Eremon aka Solbaid

Name: Solbaid, true name Eireamhon, Eremon
Age: 8088 years, immortal
Clan: Fomor Horned Demon, Blackhorn Clan
Generation: 1st
Arcane Paths:Necromancy with Clan Signature Power of Pestilence, Spectremancy, Genomancy (horned Demon Special), Sorcery, Dead Realms Magic, and Lore.
Location: Forbidden Keep (phasing keep he can shift between The Dead Realms, Annwn and Morashtar), Gothardda, The Wards of Inaaksu

Nature and Demeanor: his demeanor is as fluid as is chaos and as unpredictable. He prefers dark places, caverns, dark forests, the deep places, the shadows. 

Appearance: his is a cadaverous vessel clad in impressive even darkly majestic attire. He instills fear in those who gaze upon him else he count them among his friends.  He can likewise possess a form of his choosing. He can otherwise assume a massive and monstrous undead centaur form.


Keep Wards: 

Vultus Novo Catalyst: shapeshifts anyone not authorized to enter his keep into a mouse or small rat (no sentience retained) until they vacate the keep or until he disjoins target from the catalyst stream. 
Seize: seize any called target in a moveable sphere of arrest, guards one trapped from attacks by energy reversal


Gothardda Wards 

Gotharddan Ruins: Hidden Tunnel Entrance; the entrace to Gothardda appears to be blocked by fallen rocks and rubble, as a tunnel that caved in long ages ago, and what can be seen through the cracks in the stone is the ancient ruin of a long decayed city fallen to rubble. If this illusion is broken a large tunnel mouth opens to a huge city which spreads out within a cavern lit by strange, bioluminescent lights, like stars against a black stone sky. 
Guardians of Gotharrda:  this city is guarded by nether and maelvannor elves, many on cave dragon mounts, goblins with dire wolf and lombra mounts, and dragonkin with ice and cave dragon mounts. When stabled, these mounts are kept and well cared for in Gothardda's Paddocks. While there are many mages among the guardians and defenders of Gothardda, the main body are warriors who are highly resistant to magic. 
Spirit Wards: wards are fused with a sliver of Solbaid's soul so that whatever power he commands he can command through his wards without stamina loss to himself while in the city. 
Shadows of Death: up to six of these plague assassins can be called at a time, these winged shades are assassins that can pass through any number of targets to infect them with a deadly contagion which will spread to any other enemy they touch. With the appearance of black smoke, these assassins are practically invisible in the dark and can reshape themselves to look like normal smoke during the day. The strength of the disease they spread is something Solbaid can command. 
Dungeon Seizure: Wards can be commanded to seize a single or multiple targets (+1, +1 per ace, +1 success on a crit) and transfer them to a prison cell in Gothardda's dungeon beneath the palacial pillars. There are NO doors to this dungeon, which is actually another large cavity within the caverns one level down from Gothardda. 
Rune Wards: All of Gothardda's wards are powered by runes and only by finding and destroying these runes (placement mun call) can the wards be broken. Dead zones will negate their power however, but when a dead zone is removed, wards are once again at full power. Any runes that get disabled are moved when reestablished.

Companions:  Armagen, crippled and half blind Maelvanor with deep scars on his face, back and shoulders. Dragon damage. Hair white with silver streaks, his one functional eye light grey. Solbaid's most trusted friend and advisor.  Solbaid's King Regent in Landunder. Has always acted in Solbaid's place when he was abroad and now holds his throne. Has a very powerful cloak of phasing which allows him to stay 'out of phase' at will, able to see without being seen or detected, because in theory he is not there. He is a powerful Elementalist: called element and effects, and rare Arcane Prospector: redirects spells or converts them into raw energy to 'shield' if raised around, to 'damage' (normal, aggravated w/ crit, or sustained w/natural crit), if lashed with, or to stun or paralyze w/crit if blasted with. Osage Vinestaff: +18 damage, +4 d6 focused power when channeled through staff.


