Daughter of Acheron

Having left Acheron for the first time after only two years after her birth, the beautiful Trueborn Devil seeks to find her way in the majestic world of the Morning Star father 's creation. Though she was told to take up her father's seat in Gothtyrdan, she has chosen instead to join the ranks of the common and on her very first day found herself hired as the queen's maid, vouched for by a knight of her father's order. Chaos slung its fury full force as a great hurricane lashed the coast and she found herself implicated in a plot against the queen all on the very day she arrived. A woman had also arrived that day in the guise of the queen's alleged dead mother, swearing to the queen she was who she appeared to be.  Being a stranger and arriving not long before Sophia Sysyu was held suspect as Sophia's collaborator. The two were hence sent on a mission to prove themselves to the queen by searching for her long lost brothers Rene and Azor. Thus Sysyu and Sophia began their search to find Sophia's sons, the young Sysyu with the innocence of a child with a devil's burgeoning powers, and Sophia with her human wisdom and resourcefulness. 


Though capable of great things Sysyu is young and learning how to live independently and grow her powers.

Human Form


PLANES WEAVER: inborn ability to manipulate spacial, dimensional and planar space to create folds, tunnels, pockets, layers, distortions, matter and bends in space and even time. 

PLANES WALKER: A splinter ability of planes weaving she can surpass distance through space and time via folding or bypassing space.

WINGS of AUROS: retractable, black feathered wings with soft feathers that allow quiet flight. Aura of Auros can either;

☆   heal in a radius of +1 yrd, +1 per level radiating a pale blue aura,

☆   damage and oppress in the same radius when aura is black,

☆    or shield friendlies within that radius if aura is purple.

        Oppression causes those effected to collapse on their knees cowering as their will is crushed by -1, -1 per ace per turn exposed.

Chaosian Presence: emotions and will can impress or even imprint upon others to control the emotional state and will of others. Will vs. Will.  Likewise she can if she chooses feel the emotions of others making her an empath at will.


1-3) can project an astral form of self within visual range

4-6) or semi corporeal copy of self to any location they are able to manifest a gateway to.

7-9) multiple forms of +1, +1 per ace of type can be projected

10-12) can identify other projections and dismiss them with higher power.

13-15) a chosen power can be channeled through each projection. 

16-20) projection can manifest weapons used by channeler.

21-26) can send projections through telepathy.

27-31)  projections command same powers and weapons as channeler

32-36) the appearance of projections can be altered as called.

37-42) can create a permanent proxy and choose what aspects of self to bestow. Max six proxies. GM approval without cost or dice.

Each proxy at cost of levels equal to level of proxy. (A lvl 5 proxy costs 5 rank dots, or -5 levels to character, or 5000 XP.)

Proxies can be recreated at no cost if killed after 1 week of in game play.



Fortitude: base Level +10 
Strength: +12 when devil form is tapped 
Stamina: +15 when devil form is tapped 
Bestial Senses: +1 per level, adds to normal senses. 

Full Devil Form

Devil Form: Increases all physical, sense and affectable mental checks by +8, or +14 to one check field.

     Devil form when revealed is a deer centaur with glowing tattoos of power, a beautiful, partially bestial face with feline nose, large deer ears and large branching antlers sometimes tangled with moss and or vines.  Form is also equipped with claws, fangs, sharp teeth, black, iridescent wings, sharp feline claws on hands, and deer hooves on feet. Wings and claws are retractable.
Form Shift: Unlimited forms of up to +1 per level, form selection at level 40.


☆   Spotted Deer, both sexes have large branching antlers

Domination: full path, unique knowledge option, change normals to custom abilities 
Chaosian Presence: projects their will or sense emotion for a desired result -vs. Constitution 
Dark Allure: Intoxicating scent, Charisma +8 
Possession: full path 
Metaphysical Sight: see and identify energy streams, auras, moods, alignment (see angel powers), truth and lies. 
Shade Form: drains life or health, by contact meta-haste + 7d6, or heals if form is purple. 
Divination: project mind to parallels and inner planes of knowledge, past, present and future to gain knowledge 
Supernatural Haste: +1 mvm per success, +1 AR per ace. 
Improved Regeneration: Level +12 Regeneration Level 
Illusory Projection: same as phantasmancy, limited, they can create illusions that can be felt, smelled, and touched 

Metaphysical Bonding: they can sense the vibes of, and locate anyone bound to them at will 

Arcane Paths: Path of Chaos, Chaos Aspected, double stamina cost on light elements.

Partial Devil Form

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