Skills and Dice

Hand to Hand Combat: 28 
Bestial Combat: 29 
Melee: 27 
Archery: 26 
Class Skills: Ranger and Survivor: 34 
Magic Skills: 23 
Common Skills: 17 
Base Abilities: 50 
Innate Paths: 33 (shadow path, phantasmancy) 
Innate Feats: 37 (shapeshifter, umbral riposte, shadow planar, animal kinship, chameleon phasing, haste) 
Inborn Abilities: 29 (vampiric, telepathy, telekinesis, presence, haste)

Base Abilities 
Swimming: 16 
Flight: 16 
Climbing: 15 
Riding: 14 
Jumping: 15 
Hand to Hand: 28 
Running: 16

Physical Checks

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Strength: 42 
Stamina: 56 
Stealth: 27, 30 vanish, 37 chameleon 
Dexterity: 21 
Movement: 28 (+ haste)

Mental Checks

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Willpower: 44 
Intelligence: 31 
Charisma: 27 
Perception: 35

Vital Stats

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Health Points {HP}: 2452 
Action Rate {AR}: 4 {PA} {MA}
Regeneration Level {RL}: 53 
Fortitude Level {FL}: 34 
Resurrection Difficulty {RD}: 0
Deaths: 0


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Custom Class | Shadow Ranger: 
Ranger and Survivor Skill Set 
Innate Shadow Masker: path of shadows gets +1 HB, +3 towards spell checks, +2 stealth 
Hunting and Tracking: +1 perception 
Pathfinder: +2 perception (stacks with hunting, mapping and tracking) 
Bonuses: Stamina +3, Intelligence +4, Strength +3


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Melee Combat 
Edged Weapons Specialization: +2 HB 
Swift Strike: +1 AR 
Deadly Strike: +1 HB towards critical damage. 
Breaking Blow: +5 strength to break opponents weapon. 
Pierce Armor: thrust if it hits pierces armor. 
Ringing Block: staggers for 0 HB on ALL rolls -1 per ace, for -1 AR, -1 AR per ace to attacker. 
Wounding Strike: aggravated damage on a hit. 
Deft Defense: +1 damage per level, +1 HB defense. 
Critical Assault: +10% chance of Crit per melee level. 
Regroup: lead a safe retreat (mvm roll) to regroup, uses one turn for all who regroup, gain +1 init when battle is reengaged. 
Heroic Battle Charge: charge into battle to do double damage to all who are hit, focus enhanced for +1 HB, +5 will, and +10% critical chance, cost of -5 stamina. Foes may flee at sight of charging warrior if a will check fails.

Hand to Hand 
Medieval Martial Combat: +1 HB, add strength damage to all attacks. 
Unbalance: for -1 AR, -1 per ace. 
Trip: for -1 AR, -1 per ace; or -1 turn, -1 AR per ace, with normal damage on a crit. 
Punch: +1 damage 
Snap Kick: +3 damage 
Spinkick: +5 damage, hit +1 target 
Roundhouse Kick: +5 damage, hit +1 target, +1 per ace. 
Elbow Punch: +4 damage 
Elbow Face Punch: +4 damage and stuns. 
Headbutt: +10 damage, stuns -1 AR, -1 per ace, +2 damage to attacker 
Combo: combine any attacks at extra cost of -1 AR each, combine damage of each attack. 
Counterattack: normal damage on successful defense. 
Pressurepoint: cause fainting (-1 turn, -1 per ace), dizziness (-1 AR, -1 per ace), or extreme pain (staggers -1 HB, -1 per ace, and -1 willpower, -1 per ace) as called. 
Whirlwind Attack: all around attack hitting +1 multiple enemies, +1 per ace with one attack. 
Windpipe Crush: +5 damage per level per AR, deadly on a crit to all breathing creatures 
Windpipe Stab: +3 damage, staggers for -1 HB, -1 per ace.

