Weapons and Armour      


Duel Martial Swords: +32 each, +1 HB balance
Epic Martial Spear: +45, bladed, +1 HB balance
Long Throwing Daggers: +16 each, set of 4
Hunting Knife: +15
Switchblade Vambraces: AC: 30, +12 damage 

Leather and Plate: AC +45, includes pauldrons. vambraces, greaves, and skirt.


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Vital Stats
Health Points: 1028
Strength: 29
Stamina: 32
Willpower: +30 
Fortitude: +25 
Regeneration: +30

Duel Martial Sword: 35
Epic Martial Spear: 35
Martial Combat: 35
Mounted Combat: +2 HB while mounted
Counterstrike: 31, damage while blocking
Battle Tactics: +1 init
War Tactics: +1 init
Evasive Maneuvers: 36. dodge, evade, escape, and lead retreat
Regroup: -3 stamina to party, safe ground for three turns, +1 init on return, use 3 times during an encounter or engagement.
Alpha Leadership: 40, can boost will, courage, and constiution +1 per ace, for duration of +1 turns per ace.
Traits: 35
Lorecraft: 36
Path of Nature: 30
Metamancy: 20
Telekinesis: 32


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Physical Checks
Strength: 29
Stamina: 32
Movement: 18
Dexterity: 26
Reflextes: 28
Stealth: 26
Sensory Checks
Vision: 22
Hearing: 21
Olfactory: 26
Taste: 18
Touch: 13
Sixth Sense: 21
Overall Alertness: 26
Mental Checks
Willpower: 30
Constitution: 28
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 21
Logic: 16
Charisma: 14/18
Courage: 26
Instincts: 27



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Special Skills 
Eurokai Lorecraft: use of runes, glyphs, scrolls, scribe, various elements, blood, and rituals to protect, conceal, lay traps, and ward
Alpha Leadership: can boost will, courage, and constiution +1 per ace, for duration of +1 turns per ace.

Survival Skills 
Hunting Adeptness: hunt, track, stealth, field dress
Climbing: trees, rocks, ropes, walls
Direction Sense
Weather Sense
Find and Make Shelter
Cave Adeptness
Rope Adeptness: tie and use knots, climb rope, rope use, rope throwing, rope and hook, etc.
Make Rope
Tanning and Leathercraft
Make Fires
Herbology: harvesting and use of herbs, plants, and mushrooms
Escape Artist: +2 on all checks required to escape.
Exceptional Balance: +2 deterity
Quickness: +3 movement

Common Skills 
Story Telling
Make and Play Harps
Sing Ballads
Courte Etiquete: he knows it well, he just doesn't always use it


Werwolf Abilities and Traits

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Inborn Traits

(start with subrace checks) 

Animal Instincts: They are very in-tuned with the natural world (+6 alertness and reflexes). 
Improve with Age:As Lycanthrope age, they become much stronger in every way (+1 physical checks, Trait Gifts, Inborn Traits per five levels gained up to 30). The older a werewolf or werecat, the more adept they are at controlling their shift, and the stronger their inborn traits and gifts become, until they grow old and decrepit. 
Shifting at Will:They cannot shift at will when young, but as they get older, they become especially adept at shifting. Lycanthrope between the levels of 1-6 can rarely control their shift, and shift mostly during a full moon. As they get stronger, they begin to learn to shift at will, +1 d6 per level (up to 40). 1 Ace [6] succeeds. Only when they gain superb control, can they restrain themselves from shifting when they see a full moon, 7 Aces [6s] must be rolled to succeed. 
Innate Gifts: All of their gifts are 'innate,' and thus they learn them far more quickly than demons and vampires learn theirs (50% XP cost). Their Gifts all have to do with nature, their pack or themselves, all of which they are very in-tuned to, and learning their gifts comes quite naturally, it is having a good teacher, and perfecting them that makes the difference.

Trait Gifts

Senses of the Beast - Keen hearing, Sense of Smell, Eyesight, Tastebuds. +15 to split between these senses. 
Form Shift - Humanoid form shifts into wolf. +2 levels in half shift or full shift. They can also perform partial shifts (claws, teeth and fangs, tough hide.) Young Lycanthrope have no control over shift and shift whether they want to or not when enraged or frightened. Lycanthrope 100 and older can shift at will at any time. 
Dire Form - A very large embodiment of their animal some Lycanthrope can take, which compares to the size of a small horse, but in a Tigerwolf;s case, the size of a draft horse. Lycanthrope over age 200 can control their Dire shift at will. Lycanthrope under 100 cannot shift into Dire form. Strength, Stamina, Claws, and Bite are doubled in Dire form. 
Telepathic - Rare. Only one out of a thousand Lycanthrope is born with this gift, while others can learn it. 
Telekinetic - Ability to control telekinetic energy. 
Call of the Wolf - Roar/Scream of the (bigcat) - Lycanthrope call to each other from miles away. 
Animal Presence - Lycanthrope can exude a dominant, terrifying, calming or an inspirational presence. 
Gift of Nature - Allows Lycanthrope to learn an elemental path of choice. 
Physical Fortress - Great Strength: +10, Speed: +10, Stamina: +20, Stealth: +10, Dexterity: +5, Toughness: +5 Fortitude and Regeneration: +3 Regeneration, Far Leap: up to 6 d6 distance, Improved Balance: +16. 
Night Vision - Lycanthrope can see through darkness as if they had infrared vision. When this is active, eyes reflect with a green reflection in light.


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                                                    Stamina 1 



                                                            Stamina 2



                                                                    Stamina 3



                                                                            Stamina 4



                                                                                    Stamina 5 



                                                                                            Stamina 6 



                                                                                                    Stamina 7 (19-21) 



                                                                                                          Stamina 8 



                                                                                                                  Stamina 9



                                                                                                                          Stamina 10



                                                                                                                                  Stamina 11


                                                                                                                                      Metamancy :: Morph Elements.  

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