Player Info

Player Name: NPC-JD, available to be picked up as a PC on request
Screen Name: N/A
Date Character was Created:June, 2009 
Game Platform: The Middle Kingdom.

Character Profile 

Name:  Braemen, Bremon, Nevaar Shagura (alias in devil form)

Race:   Arch Devil of Proxy

Clan:   Honorary member of the Blackhorn Clan

Age:   ancient, exact age unknown

Age by Appearance:  varies according to form, true form, 30s

Occupation/Rank:   Agent of Saeed, Battlemage, Assassin and Spy.

Alignment:  chaotic

Creed:   fatalist

Nature and Demeanor:   poised, observant, guarded, friendly to those he respects and esteems, apathetic to the rest.  He once confided to Saeed, under the influence of exquisite pipe smoke, that he did not resent The Morning Star for the sins he had brought on him, or Haman for rejecting him for being one Promethius of many created by Lucifer. He believed it was his fate, a destiny which brought him to his present state of existence.

Location:   Inaaksu or his residence in Acheron

Appearance:   Braemen has feathered wings of a rich brown colour with a golden sheen, the same colour as his long chocolate locks of curling, gold streaked hair, which dips into a prominent widow's peak.  His fingers are tipped with deadly, flesh and milk-chocolate coloured claws and his mouth is equipped with four large fangs. He can shapeshift and often assumes a human likeness of his devil form, but he can also possess or assimilate the forms of those he devours the souls of.

Allies and Friends:   Om Betsumin (the Sandstorm Maurauders), King Saeed of Hassim


Saamek:, Duminor vampire, very loyal serf.

Raamir:  Neffari demon kin, also called Saraad by his men (leader)

Sarash:  Bhassir Namas, medium brown skin, black hair, blue-green eyes, rugged, hard looks with lots of scars.

Kharzaan:  Ardda Elf (ranger and raider) Chocolate Brown hair with red highlights, light green eyes, earth-brown skin, lean build.

Khaez:..Neffari, red-brown skin, scarred face, deep scar across left eye, bright blue eyes, once handsome but very beaten up, scarred, rough skinned in appearance now.

Aksul:  Bhassir Namas, deep auburn hair

Al-Har: . Shaamea

Braemen's Human Form

Braemen's Sons

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Sextuplet Sons of Braemen and Saffiel (NPCs)

All at same base level: 15

▪   Erustaad: eldest son of Braemen and Saffiel, Warrior 
▪   Nisaame: second son of Braemen and Saffiel, Mage 
▪   Dumaare: third son of Braemen and Saffiel, Watcher 
▪   Ishmael: fourth son of Braemen and Saffiel, Warrior Mage 
▪   Rhavaar: fifth son of Braemen and Saffiel, Warrior 
▪   Akdir: youngest son of Braemen and Saffiel, Guard 

◇   These fraternal sextuplets are close and quite protective of each other, their King and their father. They also have a great love for their mother inasmuch as Braemen instilled in them love and respect for the mother they would not meet for some time to come. 

◇   Physically; they have some demon traits and some Neffari traits. These sextuplets, are very tough (+30 fort), strong (+1 strength per level) and are immortal. They are also highly resistant to magic and elemental attacks (95% fixed resistance) unless born as mages (25% fixed resistance). Mages have 4 born with paths from Horned Demon and Abyss Demon paths. All have 12 traits inherited between Abyss and Horned Demons. 

◇   Their appearance is quite attractive though demonic. They have sienna brown flesh with bony ridge plates down the brows to their nose, and across the bridge of their otherwise human noses. They also have handsome brow horns protruding from their eyebrows and a row of horns protruding from the side of their forarms like shark tooth shaped spikes. All have their mother's shapely lips and their father's strapping build. The 3 youngest have their mother's bright blue eyes, while three eldest have their father's black eyes. They have large fangs and sharp molars, while their incisors are human. Their hair is jet black, curly and kept long. Their fingers are armed with rather large, sharp, curved claws. All bear the marks of both Saeed and Braemen between their shoulder blades (Saeed's) and on their chests (Braemen's). The three eldest are also winged and have flaring goat-like horns. They are all in their mid-twenties in appearance and their bodies shall not age beyond that though they may fill out with more or less muscles and or weight. 

