Arcades Nystori


General Information

Player Information
Player Name: NPC
Screen Name: NPC
Date Character was Created: January 2009
Game Platform: The Middle Kingdom.

Character Profile 

Name:  Arcades (ar-cA-dEz)

Race:  Deluvian Wauru (Werewolf)

Breed:  deluvian werewolf, 1st Generation, Deluvian Father, Tiger Wolf Mother.

Age:  644

Rank:  Alpha

Combat Skills:  epic martial spear (bladed) and duel wield martial swords, level 35

Paths:  path of nature, telekinesis, metamancy

Subrace Appearance:  mid twenties to early thirties, albino, handsome in a unique way, with red-orange eyes, long, straight, thick white hair with amber tinted tips owed to albinism, various scars on his body, Eurokai (ow-rO-kI - wolf lore) runes carved into his face and flesh as well. He has a smoothly contoured face and jawline, His nose is fairly wide even at the bridge which has a bump, and his lips are medium full.

Wolf Appearance:  These wolves are not only the size of tigers, but are a burnt orange or tan with tiger stripes and a long cat-like tail.  They are otherwise built like wolves, and have a long face with a broad head and narrower muzzle. 

Location:  Aiberon, the sea-side village north-north east of Sea-eagle Roost Island.

Pack:  Sword Dancer Pack, 38 adult male members, 21 females, 15 children

Family:  Deluvian Father, Lucian, believed deceased, Deluvian brother Wulfgar, Arcanon Grandfather, Nystori, Eldest Son, Colten Nystori, alpha of the Red Fang Pack.

Alignment:  chaotic

Familiars:  Toriku (Guardian Ancestor, albino tiger-wolf), His horse Warcloud


 Lord Audaante Eleghir, a wealthy clan demon lord from Sugar Island whose demon-hood is unknown. Sugar Island is 100 miles west of Eredor's shores, and north-north-west of Castle Ereme. These two united adversaries wish Ereme to join their alliance, or to take his kingdom as their own. (NPCs). Red Fang Pack, the alpha is his son.


 The Windstorm Wardens:  an organized cabal of professional  slayers pit against dark immortals of all sorts.  They count vampires, devils, lycanthrope, fallen angels, all dark immortals as demons.  Their members include humans, namas and elves, all of whom feel the demonic sort of population on Morashtar's sphere needs to be thinned.  Some feel even more strongly that all demons should be exterminated altogether.  Where they once chose not to discriminate on what target they killed, they now hunt down those immortal or ageless preditors which are known for their dark deeds. Their leader Perecles, being a netherelf vampire, has no sympathy for his own kind when they act criminally against others .

Mortals against Monstrous Enemies: MaME is a remnant team of professional soldiers out of AoM who hunt down 'monsters,' demons, which they count lycanthrope and vampires among, and dragons at the top of their list. They are occasionally for hire as mercenaries. They accept no immortals into their company with no exception believing the immortals among AoM had corrupted the army and led it to ruin.

Full Moon Phases on Morashtar:

 30th, 31st, 1st of every month.


Human Form:  Deluvian-Human in appearance with orange-red eyes.

Animal Form:  Tiger Wolf :: Waurser

Base Wolf Stats:  Strength: 18, Stamina: 18, Bite-30, Claws-8.  HP: 324.


These wolves avoid humans, but will attack them if cornered, and are not aggressive unless hunting their herbivore prey, usually deer, boar, large birds, ect. They have small packs of between 5-7 wolves and are share large territories with other Tiger Wolves, 'swapping' juvinile dogs for future mates for their packs. 

Crinos Form:  Shift into part animal, part human/elven form.

Dire Form:  Shift into very large tiger wolf the size of a large draft horse, animal stats doubled.


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