Solbaid's Items

  • Book of Lore: a book with goat skin pages containing all of his lore formulas.
  • Sorcerer's Quill: a pen which never runs out of its special self-regenerating ink.
  • Sullivan's Boots: enhanced boots which allow him to jump high, far and never fall down while worn, Level 18. Taken off a fallen enemy. Umber brown leather, knee high, with fold over cuffs.
  • Seer's Stone: a quartz crystal sphere which he can see others through, which occasionally captures possible future or past events.
  • Traveler's Glass: a stone mirror map which allows him to gate to locations he calls up in the mirror, which also displays maps of called areas anywhere on the same continent he is on.
  • Ring of Recall: allows him to call up any of his weapons or called items.
  • Hooded Cloak of Neglect: while wearing this black, hooded long cloak with the hood UP, no one notices him, even if he is standing in plain sight. He is not invisible, but he might as well be. When he lowers the hood, he is perceivable again. Power of Cloak vs. Perception. Level 38. Gift to him from Pwyll.
  • Amulet of the Sacred Glade: this amulet will transport him to the Sacred Glade in his homeland of Annwn if he should be severely injured. The amulet appears to be of no particular value though prettyish, with a diamond shaped table of platinum (usually mistaken for silver) with a celtic knot edge, set with a moonstone cabochon.
  • Armband of Eireamhon: signifies that he is an esteemed knight of Annwn, granting him enhanced strength (+10), stamina (+10) and health (+100).
  • Vambraces of Nuada: nullify haste and reveal all enemies in a 100 yard radius around him. +1 HB in combat. Left to him by his friend Nuada when he lost his arm in the battle. Solid diamthrill with intricate battle scenes etched into the metal. AC: 250 on lower arms.
  • Staff of Eireamhon: a twisted black staff of wood with a straight axis and root crown shaped like an open hand with fingers lightly curling around a blue-quartze sphere. +4 levels to any powers channeled through staff. +40 damage.



Innate Combat Skills

  • Wield Duel Swords
  • Battle Spear and Staff (polearms)
  • Martial Combat
  • Shield Combat: use shield simultaneously with weapons
  • Shield Bash: damages, stuns -1 AR per ace.
  • Thrown Weapons: +2 HB
  • Backstab: +2 HB surprise attacks
  • Battle Rage: gain +2 HB, and +10 damage per hit but unable to defend for +1 turn per ace (courage).
  • Death Blow: +1 HB on death blows.

Combat Skills

  • Battle Mount: +2 HB when mounted.
  • Target Precision: +1 HB with thrown and missiled weapons
  • Ambush: Stealth and Strategy vs. Alertness for init. +1 on all rolls, +critical damage first attack if init succeeds. Enemy takes -1 on all rolls if init succeeds. 
  • Archery: Fomor compound bow, quiver and (35) arrows.
  • Balance Adeptness: +1 dex vs. trips, falls, +1 dex vs. LoD.
  • Battle Recruitment: +3 charisma, +1 wisdom to recruit 1 unit 
  • Blind Fighting: Level Fight in darkness or blind no penalty.
  • Bow and Fletcher: make bows with 45 lb draw weight, +5 lbs per additional level, make arrows, know what wood to use, how to shape and layer wood, how to make a rudimentary lathe, how to knap arrowheads and make them out of steel, fletch and make well balanced and straight arrows, requires one month to make bow while traveling, two weeks stationary, and one day per arrow. Knowledge of making makeshift bows and arrows on the fly in 1 d6 hours at 0 HB and damage of 3 d6 total. 
  • Breaking Sword Blow: a blow which damages or breaks the rival weapon, strength +1 d6 each hit to rival weapon, doubles on a crit. Weapon breaks when strength is at 0 or less.
  • Combat Discipline: hard to shake during combat, +1 HB or +2 vs. all distractions or effects which might unnerve character during combat.
  • Constricting Attack: +1 damage death hold or strangling.
  • Drunken Fighting: take no penalty while fighting drunk.
  • Enhanced Block: +1 HB on blocks
  • Enhanced Move: +1 movement 
  • Enhanced Dodge: +1 dexterity and movement on dodges
  • Enhanced Parry: +1 HB melee defense 
  • Flight Combat: for winged creatures 
  • Riposte: +1 damage per success blocking
  • Enhanced Agility: +1 dex, +1 per ace.

