Magda Dannan

Eternal Sephiroth

Name: Magda Agatha Dannan 

Race: Eternal Sidhe Sephiroth Monarch of the 1st order.  Created as Sidhe. 

Age: 60, Age by Appearance: 22

Rank: Mentor and Lore Keeper of Acheron, bonded to and answers to Prince Sammael of the 9th Circle.

Resources: few, she has no desire for material wealth and can conjure what she needs.

Location: Anywhere her vocation takes her but has a residence in the palace of Sammael in Acheron and unknown to her also in Desert Wind Palace in Morendor Desert of Fire. She had never left Acheron until Mael opened up the gates to let every resident out who wished to leave.

Appearance:  slender, 5'8, creamy skin, very fair or tanned if she's been in the sun, beautiful face and build, long silver hair, large lavender eyes, with delicate facial features and build. Goat ears and flared goat horns, the horns sometimes filed off, partially retractable feline claws, permanent fangs and sharp teeth. Wears simple flowing gowns of sheer layered materials that are customized to her wings and bound with braided silk belts. Expansive feathered wings of silver with lavender touches. Wings are fixed and not retractable. Small spaces can prove troublesome for her.


☆  Conjuration, all

☆  Lore, all

☆  Wizardry, all

☆  Quantum Physiomancy, all

Nature and Demeanor:  Intelligent,  scholarly, mild natured, patient, kind but doesn't tolerate abuse or rudeness, passive but also brave.

Vocation: She is a teacher by choice in the arcane arts and a mentor to her own kind and others.  She usually resides with those she teaches with her Lord Master's leave until she is satisfied her pupil can learn little more from her. 

Allies and Friends: Sammael, Amon the Gryphon, Her assistant Ell. She also has a rare, fae, white fur dragon the size of a cat, its name Siotsiu (shOt-shoo). Its fur is super soft and even covers its wings.

Common Skills Level
Cooking 15
Riding 32
Swimming 12
Climbing 18
Underground Survival 22
Teaching 24
Languages: ◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇
1-Esurian 18
2-Etsutek 26
3-Mythemyn 28
4-Cenys 16
5-Shaaman 20
6-English 16
7-Latin 12
8-Greek 16
Defensive Skills Level
Escape Artist 22
Evasive 24
Shield and Staff 26
Lockpick 18
Martial Defense 26

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