Shield Combat

Battle Zephyr: this special ability allows expertise with duel weapons and bucklers. Doubles weapon damage, shield damage, and defense bonuses but uses twice the stamina and a minimum of -4 AR for each attack, with 2 blows, and 2 blocks, or 2 blows, and 2 shield bashes, or 2 effaces, and 2 smites, or any combinations of. More AR can be used. 
Clamor of Disruption: Knight beats his shield with weapon and roars. Any magic in 6 foot radious, +1 foot per level, cast by opposition is disrupted if roll defeats MA roll. Double stamina cost. 
Clamor of the Gods: scares enemy off to distance of +1 movement, +1 per ace as shield is banged against weapon to make a sound like thunder claps. Enemies are vulnerable to attack while withdrawing and get 0 bonuses while moving (retreat skill can counter this). 
Efface: is a death blow with shield and melee weapon whereby the shield smashes the face to stagger foe (-1 turn, -1 turn per ace) whereas the weapon thrusts or slices in to either pierce the heart or behead the enemy. 
Focused Shield Bash: stuns, -2 AR, -1 AR per ace, damages +2 per level, uses -2 stamina. 
Phalanx: increased AC, Add AC for each ally together, as allies (at least 3) assume a tight formation behind their shields. Roll defense for each character against attack.
Shield Charge: roll movement and add +1 damage, +1 per ace to total damage, also stuns for -1 AR, -1 per ace and unbalances opponent to give you +1 HB advantage. 
Smite: knocks enemy down for 1 turn 
Shield Bash: stuns -1 AR, -1 per ace and damages, strength + any accessories (shield blades or spikes) = damage.



* Layer

* Seal

* Trigger

* Identify

* Detect

* Dispell

* Disrupt


*  Persuasion: +1 charisma and intelligence to roll vs. intelligence.
*  Contacts: +1 contact. +5% chance of getting what you need per contact. Buy additional contacts when you level up. 
*  Charm: +1 charisma vs. willpower to charm someone into doing something as called. 
*  Sales Pitch: +1 charisma and intelligence to roll vs. wisdom while pitching an item 
*  Shop Security Measures: +1 LoD security per success, double on a crit, roll once a day each time security is modified. List each security specification and what it protects against. Must have shop to use this ability. 
*  Passive Riposte: +1 damage blocking to attacker per success each hit, doubles on a crit. 
*  Defensive Combat: +2 HB self defense and defend shop during combat. 
*  Unarmed Defense: +2 HB, +1 dexterity and movement per ace to dodge and take evasive measures. 
*  Wheeler and Dealer: +1% chance per level of finding and getting a good deal on merchandise at 50% off normal buyer's cost, or +1 charisma and intelligence to roll per ace vs. played supplier. 

Spell Book I: Morph Elements - (morphomancy)
Spell Book II: Conjuration
Spell Book III: Arcane Reaver











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