Magic Skills

  • Alchemy: use of chemistry with enchantment to alter one form or mineral into another, create life lengthening elixirs, and make potions to cure diseases, curses, and poisons. 
  • Arcane Biology: knowledge of what plant materials and creatures can retain magic and which do not. 
  • Arcane Knowledge: knowledge of magic and the history of magic, +1 MA-Level high level knowledge of magic, only one level allowed 
  • Arcane Mineralogy: knowledge of what minerals retain magic and which do not 
  • Arcane Sanctuary: mage can fuse the walls of a chamber, tower, or building with powers of protection and defensive effects which are factored against anti-factors 
  • Arcane Tactics, +1 on all spell check rolls 
  • Arcanology: study of the history of magic +1 success when learning spells 
  • Saving Throw Bonus: +1
  • Chaos Lore: Understanding of chaos and how it relates and interacts with all things. Understanding how to tap and apply the power of chaos, +1 to all magic rolls.
  • Cryptanalysis: decipher runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals etc.
  • Cryptography: writing, reading, and creation of runes, seals, hieroglyphs, and symbols
  • Cryptology: study of runes, hieroglyphics, ancient seals, etc. 
  • Hidden Lore: (type) gain little known knowledge of a creature type or culture, skill vs. LoD of knowledge. 
  • Lore Aspected Power: Gain path of Lore, see Limited Magic spell book.
  • Magic Adjustment: +10% adjust a spell to get past defenses or attacks while casting by adjusting power to an alternate channel of energy 
  • Magic Damper: dampen levels of a magic by -1 damage or power per success. 
  • Magic Enhancer: +1 
  • Magic Modifier: +10%, modify power to counter magic adjustment and anti-factors
  • Magic Targeting: for use with missile and thrown spells, +1 HB.
  • Power Investiture: character can create wards with any power they possess. 
  • Occultism: Demonology +1 Level in fields occult knowledge applies to
  • Quick Casting: +1 mvm spells
  • Research: +10 XP towards field of study when roll succeeds against research LoD 
  • Rite: of reformation (remake by +1 aspect per success as called), of purification (purify by +1 aspect, +1 per ace, as called), of Possession
  • Rune Lore: history and knowledge of runes, +1 wisdom vs. LoD of runes.
  • Signature Spells: Take one per arcane path. Cast at +1 level, or +1 AR, or +1 HB, or foes get -1 save. 0-Stamina first cast once a day
  • Silent Casting: cast spells without speaking 
  • Thaumaturgy: knowledge of magic applications and disciplines, +1 Ace to all magic rolls. 
  • Undead Lore: aids in understanding the undead, +1 intelligence vs. stamina of undead creature to discover creature's secrets.
  • Use Magic Items: use of enchanted scrolls, items, and objects, roll of an ace required to use.
  • Smart Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do, without a will own its own. Spell can also 'learn'. Intelligence of 17 + required to use. Intelligence = to caster's.
  • Artifact Spells: adjust spells so that they 'consider' the conditions of a spell within its parameters so that it does what it is intended to do. Spell can also 'learn'. Gives a spell a will of its own. If spell does not like their caster, it could backlash on caster. If spell likes who it is targeted for, it may skip a target and hit someone else. Intelligence of 19 + and Wisdom of 25 + required to use. Mental Checks = to caster's.

