Children of Saffiel and Byron

NPC, available to be played upon request.

The Decasey family resides between the Chateau Rouge DeLune (Redmoon) in central Seumir, Redlion Castle in Southern Seumir, and the shadow kingdom of Seumires in the shadow realm.


Kiiamisu and Samal

Kiiamisu Vhanya Decasey, Kim:

3rd generation Trueborn daughter out of Byron and Saffiel, twin of Samal

Samal Amadantus Decasey, Sam:

3rd generation Trueborn son out of Byron and Saffiel, twin of Kiiam.


Kiiamisu and Samaal were one fast growing pair of true born Astraeus vampires. The son and daughter of king and queen Byron and Saffiel the two are from a very large family thanks to one of the powerful 'formless' Beqidum that possessed their father and spread him around to propagate a slew of true born offspring few ever wanted to see born because of their potential for raw power in the hands of children in adult bodies.


Kim and Sam with their younger brother Maxentius are some of the few not born out of Mog possessed Byron, born some time after Mog was exorcised. Having been kept close to their mother and father with their older brother Victor, they are as normal as any true born Astraeus can be. Whatever normal IS to a true born or hell born Astraeus.


Kim and Sam look a lot like their mother with dark hair and darker skin tones where their father is very fair. Their eyes are a deep aquamarine, a mix of both their parents eyes but lighter in color just as their skin is lighter than Saffiel's but darker than Byron's, like dried terracotta where their mother's pigment is like wet red clay. They both have delicate facial features like their mother though Sam's face is masculine and not effeminate .

See Astraeus page in TMK bestiary for their traits and potential.


Victor Kassim Decasey: 

2nd gen trueborn Beqidum Astraeus out of Mog and Saffiel


  • Imminently Sun Cursed: he cannot be exposed to direct sunlight without bursting into flames. Indirect sunlight is very painful and damages him per second.  Filtered sunlight does less damage per second and makes him feel sick.
  • Twighlight Ring: raises a pall of night around him to protect him from the sun. Daylight appears as night to him through this pall.  The stars even become visible to him and the moon bright.
  • Beqidum Phase: (locked until discovered) Victor's spirit can leave his body as a formless, invisible devil who is pure thought, knowledge, emotion and will. By mere contact with another he can possess them.  Sun Curse does not affect him in this formless state. Can do nothing but locate in this state either through start movement of +13 (buy added level) or via shadow phasing across known distances. Unlike the beqidum he does not get pulled into Acheron if out of the body for too long.
  • Beqidum Possession: possess by mere contact while in beqidum form. As always the target can resist possession however, will vs.will check.  The beqidum becomes those it possesses in every way with one exception, their mental being dominates the body though they can let the personality though never the will of the one they possess surface  extemporaneously with practice.  Beqidum can utterly control or share the body they claim. They could even make a deal to possess someone willingly. If the body dies the beqidum leaves it. The beqidum can also choose to leave the body at any time.  Exorcism may or may not work on a Beqidum depending on what kind is used and whether it can overpower its will to keep its host.
  • Mind of the Beqidum: the mind and will are one in the same thus what the beqidum wills of the body the body does. In this way the beqidum not only controls the actions of the one it possesses but can control the memories during the time possessed, making them forget they were ever possessed or selectively controlling what is recalled durimg the time of possession even on a timer.  Beqidum can become powerful manipulators of their hosts' lives. 
  • Soul Splitting: Beqidum can split their soul to possess multiple targets.  They split their soul, which leaves the prime soul and any body as it separates. All will but 5 goes with split soul.  Prime soul now has 5 will, but regenerates +1 Will per day until will is fully restored. When will is restored, split spirit gets +5 will back. This process is called vital exchange and is unwise to undertake without preparation, though in a pinch can mean the difference between life and death.


        Born out of Saffiel and Mog when the formless one possessed Byron. Byron had looked upon Victor as his own son though it was the demon possessing him who planted Victor in his mother. Having learned from the past that lying to Victor about who his father truly was would be a mistake so when old enough to understand he told his son of his history with Mog. Victor was horrified by what he heard but looked to Byron as his father regardless.  He loved Byron for he made his mother happy and loved her as she should be loved, and loved him as his own.

