Magic Items

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☆      Vambraces of Might: doubles strength, quilted deerhide intended to wear under gauntlets or more substantial vambraces. 
☆      Collar of Enslavement: The runes read: 'What hand bonds this collar to him masters him...' The collar is secured by a lock which has a peg-key. When the collar is removed, the one who places the collar back on a chosen subject reactivates it. Whoever places the collar on the subject controls the wearer and must speak the commands they wish imbedded before they let go of the collar again. The collar is made of rounded bone and platinum with bronze rivets. It is actually a beautiful thing, as are the Mythemym runes which power it. A beautiful... WICKED thing. 
☆      Ring of the Guarded Traveler: gates ring bearer back to set location when activated, will also relocate bearer to any known, chosen location via a shadow phase. Its main function allows Byron to gate ring bearer to his present location or a location chosen BY him on his command. Ring, once worn, can only be removed by Byron and actually protects the bones of the bearer from dismemberment while worn. Gold braid ring with a blue opal cabochon. 
☆      Shadow Flask: a flask he transfers blood to via a shadow shift which preserves the blood in a shadow void within the flask. 
☆       Shadow Pack: a leather knapsack which can hold untold items inside of a shadow dimension inside the pack. He keeps every belonging he does not wear inside the pack. It also has an imperceptible shadow string which attaches it to him, and allows him to recall it at will, in the event it gets misplaced or stolen. Those with shadow vision can see the string. The pack can also project a fixed gate on command with pathways to the shadow realm, Redmoon Chateau, Serhaubren, and Haashqotaan. 
☆      Belt Pack of Holding: holds any number of items. Those which do not fit through the opening can be gated inside its shadow fold of holding. Morgriff made and enchanted one pack for each of his trueborn siblings and a few spare in case 'more' brothers or sisters show up. Beautifully hand-crafted of leather and fur, the belt which attaches to the pack is crafted of hand rubbed and decorated rawhide from a wild ox he killed. 
☆      * Phylactory Ring of Desaph: this ring has a star sapphire cabachon at the center ringed by cut emeralds set into a pair of wings which flare out from the sapphire. The band is braided platinum 
..... Stamina +40 
..... Intelligence +25 
..... Willpower +35, a shrouded extension of Desaph's will and spirit which is hidden within the will augmentation itself, which he can trace back to the ring bearer, and through this 'joined' will he can transfer the will of the ring bearer to himself almost without notice. Once he has weakened the ring bearer's will, he can command them through his spirit telepathically. 
☆      * Amulet of Desaph: 
..... Strength +25 
..... Ranged Critical 90% chance

Wealth and Property 
Liquid Wealth: 
..... Haashqotaan Gems: value 1,600,000 (100,000 each) 
..... Haashqotaan Coins: 160,000 (10,000 each) diamthrill, gold, and platinum 
..... Glass Bottom Revenue: clears approx. 1,750,550 in gold value yearly after prophets have been split between Byron and Azturel who have equal shares. 
..... Eagle Watch Cottage: a small, run down house on fifty acres of land in Eagle Watch forest on the northeast side of Eagleroost Lake, 150 miles southeast of Serhaubren. The house is at the edge of the forest tucked well beneath the trees by the northern central plains open savanna. 
..... Glass Bottom Mine: crysallite mine rich in valuable crysallite and other gems and minerals. Half owner with brother Azturel who handles most of the business end. Mine is 125 miles south-south west of Midland and spans all three forks of Glass Bottom Creek for about 100 miles. Morgriff makes sure the working conditions are safe and helps in hiring employees. Mine is an open excavation quarry and sluice type. Both Morgriff and Azturel pay out half of their prophets (a third of the mine's revenue) to pay off the property and mining equipment. Byron sold the land and equipment to Morgriff and Azturel after Morgriff discovered the gems on the site.