Survival Skills

Wilderness, Underground and Desert

  • Hunting: +1 HB, level vs. level of quarry
  • Trapping: level of trap vs. alertness and strength 
  • Tracking: +1 stealth per ace.
  • Make Primitive Weapon: make crude but effective weapons out of stone, wood, antlers, etc.Successes=Damage and strength.
  • Hiking: +1 stamina per ace, +1 strength per ace 
  • Artesian Spring: knowing where to look for artesian springs for drinking water. +10% chance per ace of finding a spring, use once per day. 
  • Weather Prediction: allows character to avoid dangerous weather conditions. +10% chance per ace of accurately predicting the weather, use once per day. 
  • Make Fire: Methods of sparking and building fires. 
  • Direction Sense: know what direction is being traveled, reduces chances of getting lost immensely, +5% chance of finding way per level up to 85%, or Level vs. LoD of challenge.
  • Make Torch: know how to make a torch out of materials found in or around a cave to light the way. Ace required for materials; Torch lasts 1 hour per success. 
  • Danger Sense: Sense if danger lies ahead, +1 per level vs. level of danger.
  • Abyss Swimmer: character can survive the strong currents and cold water of subterranean rivers, and can swim in underground lakes and streams, +1 strength and stamina per ace, resist cold +10% per ace. 
  • Cold Tolerance: 5% per level. character develops a tolerance to the cold from being in caves and is not bothered by the chill of caverns. If underground long enough they may resist freezing temperatures for awhile. 
  • Spelunking: How to maneuver and find your way around in a cavern's dangerous networks of tunnels, Level vs. LoD of challenge. 
  • Cave Lore: knowing what kind of creatures, water, gasses, passages, etc, are in caves, when they are safe, and when they are not through a cavern's history, stories, and research. Level +3 vs. LoD of challenges. 
  • Cave Sounds: understanding the sounds in a cave to know when they mean danger, Level vs. LoD of Sounds. 
  • Cave Foraging: finding food in caves such as fish in streams, den mammals, snakes, frogs, salamanders, rats, birds, bats, edible algae and cave moss, etc. +1 food item per ace per ace. 
  • Alter Environment: know how to dry a cave out and heat it without dangerous levels of smoke or fumes to make it livable. Total Roll=Quality of Environment. 
  • Set Traps and Snares: Make traps and snares for enemies, game, or dangerous animals. Level vs. alertness and strength. 
  • Fuel Source: Finding a natural source of fuel for fires in a cave and putting it to use safely (i.e. without causing an explosion) 10% chance of success per ace.
  • Detect Traps and Snares: Detect traps, manmade or natural, and snares. Level vs. level of trap. 
  • Cavern Fortress: fortifying a cave and taking steps to make a haven out of it. LoD of each passage and cave chamber is 30. 
  • Luminescent Algae: learn how to grow phosphorescent cave algae and use it to light paths in a cavern fortress. LoD of 35 per chamber or tunnel.
  • Cave Prospecting: know where and how to find precious metals and gems in a cave and how to mine them safely. Level vs. LoD of each area mined. If successful, Total Roll=Value of gems in Gold safely extracted from each area. Botches result in a cave in that is deadly if a natural crit is rolled on hit dice. Otherwise, damage is depth=# d6 with 1 d6=HB.
  • Find Water: knowing where and how to find safe water to drink, +5% chance per ace of finding clean water. The lower the roll, the cleaner the water. 
  • Find Edible, Water Sustaining and Medicinal Plants: +1 sustaining plant per ace found per day. 
  • Find Shelter: know where in the desert to find shelter, +10% chance of finding shelter per day.
  • Desert Wildlife: know what kind of animals there are in the desert and what kind to avoid or eat, +1 wisdom, +1 per ace. 
  • Sand Caves: Know where to find caves beneath the sand for shelter and how to avoid dangers in them, +5% chance per ace of finding sand caves per day, Level vs. LoD of natural dangers. 
  • Build Shelter: knowledge of how to build shelters which will stand up and protect against and desert elements, +1 strength and durability per success. Ace required to find materials. 
  • Oasis: know where to find oases in the desert. +5% chance per ace of finding an Oasis.