        Victor enjoyed his privileged life as a child and as a young man.  He was a good brother to his siblings and a cad with the ladies.  He just adored women! Perhaps a bit too much.  His father had to take precautions to make sure Victor didn't spread his spawn around as Byron had done through Mog.  Byron achieved this by using his necromantic practices to keep Victor sterile until he was ready and willing to have children. Victor appreciated the no hassle birth control!!  His eye for the ladies and love for carousing aside, Victor was a decent student in all his various studies be they academic or arcane.  He'd have probably been a complete wastrel if his parents hadn't taught him proper discipline. As it was he took every opportunity life allowed him to be a slacker and party boy.

        Because Victor was so social, good looking and RICH, he had a LOT of friends, but among them he had only two he knew were TRUE friends, his siblings aside.  Family was family, friends were friends and good friends were also family.  His two best mate's were Scaarza and El, short for Elenwyll. El had a huge crush on Victor but would never DARE because he was such a dazah, which in elven translated to male with too many females, or man whore.  Victor loved El too AS his best friend. He loved her too much to even try to seduce her because he knew he wasn't the loyal kind where sex was concerned.  She and Scaarza were true blue friends and were as protective of Victor as he was of them. He was especially protective of El's honor and well being.  She was a girl, he had a soft spot for all females.  He was even super sweet to his little sister Kim.  And damn protective of her.  Kiiamisu was so adorable!  Like a kitten her adorableness was the power she held over him.  His little brothers were cute too but they were brothers. 

        When Victor finished up at the academy he hit his father's huge library at the chateau and the various book stores he raided to further his education academic wise. Arcane wise he followed his father's advice on what mentors to apply for. He wound up with the clan hierophant Victor Greed because he liked him and because it was funny whenever they greeted each other... "Victor." "Victor." It cracked the much younger Victor up every time.

        Life wasn't all fun and games for Victor.  He'd experienced a terrible war, lost friends and family to that war, people he missed . His brothers Azturel and Armand whose deaths though different had been equally horrible in their own ways. Armand had been restored at length but the grief Victor had suffered had been profound.  He was aware of the basic workings of Acheron. Byron educated his children in all things Acheron, it's standards and practices in particular.  Azturel would probably eventually return as well, but Victor grieved his loss in the meantime as well. He'd wanted to spend more time with Azturel before he went off to war and lost himself in it. Victor understood why his execution had been ordered but neither agreed with it or suffered it well. He wept for Azturel every bit as much as he had for Armand . Armand he looked up to,  Azturel he wanted to carous with.  He hoped to see Azturel again and show him a good time or vice versa.

        One of Victor' s favorite pastimes other than women and booze was horseback riding. He showed Byron's top horses in regional horse shows and rode the stormcloud race stock in the regional and national races.  He hoped to go national with the horse shows as well. The race he most hoped to compete in though was the continental Barren Seas race in Mhas Andorath.  But first he had to make it into and place in the Hassim race which ran the length of Hassim through the deserts of Hassim. From the towns of Nadalac on the northcoast to Tumaanza on the southcoast that race spanned. And even it did not span as much desert as the Barren Seas race.

        There was a problem though.  Victor could not set foot in the sun without bursting into flames.  He was super cursed, probably because Mog made him that way, and because he just happened to be a vampire.  It was just a technicality Victor had decided to find a way around. There were all kinds of ways to get protection from the sun or most anything through 'magic'.  Only if that protection should happen to fail, Victor could burn to death. Ah, but it was worth the risk! He made himself as impervious to the sun as he could by the Sigils he'd had his father engrave on one of the rings he wore. It threw a pall of night around him when ever he spoke or thought the words 'let it be night' in any language.  The world looked dark to Victor when the pall was active which was almost whenever it was daylight unless he was indoors away from windows.  Victor was extremely susceptible to the sun.  Not since his birth had Victor seen the sun or daylight. Even filtered light did him some damage. It made him feel sick in fact.  He was one of those vampires who had to lock himself away from the sun. Was it any wonder he placed so much value in having fun?!