Bestial Combat 
Innate Bestial Combat: +1 HB, add strength damage to all attacks. 
Deadlock: holds, strength vs. strength. 
Leaping Snapkick: +10 damage, knock down for -1 AR. 
Feral slam: +10 damage, knock down and stun. 
Blurring Swipe: +3 claw damage, +1 HB block. 
Leaping Tackle: knock down and stun for +1 AR, +1 per ace. 
Wound: aggravated damage for +1 turn, +1 turn per ace. 
Deadly Strike: vital claw tear for +2 damage per level, deadly on a crit, deep torpor to vampires, throat, heart and liver tears. 
Fatal Bite: vital fang tear for +2 damage per level, deadly on a crit, deep torpor to vampires, throat and femoral artery. 
Tackle and Pin: dex vs. same, strength vs. same, strength damage. 
Deadlock and Decimate: Claw, Fang and Strength damage per AR held. Dex vs. same, strength vs. same. 
Live Feast: +1 damage per level per AR, pin and feast on target (blood or flesh) if dex and strength checks succeed. Heals by damage done and restores strength and stamina by +2, +2 per ace. 
Whirlwind Frenzy: all around attack hitting +1 multiple enemies, +1 per ace with wounding attack, damages +1 turn, +1 per ace. 
Vicious Riposte: lash out while blocking to do wounding damage if block succeeds. 
Battle Roar: increases critical hit by +2 HB for +1 turn, +1 turn per ace, also affects allies in radius of +5 feet, +1 per level. 
Bestial Presence: passive, shakes courage of enemies for -1 HB, -1 HB per ace, to all enemies in +5 foot radius, +1 per level. 
Majestic Prowess: passive, +1 HB, +1 d6, +2 mental checks, +2 physical checks. 
Brain Gouge: gouge out eyes to impale brain with claws. Deadly on a crit, blinds and damages on a normal hit. Deadly on a crit of 21+, or severely brain damaging. 
Blood Rage: the smell and sight of blood sends warrior into a rage whereof his/her strength doubles and attacks become extremely focused (+2% critical chance per level, +1 AR); trouble is, defense suffers as warrior loses all fear (0 HB on defense, use no powers until rage is spent). Rage lasts until combat ends or warrior is calmed. If blood is consumed during this time, stamina is regained.

Archery: can use longbow, shortbow, crossbow, compound bow, great bow, recurve bow, state draw weight on drawn bows (strength x 2 = max draw weight = damage) 
Multi Shot: +1 AR, hit up to +1 target, +1 per ace for each attack with a bow, uses -1 stamina per target in addition to AR stamina cost. 
Arrow Flurry: Attack all nearby with arrow volley, -1 HB penalty, a 1-2 on hit dice misses and gets no HB, cost of 2 AR. Radius of up to 10 feet, +1 foot per success. 
Longshot: range of +10 extra yards per ace. 
Armour Piercing Shot: +2% chance of piercing armor per level, max of 80%. 
Critical Chance: improves chance to make a critical hit by +2% per level on any hit. Maxes at 90%. -1 additional stamina to use. 
Mounted Archer: use bow from mount without penalties.
True Aim: +2 HB 
Crippling Shot: target is crippled and cannot attack until healed from crippling wounds. 
Pinning Shot: target is pinned against the ground, a tree, or wall until a strength check succeeds against strength of archer for each arrow. Archer strength determines how deeply the arrows are buried and how hard to dislodge. -2 AR per arrow without check roll. 
Whistling Arrow: distracts or draws attention to arrow and away from archer. 
Strafing Archer: use bow in flight.