Common Skills

  • Ancient Languages: +1 ancient or dead language
  • Apothecary: makes drugs, medicines, poisons at +1 d6 effectiveness per level
  • Astronomy: Annwn and Morashtar
  • Calligraphy: he has beautiful handwriting
  • Cartography: map making
  • Climbing:+1 dex climbing vs. falls.
  • Dancing: ballroom and social 
  • Decoding: deciphering secret messages.
  • Deciphering: the skill of understanding what others are trying to communicate. 
  • Diplomacy
  • Distilling: make liquor
  • Drunken Adeptness: character actions improve with drunkenness +1 
  • Economics: medieval 
  • Escape Artist: Level 1, the ability to avoid detection, to liberate self from, bonds, prisons, and confinement, to move unseen and unheard, +1 stealth, +1 dexterity and +1 movement.
  • Escape Bonds: The ability to escape ropes, shackles, chains, etc. 
  • Escape Routing: knowing where to go when making an escape, +1 wisdom, +2 movement.
  • Falconry
  • Fire-Building
  • Flint and Steel
  • Followers: Adeptness at finding and retaining followers, charisma vs. logic
  • Gambling: +1 intelligence, +10% per ace vs. opposing intelligence to win
  • Games: adept at - chess, other strategy games, and card games
  • Geology: prospecting, +10%, +2% chance per level of finding +1 d6 gems per success.
  • Gold Panning: +10%, +2% chance per level of finding +1 d6 gold or heavy minerals per success.
  • Healing: using herbs, proper care and surgical tools.
  • Herbalism: +1 plant identified with knowledge of that plant per success in one area 
  • Intelligence Analysis: analyzing information found by intelligence
  • Interrogation: +1 willpower and logic vs. willpower 
  • Intimidation: +1 willpower vs. willpower
  • Jumping: +1 d6 per level, +1 foot distance and height per success.
  • Light Walk: +1 stealth, harder to track as tracks are hard to detect
  • Lucid Dreaming: dreams so real hard to distinguish from reality. 
  • Magic Resistance: +30%
  • Mental Resistance: +40%
  • Musician: formor mandoline
  • Naturalist: +1 called knowledge, +1 per ace of outdoors, animals, and plants with intelligence roll.  Annwn, Morashtar and Deadrealms.
  • Observation: +1 mental + perception checks, lets character notice things others may not pick up.
  • Oral Literature: story telling, remembering stories, and reading aloud with style and elegance
  • Orienteering: land navigation in areas hard to read
  • Origami:  the art of folding paper
  • Paraphysics - the study and understanding of the dynamics of paranormal forces
  • Perfect Balance: +1 dexterity vs. trips and being thrown off balance
  • Performance of Rituals: +1 charisma awe or intimidation during rituals
  • Pyrotechnics: the art of making and using fireworks
  • Quantum Physics: the study and understanding of quantum forces
  • Quantum Theory: a theory describing the behavior and interactions of elementary particles, matter, and energy states where energy is subdivided into subliminal amounts with wave properties that can be manipulated. 
  • Quickness, +1 mvm.
  • Religion: follower of the God Annwn
  • Running: +1 mvm, +1 escapes on foot
  • Tumbling: +1 dex evasive
  • Undead Lore: aids in understanding the undead
  • Warfare Strategy: +1 init and movement to troops.
  • Xylographer: the skill of making wood engravings and printing from them.
  • Yare: quick and always prepared, +1 dexterity, alertness, and movement.
  • Yo-yo Expert: distract and amuse others, +1 distraction. 
  • Zen Sidhe: a form of Zen meditation, +1 all checks after meditating.
  • Zoetrope Illusionist: the ability to use zoetropes (drums with shapes cut out with candles or a light source inside) with light and motion to create the illusion of ghosts, spirits, shadows or other shapes, to deceive people, entertain them, or to scare people away.

Special Skills
Battle Conditioning: 36, special and often cruel techniques used to condition men at arms to be battle ready, cold hearted, and tough; boosts Willpower, Courage, Fortitude, and Lowers touch, but causes emotional detachment and apathy towards others. All gains and losses at +1 per ace per stage of training. 

Weapons and Armour

  • Dead Realms Duel Swords: +32 each, wounding damage +1 turn per ace, recall
  • Dead Realms Throwing Daggers: quiver of 5, +10, armour phasing, drain essence, -1 Constitution, WP, Stamina and Strength per ace.
  • Dead Realms Armour: level 26, called armour up to +1 AC per success, double on crit.


Clan Information

These demons are out of Annwn but can be found in Morashtar. They are undead (or lich) demons born out of Annwn's Land of Shadows, also known as the Land of the Dead.