▪   Animal Kinship 
▪   Demonic Structure: claws, wings, fangs, horns, bony plates, sharp teeth 
▪   Soul Reaper 
▪   Mental Tower 
▪   Dark Presence 
▪   Vocal Domination 
▪   Telepathy 
▪   Immortal Constitution: +20 stamina, +25 regeneration, +30 Fortitude, +1 strength, stamina and regeneration per trait level. 
▪   Immunities: cold, disease, charms, abyss and shadow 
▪   Grand Improved Strength: +1 per level. 
▪   Reistance: resist arcane and elemental attacks 95%, mages by 25%. 
▪   Spiritous Stone: same thing as a phylactery, these Demons cannot be killed permanently until this gem stone is destroyed. Stone can be hidden anywhere in their own bodies. The power of this stone resurrects the Horned Demon 1 d6 days after a cursory death. Strength of gemstone is 120, +10 per trait level. Acts as HP and vs. strength or spells or destructive force. 

▪   Genomancy: Ishmael 
▪   Abyssmancy: Ishmael 
▪   Novomancy: Ishmael 
▪   Dead Realms Magic: Ishmael 
▪   Necromancy: Nisaame 
▪   Spectremancy: Nisaame 
▪   Piromancy: Nisaame 
▪   Sorcery: Nisaame

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His horse Satramos

Securing the Prince

Braemen, whose present elven form was tall, dark skinned, crowned with a mop of long dreadlocks of gold, and built like either a warrior or quarryman, entered his high tower chamber and strode directly to the shelves built into one of the walls.  Braemen caught sight of himself on the mirrored plane of a large crystal sitting on the shelf with a pair of amber eyes and sneered.  He hated lowering himself to possess human forms, and elves were even worse than human in his opinion, but his present duties demanded that he did just that.  For the moment he had to 'blend in' until he could discover who among the desert elven tribes, dwelling in the canyon region on the western edge of the desert, posed the greatest arcane threat.  He was determining who needed to be eliminated first, assassin style, naturally.  Braemen excelled at mingling with the natives, even despite himself.  He had returned from another day of posing as one of the sun elves, and came to check on the pet shared by he and his King, which the abyss demon harbored in a ceramic jar sealed by powers of the abyss.  It was the soul of Yorek which he had captured some time ago.  The demon lifted the jar in his hand and closed his eyes, only moments later a snarl issured from between clenched teeth and darkened those features that were both handsome and menacing.  The visual conduit he had created between Yorek's body and his soul was still blocked, had been blocked for too long.  Either the immortal had been buried, placed under a very thick shroud, or someone was blocking his conduit.  Braemen's intuition leaned towards it being blocked, which meant someone had broken past his guards to discover the lense.  Now if he woke Yorek's physical embodiment, he could not be one hundred percent sure he controlled him.  Braemen inhaled a deep breath and got right to work.  He would not give the conduit up until all bets had been called.  Meanwhile he was available to his king.  Braemen was one of Saeed's most trusted, for what Saeed's trust was worth.  He did not grant it often or lightly, he only knew that Braemen was loyal and Saeed had tested that loyalty to its cruelest ends.

Braemen had been very busy in that interim his king entertained his guests, and was dedicated to persisting with his task for as long as it took.  He had called in his devoted servant Saamek, whom most everyone called Sam, and gave him very particular instructions.  The Duminor vampire understood his orders and would follow them to the letter.  He was to remain by Braemen and intercept any messages for him, telepathic or otherwise, and inform only his King that Braemen was currently in an exploitive trance which he must remain in until Inaaksu's eldest prince was delivered home.  Saamek would tell anyone else that Braemen was simply occupied.  Until his task was done, Braemen was unavailable unless an order came from Saeed for his astral projected trance to be broken.  Presently Braemen was only there in his chamber physically (in his more powerful true form at that), while his mind and spirit journeyed.  During this time, that ceramic jar which trapped Yorek's soul was held tightly gripped in the statuesque Abyss Demon's hands.  Saamek stood close by not only as his master's envoy, but as his guard as well.  Braemen would be damned if he let Yorek escape him this time.  He would not fail his king.
Braemen did not fail.  Hours later he bypassed whatever was blocking his conduit by waking Yorek. The excommunicated Prince was a zombie ghoul now, under the Abyss Demon's control.  An hour later, Yorek (with his sister, brother, and lover) was in Inaaksu and on his way to meet the King.  Life was good.