Ranger & Survivor 

.....Aboriginal Stalking Technique: +3 stealth, +1 per ace while 
.....Ambidexterity: take no penalty when using either hand. 
.....Animal Handling: +1 called action per ace succeeds with animal. 
.....Campfire Chef: good eats cooked over a camp fire, +1 stamina, +1 per ace, +10 health, +10 per ace. 
.....Climbing: +1 dexterity when climbing vs. falls or slips. 
.....Desert Survival: find food and water, take shelter, maintain health. 
.....Detect Traps and Snares: Detect traps, manmade or natural, and snares. Level vs. level of trap. 
.....Digging: understanding how to dig tunnels without collapsing them and how to excavate without damaging whatever is being exposed. 
.....Direction Sense: know what direction is being traveled, reduces chances of getting lost immensely, +5% chance of finding way per level up to 85%, or Level vs. LoD of challenge. 
.....Duel Blades Adeptness: +1 HB dual wield any one handed blades. 
.....Feline Balance: +1 dexterity per ace vs. trips and being unbalanced. 
.....Long Range Stamina: +2 Stamina per ace. 
.....Find and Remove Hidden Doors and Traps: +1 perception. skill vs. concealment (LoD) level. 
.....Find Fresh Blood: know where to find blood even under difficult circumstances, get blood from animals and people. Ace required to find blood, +1 stamina's worth of blood found, +1 per ace. Roll up to 3 times a day. 
.....Find Safe Shelter: find safe places to sleep or squat. +5% chance per level. 
.....Hide in Shadows: +2 stealth, +1 stealth per ace in shadows 
.....Hunting and Tracking: +1 perception, hunt and track animals, including people. Perception vs. stealth. 
.....Internal Compass: know which direction is being traveled, Level vs. LoD of terraine, conditions, and climate. 
.....Move Silently: +1 stealth per ace vs. perception 
.....Pathfinder: +2 perception (stacks with mapping, hunting and tracking) find and navigate routes even in unknown country when traveling by land. 
.....Perfect Balance: +2 dexterity, +1 per ace vs. trips and unbalancing. 
.....Quick Escape: jump fences, walls, etc. and know what alleys and woodlands to use to make a quick getaway, +1 mvm, +1 dexterity per ace. 
.....Reading Signs: +1 per ace to all tracking and scouting skills. 
.....Rope Making: +2 d6 length and strength of rope per success. 
.....Rope Use: +10% chance per success of knots holding, Rope Strength = Total Roll. Level of Rope Use vs. LoD of obstacle or challenge. 
.....Roughing It: make fires, leantos, find springs, and general camping knowledge and abilities. 
.....Set Snares and Traps: +1 intelligence, Level (LoD) vs. detection 
.....Tanning and Leathercraft: tan and craft hides into clothing, blankets, rugs, etc. 

.....Terrain Mapping Sense: +1 perception and stamina per ace, Keen Sense of direction, tracking, and scouting when traveling by land while following 'signs,' from animal movement, disturbed plants, rocks, even dirt. Track by perception as well, or lack thereof. Skill vs. stealth of target being tracked, or LoD of environment. 
.....Vanish: +3 stealth, knows how to vanish without a trace without being noticed, there one moment, gone the next. 
.....Vigilant Scout: +1 per ace each on perception, stealth, movement, and sixth sense. Sense ground vibrations and ascertain target movement and numbers, read and understand signs, see far, move silently and unseen, cover a lot of ground quickly, comprehend and identify combat formations. 
.....Weapon Specialization: edged, melee weapons only with one ranged weapon +2 HB, +1 AR, +1 dexterity and movement.