Clans and Generations



  • Solbaid the Black Horn (m)
  • Sashima the Battle Claw (f)


Key 2nd Generation True Bloods 


  • Auwyn, Shadow Clan, Guardian Prince of En Odfelyg, the border fortress between Annwn's Land of Shadows and Land of Everyoung, shapeshifter line 
  • Aoilyn, Shadow Clan, lady Regent of En Odfelyg, sister of Auwyn, shapeshifter line


Key 2nd Generation Acolytes 


  • Saeed (sah-eed) Kishesh Kassim, Neffari King of Hassim, Black Horn Clan 
  • Kaamus Vezier: Ardoreth Goblin Prince of Mehr, the Mountain Goblin Kingdom of Andoreth's Ardemen mountain range, Battle Claw Clan.


Horned Demon Appearance

Eyes: completely black, red, orange, or blue
Hair: bald
Pigment: grey, black, or brown
Build: skeletal covered with ash colored flesh with no muscle
Height: tall, 7'10 - 9'5
Outstanding Features: aside from being skeletal, these lich demons tend to wears rich vestments and robes. They have large flared goat or bull horns crowning their head. Their face and body alike is mostly skeletal covered in skin with no muscle and they either have no ears or goat-like ears. They often wear deep hooded cloaks or robes and they have deep eyesockets. Their mouths are full of sharp teeth and fangs. They have Clawed fingers.
Subrace Form: shift into subrace form if one has been possessed by the demon, or if demon is a sired acolyte, or if demon has sentient shapeshift capability.
Ancient Form: 800+ years of age (or extreme corruption). Extreme age and corruption can cause these demons to become immense quadrapeds, like giant demonic centaurs. As they evolve into these corrupt forms, a third pair of limbs manifest as front legs with massive claws, while they have cloven hind hooves. Their huge muscular arms and humanoid hands are still capable of weilding weapons, only very large ones. Their faces become demonic and like their bodies, still manifest skeletal qualities, such as their backs having exagerated spines owed to spiny plates or spikes. Their tails can be anything from reptilian flails, snake-like coils, to feline whips or just goat-like fans. Their horns also become larger and heavier, while their faces may have protruding cheek bones and brows with very deep eye sockets. Some become more bestial than others in their ancient form. In this ancient form they stand 30 feet tall at the shoulder and 45 feet at the top of their heads. While some may lose the ability to shapeshift into human forms, others may maintain that ability. When this transformation occurs it comes on rapidly, completing itself in a matter of two very painful weeks.

Horned Demon Traits


  • Immortal consitution: +1 WP and Const, +20 stamina, +25 regeneration, +15 Fortitude, +1 each per trait level.
  • Subrace Form: of sired form, or a possessed form if horned demon is a pure blood
  • Pure Blood Generations: cannot be above 3rd generation, and are produced by a horned demon progenitor mating with another horned demon progenitor, or an acolyte. 
  • Pure Blood Children of Acolyte generations improve by parent's generation -1
    Improved Strength: +5
  • Immunities: disease, charms, cold
  • Resistance: abyss and shadow 85% 
  • Grip of Possession: possess through prolonged contact, vs. willpower, possessing touch drains Willpower -1 per ace per turn. Forms can be gained if demon destroys the soul of the one possessed, or be controled by demon in this way.
  • Vocal Presence: dominate through voice, even enslave at high levels, Willpower vs. Willpower.
  • Telepathy: see below, includes mind reading vs. constitution.
  • Blood Siring: after death, bathe chosen in blood until skin is covered, blood infusion of 1 pint per generation.
  • Spiritous Stone: same thing as a phylactery, Lich Demon cannot be killed permanently until this gem stone is destroyed. Stone can be hidden anywhere near bone, flesh, or blood. The power of this stone resurrects the Horned Demon 1 d6 days after a cursory death. Strength of gemstone is 120, +10 per trait level. Acts as HP and vs. strength or spells.
  • Aura of Disease: radius of up to 4 feet, +1 foot per level as called when active, aggravated damage each turn aura is contacted, -1 AR per ace to anyone affected.

Clan Paths: Necromancy with Clan Signature Power of Pestilence, Spectremancy, Genomancy (horned Demon Special), Sorcery, Dead Realms Magic. 
....Generations 1-3 take all paths 
....Generations 4-5 take 4 paths 
....Generations 6-7 take 3 paths 
....Generations 8-9 take 2 paths 
....All other generations take 1 path. 