Things Unremembered

Braemen was unaware that he was a part of Gabrian, who was cast out of Haman during the second rebellion. and that it was by the angel of death and ascension Azriel, Gabrian was struck twice by Azriel's great scythe and split into three parts. One part of him fell upon earth to become Cirgoth, and in time traveled to Morashtar. The part of him that knew himself to be Gabrian spiraled into the barren lands, the outlands of Hell, where he was seized a month later by Sammael, and the last, the part which became Braemen, fell into Acheron's pit to be reshaped in a grueling transition to an Abyss Demon. This memory was not recalled until Gabrian was joined as one being and made whole again, with all that was good in Cirgoth, all that was logical in Braemen, and all that was dark in himself. Until that time, Gabrian and his proxies suffered never to feel complete or find inner peace within themselves. Gabrian did at last find himself whole again, only to reject those proxies and cast them out through the eternal flame to make them independant proxies, Cirgoth an angel of swords, and Braemen an arch devil of proxy.


Dice and Stats

Weapons and Armour

▪   Heritage Flail: +30 dmg, level 28, shockwave-stuns and inflicts added damage
▪   Morning Star Mace: +40 dmg
▪   Chainblades: +22 damage each, two heavy but sharp blades on either end of a heavy yard long length of chain
▪   Lucky Knife: +18, a serpentine bladed long dagger which he can often be found playing around with, 75% luck vs. death, capture, critical injury, or catastrophe (and loss of knife).
▪   Wrath Sword: drains -1 stamina per hit, -2 per ace per crit, on death by this blade, target plunges into the abyss and turns into a wrath demon, which the weilder of this sword can summon and command, and dismiss back into the abyss on command while holding this sword. Sword also does +25 arcane damage, +250 damage on a crit. Power of recall. 

▪   Heritage Buckler-Level 28 Riposte and +28 Improved Strength while held. 
▪   Fortitude


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▪   HP: 1056
▪   Regeneration: 50
▪   Fortitude: 21
▪   Resurrection Difficulty: 0%
Deaths: 0, Transient Deaths: 0 Combat: 25, +4 HB, +3 AR (includes +1 precision, +1 battle discipline)
▪   Inborn Powers: 35, +3 HB, +4 AR
▪   Abyssmancy: 32, +3, +3 AR
▪   Pyromancy: 30, +3 HB, +2 AR
▪   Umbramancy: 32, +3 HB, +3 AR
▪   Spectemancy: 26, +3 HB, +2 AR
▪   Necromancy: 26, +2 HB, +3 AR
▪   Novomancy: 25, +3 HB, +2 AR

Physical Checks
Strength: 33
Stamina: 32
Movement: 20
Dexterity: 20
Reflexes: 26
Stealth: 28

Mental Checks
Willpower: 31
Intelligence: 22
Wisdom: 19
Perception: 24
Charisma: 16


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Combat Skills

Battle Fury: +2 HB, +10 strength, 0 defense, lasts until he or those he feels threatened by are dead or unconscious, or he is otherwise disabled. Braemen shifts into a dangerous state of rage when HP is at 50 or less, or if he is in a lot of pain (a pain check (touch) fails against LoD of pain with a higher roll).
Melee: blunt, bladed and polearm
Battle Discipline: +1 HB
Melee Precision: +1 HB
Death Blow: +1 HB on death blows
Dodge: +1 dex and mvm
Escape and Retreat Experitise: +1 save, +2 movement
Combat Tactics: +1 init
Capture and Retrieval Expert: +1 init, +1 on ambush rolls, on those actions
Ambush Tactics: +1 advantage on ambush actions
Assassin Tactics: +1 init and +1 HB on all surprise attacks

Special Skills 
Desert Survival
Underground Survival
Street Smarts
Standards and Practices of Acheron
Herbalist: 20, find and process healing herbs, edibles, and poisonous plants and fungi
Ancient and Forgotten Lore: demonology, the lost arcanum, ancient seals and summoning practices. 

Common Skills 
Campfire Cooking: 20
Hunting: 26
Tanning and Leather Craft: 26
Horseback Riding: 18
Flight: 40
Swimming: 16, -10 level penalty when winged
Carpentry: 22



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▪ Fortitude: base Level +10 
▪ Strength: +12 when devil form is tapped 
▪ Stamina: +15 when devil form is tapped 
▪ Bestial Senses: +1 per level, adds to normal senses. 