.....Area Targeting: up to 10 yards, +10 per success, x 10 w/crit 
.....Artifact Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do. Spell can also 'learn'. Gives a spell a will of its own. If spell does not like their caster, it could backlash on caster. If spell likes who it is targeted for, it may skip a target and hit someone else. Intelligence of 25+ required to use. Mental Checks = to caster's. 
.....Gruag Lore: study and knowledge of goblin runes and glyphs. 
.....Layer: layer power to create spells or enchantments with multiple affects. 
.....Multitarget: up to +1, +1 per ace 
.....Mythemyn Lore: study and knowledge of Achonian based runes and glyphs. 
Mythaen Lore: study and knowledge of elven runes and glyphs. 
Power Sharing: borrow power from or channel power to up to +1 target, +1 per ace. 
.....Seal: makes a power permanent and protects a spell until seal is broken. Roll Total = LoD of Seal. 
.....Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking 
.....Smart Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do, without a will own its own. Spell can also 'learn'. Intelligence of 17 + required to use. Intelligence = to caster's. 
.....Stable Power: +1 HB, +3 d6 towards spell check. 
.....Weave Power: weave up to +1 power together per AR spent. Even single powers are woven to create a stable power. Powers that are woven together can only be dismantled and are impervious to dispell. Normal stamina cost +1 stamina per AR used.

Common Skills 
.....Read and Write: Esurian and Cenys 
.....Learning: math, science, history, literature, geography, geology, language (Mythemyn, English, French, Gaelic) 
.....Combat Riding. 
.....Play Instrument: elven flute and native drums 
.....Chop Wood 
.....Sculpt: animals from wood and soft stones 
.....Basic Ettiquette: +1 charisma

Base Abilities Set

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.....Running: -1 stamina per turn 
1-5: +1 mvm, +25% chance of tripping over roots and rocks. 
6-10: +1 dex, less likely to trip while running (10%). 
11-15: +1 stealth - lightfoot, only slight chance of tripping (5%) 
16-20: +2 dex, not likely to trip while running (2%), +2 mvm quickness. 
21-25: +2 strength fitness, no chance of tripping anymore. 
26-30: +2 stamina fitness, +3 movement swiftness, +2 stealth quietude. 
31-35: 50% less stamina loss at these levels, -1 stamina per two turns. 
36-40: No stamina loss for running, +5 mvm haste, featherfoot grants +3 stealth and 72-80% chance of not triggering step on traps. 
.....Climbing: +10 feet per level, -1 stamina per turn, level increases chance of making a climb without falling by +2% per level. 
1-5: clamber; up and down walls and trees, +1 dex and balance vs. falls per level, up to +5. 
6-10: scale; buildings, high walls, tall trees, strength +1 
11-15: mountaineer; climb steep slopes, stamina +1 
16-20: ascend and descend; cliffs and fortress walls, +1 dex and +5% chance when attempting. 
21-25: rescue; others from falls, +2 strength while attempting. 
26-30: burdened climbing; climb with another on your back or carrying a lot of weight without penalty. 
31-35: expert climbing lets you find the best route up or down any obstacle climbed, increases chance of making climb by +10%. 
36-40: improved climbing increases all climbing skills. 
.....Basic Hand to Hand Combat:+1 added damage per level, -1 stamina per AR used. If character takes Martial Arts, get +1 Level bonus in Basic Hand to Hand per 5 Martial Arts levels. 
1-5: punch for +1-5 damage or eye gouge to blind for -1 turn, -1 per ace for negative 5 HB and half damage while blinded (negated with Blind Fighting) 
6-10: snapkick, damages +6-10 
11-15: defend; use any hand to hand style to defend instead, driving combatants back, stunning them or blocking their blows as called. Drive back for zero damage and gain init next turn if roll crits, or block for total roll = less damage, or stun for -1 AR per ace. 
16-20: round house kick, kicks thereby damaging everyone in close range for +11-15 damage each. 
21-25: combination; +11-15 damage per AR spent on any combination of punches and snap-kicks.
26-30: Whirlwind Assault: damages all enemies within +5 feet, +1 foot per ace range. 
31-35: Wounding Assault: does aggravated damage to all enemies within +5 feet, +1 foot per ace range. 
36-40: Deadly Assault: can kill all enemies within +5 feet, +1 foot per ace range if attack triple crits with a roll of 20+, otherwise does critical damage.
 .....Jumping: jump distance of up to 1 d6, +1 foot per level, -1 stamina per jump (AR), +1 Dex per level vs. falling. 
1-5: Spring: jump onto and over low things like fallen trees and rocks. 
6-10: Leap: over, onto, and down from fences, walls and rocks. 
11-15: Long jump: leap across to clear small ravines, gaps, and ditches, Use less stamina, -1 per two actions. 
16-20: High Jump: jump up to or down from fairly high places with +3 feet bonus. 
21-25: Bridging Jump: jump across wider ravines and gaps with +3 feet bonus. 
26-30: Air Hike: jump up high and remain airborne for a moment. Perform combat while in this mode of jumping. 
31-35: Daredevil Jump: jump up to, into to, across to, or down from an area with a +5 feet bonus. 
36-40: Featherfoot: jump down from, across to, up to, or into places without any fear of injury. Use no stamina jumping. 