Demon Weaknesses

  • Lack Physical Strength: compared to most demons, subrace stats +5
  • Susceptible to Most Elements: but cold, abyss, and shadow.
  • Weak sense of smell and taste in demon form 

Demon Form Stats

  • Horned Demon Form: tall, 7-9 feet, +1 init and HB range bonus, skeletal covered with very tough ash-grey, black, dark brown, or reddish-brown colored skin, but no muscle, clawed fingers and large horns of varying kinds. Skeletal frame is humanoid in shape, and either armour or layered clothing and robes are worn.
  • Frightening Form Penalty: charisma drops -8 in presence of strangers and -6 with casual acquaintences while in Horned Demon form.
  • Horns: +36 damage, +1 decaying aggravated damage per trait level
  • Claws: +8 damage, +1 decaying aggravated damage per trait level

Clan Signature Power : Pestilence
Clan Signature Power :: Special Path 
Add to Necromancy as a subpath

  • Arcane Contagion: infest an area with an arcane or necromantic disease or contagion as called. Affects those who resist and are immune to disease but can be resisted by MR. 
  • Contagion: Contaminate an area with a normal contagion, microorganism, or contagion as called. can be resisted by those who resist or are immune to disease. 
  • Disease Bolt: is a spastic disease which does aggravated damage and staggers -1 AR per ace.
  • Contagious Disease Bolt: like disease bolt but spreads to others who contact the one infected.

....Call how contagion is spread: by contact, airborne, by water sources, etc.
....Deadly contagions: if called, a crit is required, does progressive damage per day until cured or dead.
....Damage for normal disease: can last up to +1 day per ace as called. Disease Bolt, if called

Special Path 
About Feats which Improve: a resistance of +10% is acquired by the subject when feats which improve checks or skills are used. If one of these feats is used too many times on one subject, they become ineffective to that subject.

  • Prometheus: create the body of a creature as called, size of creature is limited to a space of up to +1 square foot per success, +1 square yard per success on a crit. If space does not meet requirements of called creature, this feat fails.
  • Spiritus Facio: grants a Prometheus life, start with free check points, +1 per ace bonus to split as called, base HP by strength and stamina, +1 per ace level to start.
  • Proviscus: alter the physical state of something as called, but not the entire genus. A bi-species can be crafted by combining selected physical and mental aspects of two species. Lasts until former shape is willed back into existance. Can also be used to refine, disfigure, or age appearances. Verses willpower when used on others.
  • Corpus Amplio: improve called physical checks by +1 per ace. Lasts until checks are lost. Health can also be improved.
  • Mentis Amplio: improve called mental checks by +1 per ace. Lasts until checks are lost.
  • Sensus Amplio: improve called sensory checks by +1 per ace. Lasts until checks are lost.
  • Sensa Indoles: grant a called skill or talent to a Prometheus at level one, +1 level or +1 skill per ace, or improve a skill by +1 level per ace. Permanent when used for Prometheus, lasts until skill has been used for one day to others.
  • Abominamentum: a multi-species creature can be crafted by combining selected physical and mental aspects of up to +1 species per ace to create an Abominate Prometheus.
  • Immortalis Vertis: grant +1 regeneration or fortitude per ace as called. Permanent for Prometheus, lasts until used for all others.
  • Magus Imperium: bestow one power at +1 level per ace to a Prometheus, or for one turn to another.
  • Altus Factum: bestow a Prometheus with a great feat at level +1 per ace, or for one turn to another.
  • Corpus Spiritus: craft the flesh to add or change up to +1 feature per ace; such as add horns, claws, scales, tough flesh, alter eye color, skin color, facial features, etc. Changes are permanent.
  • Vultus Novo: endow (or curse) target with shapeshifting capability, up to 1 called form per ace max, 1 called condition per form which triggers shapeshift.

Examples: seeing moon at a called phase (lycanthropy), stepping into water, being burned by an open flame, being injured, becoming enraged, being seen by the opposite sex, direct sunlight on flesh, etc.


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