Inborn Powers 
▪ Domination: full path, unique knowledge option, change normals to custom abilities 
▪ Dark Presence: projects their will for a desired result -vs. Constitution 
▪ Dark Allure: Intoxicating scent, Charisma +8 
▪ Possession: full path 
▪ Metaphysical Sight: see and identify energy streams, auras, moods, alignment (see angel powers) 
▪ Shade Form: drains life or health, by contact meta-haste + 4d6 
▪ Divination: project mind to parallels and inner planes of knowledge, past, present and future to gain knowledge 
▪ Supernatural Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace. 
▪ Improved Regeneration: Level +10 Regeneration Level 
▪ Devil Form: Increases all physical, sense and affectable mental checks by +6, or +12 to one check field. Devil form can vary but is often a jet black, partially bestial, winged creature with claws, fangs, sharp teeth and horns or antlers. 
▪ Form Shift: Unlimited forms of up to +1 per level, form selection at level 40 
▪ Illusory Projection: same as phantasmancy, limited, they can create illusions that can be felt, smelled, and touched 
▪ Metaphysical Bonding: they can sense the vibes of, and locate anyone bound to them at will 

Arcane Paths: Path of Chaos, Chaos Aspected, double stamina cost on light elements.

▪ Possessed or Assimilated Forms: these can vary, and are disposed of when he shifts back to his true form.
▪ Imprinted Form: a form he was able to morph into and imprint into his physical embodiment to enable him to shift into this form at will. 
▪ Partial Shifts: Claws+10, Bite+15, Wings have flail (strength=damage) and flight, tough flesh +20 fortitude. 
▪ Body Morph: he can gain up to +1 foot in height per ace rolled, or reshape +1 aspects of his body per ace as called.
▪ Devil Form: As described in appearance. 

Innate Paths of Power
☆ Abyssmancy
☆ Pyromancy
☆ Umbramancy 

Learned Paths
☆ Spectremancy
☆ Necromancy
☆ Elemental Morph


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▪ Intelligent: +2 intelligence
▪ Persuasive: +3 charisma
▪ Cunning: +3 intelligence
▪ Soak Power: If subjected to any of the innate paths he commands he is actually strengthened by +1 strength and stamina per attack ace rolled. 


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▪ Holy Relics may repulse him if they are Hebrew, Yamhan, or Sumerian in origin
▪ Mark of Acheron: Marks the soul and flesh alike. This places him at the mercy of Acheron's King, who can locate and or summon him by his mark at any time. -10 WP vs. any commands from Acheron's high king.
▪ Seal of Braemen: (scales held by snakes with their tails twined together) Allows for summoning of the Demon if his seal and the ritual required to summon him is known.
▪ He is also susceptible to magic in general.
▪ Pain Intolerence: though he may not show it, Braemen is very sensitive to pain. This can trigger a state of fury which is dangerous to him as well as anyone threatening him. Rather than lose heart or will, he gets angry.

Inborn Powers

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Soul Reaper
▪ Devour Soul: on death of a victim, demon can devour the soul, Full stamina is restored when a soul is devoured, and devil gains +1 permanent stamina and health per 'fresh' soul devoured. This act is not done lightly because it negates the possibility of resurrection or rebirth. It fails against those whose souls are protected.
▪ Assimilate Form: if he chooses; he can assume the form of the one whose souls he reaped and maintain that form until he shifts back into his true form. The body he inhabits is only as strong as it ever was at its prime, while the devil can tap its strengths and traits and channel it to the borrowed body.
▪ Devour Spirits: devil can also reap the souls of spirits haunting an area. These older spirits restore full stamina, but do not grant any additional stamina.
▪ Spook Reaper: the devil can reap spooks which includes wraiths, poltergeists and phantoms, the higher order of spirits. These spirits restore full stamina and boost stamina by +1 per success until stamina is used. 

☆ Mental Tower
☆ Master of Domination
☆ Possession
☆ Telepathy
☆ Presence

Innate Paths
☆ Abyssmancy
☆ Abyssmal Ice
☆ Pyromancy
☆ Umbramancy

Learned Paths
☆ Spectremancy
☆ Necromancy
☆ Novomancy