.....Riding: -1 stamina per mile traveled to animal while running. 
1-5: Ride Mount: (type) gain mvm of animal type. 
6-10: Jumping: clear fallen trees and normal fences without incident 
11-15: Command Mount: mount will come when whistled or called for, and stay or retreat when commanded to. 
16-20: Combat Riding: +2 HB while mounted. 
21-25: Hard to Unhorse: 50% chance a dismounting attack will fail. 
26-30: Jump Gaps: jump over small ravines and other gaps. 
31-35: Traverse Dangerous Paths: without injury to horse and rider 
36-40: Daredevil Riding: difficult to catch on horseback with a 72-80% chance of making a clean escape (to a called destination). Also a hard target to hit with ranged weapons, riding roll with +1 Ace bonus vs. attack. 

.....Swimming: +1 stamina, -50% combat levels while swimming. -1 stamina per turn (10 seconds) underwater, surface before stamina is at 0 to recover stamina. When Stamina is at 0, character can no longer move and is at risk of drowing with -25 health loss per second. When health is at 0 character drowns. 
1-5: Dog Paddle: -50% mvm, -3 stamina per turn w/high chance of drowning. 
6-10: Tread Water: -25% mvm, no stamina loss above water anymore and far less chance of drowning. 
11-15: Diving: dive into water safely, avoiding rocks and diving shallow as needed, remain under water for up to 3 turns before having to surface, -50% movement under water. 
16-20: Underwater Swimming: for brief periods of time, until stamina gives out, -50% movement. 
21-25: Expert Swimmer: tread water on the surface and underwater at full movement. 
26-30: Underwater Combat: take no penalty for underwater combat. 
31-35: Expert Diver: navigate underwater for longer period of time, -1 stamina loss per two turns, 1 d6 find underwater treasure (find treasure with roll of 6). 
36-40: Aquanaut: navigate underwater without stamina loss forcing you to the surface for up to +1 turns per success, gain +1 HB for underwater combat and 10 d6 find underwater treasures (find one treasure per ace). Botches negated to re-rolls. 
Drowning: occurs if stamina runs out because character can no longer move due to exhaustion, or breathe. Water is then inhaled to incur -25 damage per second, or -250 per turn. If roll botches, stamina runs out, and health loss is at -50 per second, or -500 per turn. If 0 successes are rolled, then drowning may also occur as stamina loss becomes severe, with -5 stamina per turn on a 0 success failure. 

.....Flying: winged characters only, -2 stamina per turn, land when stamina is at 0 to recover stamina. Use normal movement and add bonuses where they apply. 
1-5: Glide: short distances up to 15 feet, combat interrupts, cannot swim with wings. 
6-10: Take Wing: novice flying using twice the stamina of normal actions. 
11-15: Flight: skill has improved and now uses normal stamina of -1 per turn, while movement increases in flight by +1, +1 per ace. 
16-20: Winged Adeptness: can swim with wings and perform winged combat with +1 HB. 
21-25: Hover: catch strong thermals to hover momentarily, use no stamina while hovering.
26-30: Soar: glide between wing beats to use 50% stamina and fly further. 
31-35: Aerial Manuevers: +1 dex, perform intricate flight manuevers granting +1 HB combat and defense, and +2 mvm, +1 per ace on escapes. 
36-40: Aerial Master: fly without any stamina loss for up to +1 turn per success without landing. Movement increased in flight by +5, +1 per ace.