Maxentius Arghyle Decasey, Max:

3rd generation Trueborn son out of Byron and Saffiel.


The youngest of Saffiel and Byron's offspring, Maxentius has his father's flaxen hair down to his eyelashes, light brown skin from his mother, teal colored eyes from them both, and his father's height once matured. His face is more attractive than his father's though thanks to his beautiful mother's influence. Though a handsome man Byron's face was rougher than Max's more captivating face. 


Personality wise Max had a lot of his father in him which spelled trouble if not raised well.  He was very sensitive but also very proud and could easily become a product of his environment.  Here was a young vampire with a temper born out of emotion and passion.  Max was practicing selfcontrol but more often than not he held nothing back of what he felt or thought. He was very young but it was also in his nature to express himself. When Byron looked upon Max it was like looking back at himself when he'd been a child.  It was troubling but he felt sure he and Saffiel would produce a much better person from all their children than Byron had been.  But now his mother was gone and Byron had no one to correct his mistakes. His compass was gone. All his father could do was his best. His best while adapting to becoming a god, to being a single father, to being heart broken, to being a man and not a king but a deity. His eldest brother Armand was being prepared to take over the kingdom, Shaithis was holding down Seumir until the crown Prince returned and Byron was playing at being the father his life had sequestered him from being. He had many businesses but had good people to manage them. He was count of Traegellen now, but it was a quiet district with just the small village that bore the domain's name. He was hands on with his vineyard and stables, even his gardens to some extent, but withal that he had time now to BE a father, and did so, but it made him miss Saffiel even more painfully, which made his children miss her even more. But Byron told them they should miss their mother, miss her so hard it made them cry, because she was a great and amazing lady who should be missed when she was gone. It eased all their pain that he encouraged them to feel it. He was doing well as a father so far.


Max loved to explore. Every nook, every cranny, he was the house master of hide n seek even though he was the youngest.  He'd given his father more than one heart attack when he'd tired up missing because he'd explored too well or too far. Byron ended up tatooing him with a sigil that he could keep tabs on him and instantly recall him by, much like the gate rings he gave to all the Youngbloods of the clan. Max's love for exploration and adventure would stick with him his whole life through.


Max was young yet but like all Astraeus trueborn he was growing and rapidly. Every week made him look a year older and he learned a year's knowledge in that same week. Byron had the best tutors willing to teach them. Max would find as he aged that people tended to be very afraid of him, of all his siblings. It made Max very wary of strangers. Byron's people treated them like anyone else though, like normal children, teens and young folk.  Byron wouldn't keep an employee he couldn't trust and over the ages had collected quite an array of trusted people from the highest office under him to the most menial.  Max could trust the groom in the stables as well as the Redlion knights who served his father. New people were not granted the same privileges as those who had proven themselves.  Traitors, spies, enemies turned up but were dealt with. Max saw his father drag a woman out of the commons once, and he told his son later that she was a slayer spy, explaining what those were . Max asked if he killed him and his father answered no, that he placed her under arrest and took her to a dungeon to await trial. Max was impressed because he was sure he had killed her because he thought that's what he might have done. Byron was showing him the best way to do things and Max was learning.

Byron had told an enemy once that he wasn't evil because his father or mother were bad people, they were good people, he'd told that man, but he had lied because he would make excuses for being the way he was. He doubted having terrible parents even influenced his nature then. But he'd fell differently about that for a long time now. Byron had seen his own father treat people like they didn't matter, held no value, killed them just for irking him or questioning them, treated women, people in genereal like objects to do with as he pleased.  Byron had been One of those objects he had shaped to be just like him.  Max saw nothing of the man Byron's father had made of him all those many ages ago. The man Acheron squeezed out of him. He didn't see the god, the king he had been or the count He was now.  He saw only his father, a sad but good man who loved his mother, who loved his children, who treated them with the same care he did his horses, his flowers, the grapevines. Everything seemed to hold value to him.  Was he perfect? Far from it. But his father was a good man.