. 

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