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Iron Will: +10 wp. 
Innate Instincts: +12 perception. 
Haste: +5 mvm 
Fantastic Agility: +4 dex. 
Alluring Scent: +2 charisma 
Innate Sense of Honor: +1 willpower 
Logic Driven: +2 intelligence. 
Uncorruptable: corrupting Morgriff is extremely difficult insasmuch as his heart is so strong, his virtue so genuine and his ability to resist the negative forces of chaos so completely innate to him. Willpower +10. 
Chaotic Ascension: It took Morgriff awhile to realize that he had gained some unusual abilities and a great deal of power when he underwent an unexpected ascension in Haashqotaan triggered by a massive release of chaotic energy by Sarku. Among the things he gained was the ability to Eat Food, and a rare feat called Converse-Force which allows him to control anyone who attempts to control him. Reborn into a first generation vampiric sephiroth.



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Alluring Scent: attracts predators, -2 repell evil and stealth (unless dampened) 
Bluntly Honest: -2 charisma when being blunt, -5 subterfuge. 
Androgynous: attracts deviant predators and slavers, some people also may view him differently if bigender state is discovered, -4 charisma in some cases. 
Clan Enemies. 
Unique Perception: Morgriff sees things through a looking glass of uncorrupted logic, and as such others may tend to misunderstand him, or believe he is cold hearted when he is in fact the opposite. 
Bestial Tendencies: he is often animal-like in his behavior and demeanor which can result in people believing he is evil.


Innate Power

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Instinctive Shapeshifter: he can shapeshift into any animal or person he has observed for as long as 24 hours to undergo a bonding of spirits. He can also shapeshift into any being he has killed. 
Chameleon Phasing: +10 stealth, take on exact appearance of surroundings, +5 stealth while moving. 
Shadow Planar: character is a shadow planar who can access any shadow by nexus of the shadow realm, bypassing most obstacles that might otherwise block access to an area by following a path around obstacles to a shadow which can then be manipulated from the shadowrealm side. As long as there are shadows in an area, a shadow planar can almost always access them. Shadow planars have innate shadow walking, phasing and path of shadows 
Umbral Riposte: special shadow ability, does aggravated damage and staggers -2 AR, -1 per ace on successful blocks. 
Shadow Quarter: the ability to tear someone apart by pulling called parts of them into multiple locations in the shadow realm at once. Deadly.
Animal Kinship: understand, communicate with, and control animals 
Haste: +5 mvm. 
Will of Sarmedes: the ability to dominate the will of others to control them in any one way as called (tranquilize, terrify, rage, sleep, stillness, servility, etc., or adds will to Presence (charisma or will vs. will). Includes the ability to possess a 'host' if will can overpower the will of the target host. The vampire's body lies dormant while possessing another, or divide power with spirit to possess (willpower is shared but levels are split as called). Cost of -1 Stamina per 5 levels of willpower used to possess. These feats were passed onto him by a demon named Sarmedes who possessed him for awhile before a spectral union with Sarmedes occured.

Shapeshifter Forms

Stats: Strength-26, Stamina-38, Mvm-19, Dex-21, Leap-8 d6 feet. HP: 988, Lifespan of up to 260 years. 
Information: Maelvannor elf who possessed him for a while. He can not only shift into but split off into Sarmedes as a second spectral being. He was fused with the spirit of Sarmedes while undergoing a chaotic ascension, and as that happened the entire spectral embodiment of Sarmedes, which mirrored the gothelf as he had been in life, fused with Morgriff, creating a split spectral embodiment and identity. Sarmedes has long, thick, partially braided white hair, pale rose eyes, long white lashes, and sharp but extremely handsome facial features with high cheekbones. He also bears several faded clan tatoos in indigo, one on his chest, another on his back of tree roots forming a cavity where an elf and cave wolf crouch together. 