* The Gloves of Tsul: Pairs of white, leather gloves. Once worn by the guards of Haashqote, founder of the city and father of Erontus. 
..... Disk or martial style lazer blades which shoot out of a pair of dark blue, white diamthrill studded gloves (+180 AC protection for hands). Gloves protect wearer from lazer and light attacks or spells. Unlock Lazer Bow as well. 
..... Palms of gloves bear a white symbol shaped like a disk with curved blades while back of glove has a white sword symbol like a cross on it. 
..... Inexhaustable thrown disks or duel lazer swords (or bow and arrows, unlock). 
..... Gloves recharge on spirit energy of any living thing the blades or arrows contact. 
..... Disks have Dimensional Phase which lets disks phase past armour or allies. 
..... Quantum Divine Lazer Light of disks or swords vaporizes anything touched for clean, cauterized wounds. 
..... Flash Burn on crits sends an explosion of light through target to do massive damage or to vaporize target entirely with triple crit. 
..... Extremely accurate, these weapons rarely miss target area (only miss on hit roll of 1-2, normal hit bonuses do not apply). 
..... Damage +150, triple damage to creatures with sun bane. Double damage to evil with divine light. 
..... Flex each hand palm up to activate duel disk throwing, palm down to activate duel swords (or melee weapon of choice). 
..... Unlock: Lazer bow by taking an archer pose with gloves on. Lazer bow appears in hand. Lazer Arrows load when bow is drawn, Multishot, arrow splits into multiple lazer arrows when shot (+1 arrow per 5 levels of archery). Bow itself can be used as Melee Weapon. 
..... Strength of Gloves is +1287 (Your Roll: Tsul succeeds to cast the Spell, with TRIPLE CRITICAL POWER!!! With a Natural Twenty!!! of 1287. The spell roll was 12 aces and 27 successes with a power check of 87.) Glove power can only be disabled by destruction of the gloves themselves. 
* Crystal Sword of Haashqote: Divine sword of Haashqote. (Morgriff) 
..... Sword; white diamthrill and cryssalite composite, normal damage +125, sword strength 1286 (Your Roll: Tsul succeeds to cast the Spell, with TRIPLE CRITICAL POWER!!! With a Natural Twenty!!! of 1286. The spell roll was 12 aces and 26 successes with a power check of 86.) Power can only be disabled by destruction of sword. 
..... Divine Flare; sword unleashes a radious of powerful divine light when thrust to the ground which can do no harm to the good but sends a spreading, explosive sphere of divine light upward from the ground through any target of evil or chaotic alignment, doing triple damage to evil and double damage to chaotics. Normal damage to straight neutral or lawful alignments. 
..... Flare or Bolt Throws enemies and knocks them down no matter what alignment they are, stunning for -1 AR, +1 foot distance -1 or +1 per ace, time and distance doubles on crit, triples on triple crit. 
..... Divine Bolt: like flare but a ranged bolt which can divide and strike multiple targets when sword is thrust towards target area center. 
..... Flare blinds all caught within its radious for -1 HB, -1 per ace, for -1 turn, -1 per ace. HB losses doubling and tripling with crits. (good idea to warn allies to cover their eyes). Blindness can be permanent to evil alignments until healed. 
* Raulheneg Ivorywood Bow: +50 dmg., 200 yard range, -1 HB at max range. 
Hunting Knife: +15, +1 HB balance. 
Bound Longsword of the Flame: +38, +1 HB balance, longsword; 
..... Fire damage (aggravated +1 turn, +1 per ace) equal to level of combat +3; 
..... Quickfire area damage (if blade is revolved above head) area dependant on walls or wall of fire with area and range of 100 yards, +10 per success and height of 10 yards, +10 per success. 
..... Flame element activated when unsheathed. 
..... Fire will not burn blade bearer or his/her allies. 
..... Once weilded this blade becomes bonded to the bearer until death, or until the bearer gives the blade to another willingly. 
..... Sword Strength 200. 
Bound Vambraces of Ice: AC-200; Combat HB apply, +1 HB; 
..... Ice Weapons to self and allies if one arm is thrust straight up; 
..... Quick-freeze if one arm is thrust towards a target; 
..... Ice Gate (if arching gesture is made with arms), gate quick-freezes and harms enemies if entered; 
..... Ice Shield, AC same as damage (if arms are struck arms against the chest). 
..... Ice elements activated when vambraces are worn. 
..... Power can extend to allies in a 25 foot radious if vambraces are clapped together. 
..... Once weilded these armguards becomes bonded to the bearer until death, or until the bearer gives them to another willingly. 
..... These gloves are imbued with abyssal ice which; 
..... damage (normal ice damage is double level of combat +6, critical damage is combat level x 10 +60); 
..... slow (by -1 per success) or stop movement for 1 turn, -1 per ace (on crit); 
..... and lower stamina (-1, -1 per ace, doubles on crit). 
Winter Storm; Sword of Power: longsword +50, +1 HB balance, +22 d6 power; 
..... electrical damage of power roll and stuns -1 AR, -1 per ace; 
..... drain strength -1, -1 per ace; 
..... and ice damage to slow (-1 per success), stop movement (w/crit), and damage of power roll.


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