Beren Ambrosious

Player: NPC-alpha

Date of Character Creation: 2019

Race: Thinnease Noctmaire Dragon

☆   Dragon is shadow and gold. As a dragon Beren is all black with gold bands and gold fins, spikes, tendrils.
☆   As a vampire Beren looks elvish, being part human and part dark star elf, until he takes full vampire form which is more buff, has dragon wings, fangs and claws.

Family: father Aurelius Emrys Ambrosious, mother Melissant Kilcanoragh Ambrosious, younger older looking brother Remus

Age: 16, normal aging

Demeanor: adventurous, friendly but suspicious of strangers, prefers weapons in a fight but is.adept at his arcane disciplines, loves a challenge

Rank: Prince of Noctmaire

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