Assimilated Forms: These are the forms of animals or creatures he has assimilated the embodiments of either by killing or a spirit union; Salt Dragon, Dune Antelope, Great Stag, Banded Deer, Red Tiger, Maned Wolf, Tiger Wolf, Red Wolf, White Throated Prism Bird.

Vampiric Forms

Silver Maned White Lion: 
Stats: Strength-22, Stamina-16, Mvm-17, Dex-15, Leap-6 d6 feet, Claws+14, Bite+16. HP: 374, Lifespan of up to 260 years. 
Information: Vampiric animal embodiment. Very large white lion, with sky-blue eyes and silver mane. 

Vaporous Form: Chilling mist with dread presence 

Shadow Form: Shadowy Form that drains life and chills on contact 

Swarm of Bats: HP divided by 40, or 20 = Number of bats. Bats have 40 HP each. Each bat has +10 d6 attack. If even one bat survives an attack, the vampire can shift back into another form with remaining HP of; number of bats x 40 = HP. Bats also cause combined Distraction of +3 d6 each, vs. Perception, and have +3 flight save vs.death or capture.


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Haadja and Lucio :: Pair of Mumaaqu 

Levels: 1 & 2 (age = level) 
Strength: level x 2 + 2O 
Mvm: level +10 
Dex: level +5 up to 30 
Will: level +10, -5 to handler if raised correctly from young, -3 if desert breed. 
MR: 100% 
Heat Resistance: (desert and tropics breeds) 60% 
Trample: level x 10 + Strength
Charge: Tusks + Strength 
Tusks: level x 5 
Trunk: +1 damage per level, +50% strength, able to toss up to 100 pounds per level with trunk up to 1 d6 feet per 5 levels.  
Lifespan of up to 120 years. 

Information: Mumaaq are very large (mastodon-like but larger) animals with one pair of massive tusks and a secondary smaller pair of curling, or in case of the desert breed, curved, corkscrewing tusks.  They are very aggressive if confronted and are very likely to attack in force, often forming circles or taking a back to back stance, with young at the center.  They dwell in grasslands, planes, tundras, and this desert breed is called a Mumaaqu.  

The desert Mumaaqu are the most agreesive of the mumaaq breeds. They have a thin soft pelt like mole-skin covering their thick hides which matts easily with the sand, dirt and mud which keeps them cool and protects their skin from the sun. They are dun in colour  with brown heads, amber manes, and breasts, and have dark brown striping on their sides and legs. Their smaller tusks curve inside the larger tusks and are handsomely corkscrewed, while the outter tusks are very long and heavy. Shaamae shamans and Ariad mages alike value the smaller spiraling tusks as staffs when they can find straight ones, which they intriquitely carve; and where the Shaamae only ever take the tusks off of dead animals which died of natural causes, the Ariad elves ritualistically hunt animals which lack the curve in the spiral tusks, which is rare. The Ariad also protect the herds in their territories. Some Ariad mages will occasionally buy such rare tusks off of traders for a hefty price, which invites poaching of these animals, much as poachers have perfected methods of straightening the tusks with pressure steam and presses. 

All mumaaq have soft valuable fur with thick hides beneath. A muumaq blanket can sell for roughly eleven hundred gold marks, which equals ten-thousand silver dollars. The value of their fur also invites poaching of these amazing animals. Mumaaq feed on brush, leaves, fruit, nuts (thin shelled), grains, and grasses.  These animals originated in Mhas Andoreth where the largest herds still roam but can be found in Morendor as well which was once part of the same land mass as Andorath.