Mortals against Monstrous Enemies

MaME is a remnant team of professional soldiers out of AoM who hunt down 'monsters.' Demons, which they count lycanthrope and vampires among, and dragons are at the top of their list.


They are occasionally for hire to towns, villages, and individuals as mercenaries. They accept no immortals into their company with no exception believing the immortals among AoM had corrupted the army and led it to ruin.

NPC Actors

Total Number: approx. 100

Commander: Colden Warshem, namas

1st Hand: Sullori Demans, nefarri

2nd Hand: Barden Hyuen, terran

3rd Hand: Sallesi (Salli) Warsham, namas (f)

The Meleers:  captain Astra Eriellen, elf (15)

The Archers: captain Ennish Cillmaen, sephorai (20)

The Dragon Arms: captain Arag Bodesh, ballista, catapults, slings, nets, tu'mae (10)

The Lore Scribes: masters Wyrdun (Ssetis) and Deleneth (Elf), Sseti, protective wards and enchantments (6)

The Shieldwall: captain Oshian Desgagri, namas, shields with spears, halberds, polearms. (20)

The Rangers: Fallion (escion), Sessco (anua) (8)

The Menders: captain Wynifreth Illeksi, elf, doctors and shamans alike who work at the hospice healing the sick and wounded. (10)



     This group has all the knowledge of their former army in a single team of around 50 soldiers.  They are growing as new recruits join them. Their ranks are split between the leaders and the units of specialty.  Trained in all kinds of combat however, they excel at swapping weapon roles as needed. 

     Though mortals they have mortal  lore masters who create powerful protective items of all kinds, including warded gear and accessories, ward spikes, gate triangulation spikes, and hospice conduits for camps.

     The quasi- immortal races are considered mortal by them because they can succumb to mortal wounds.

     This group is adept, well organized, alert, well trained and efficient .


(NPC faction, available to be played upon request)