Deluvian Info

Paths of Power 
Inherited Power: any path or power passed onto the Deluvian from both parents or deluvian sires. See Traits below. 

Paths: 1st Generation Deluvians can learn any path they set out to master and as many paths as time allows. All generations after these progenitors must inherit their powers from their parents or other deluvians through their blood. 

Shapeshifter of Ancestral Forms:All Deluvians can shift into the animal or humanoid forms of creatures they inherited by birth. Deluvians have no less than 5 forms. 
Exsanguinated Forms:There are some Deluvians, usually but not always vampires, who can assume the forms of those they have drunk the blood of to death, or until torpor or unconsciousness in case of immortal beings. This ability is optional, many but not all deluvians are born with blood shapeshifting. 

Retractable Wings: huge feathered, fur, or bat wings and flight 

Claws: short claws which lengthen in winged form, they give them away as inhuman as they are not retractable, they otherwise look like their base humanoid form when diminished.

Cutting Teeth: retractable sharp incisors 

Piercing Teeth: retractable fangs 

Immortal Temple:
Regeneration: base/SA level + 10 = RL 
Delay Regeneration: slow regeneration at a called rate at will so that wounds heal more slowly. Allows for appearance of mortality. 
Fortitude: base/SA level +4 
Haste: see inborn powers for haste stats. 
Improved; Health + 100 HP, Strength +8, Stamina +10, Alertness + 4. 
Deluvian Prowess: strength, regeneration, stamina, fortitude, and all physical actions including, flight, bite and claw increase by +5 when in Deluvian form. 

Diminished Form: Deluvians are mostly humanoid in appearance in this form with exception of one inch long claws which extend about half an inch beyond the fingertips. 
..... Their appearance can vary widely depending on their subrace. 
..... There are rare cases among an already rare being, where a Deluvian has a sentient animal subrace and is a wolf, lion, dragon or other sentient animal in base form. 
..... They tend to be attractive but are not always so and occasion to be albino if genetically predisposed with light colored blue, grey, rose or some other pale colored eyes. Their body is hairless and their skin is smooth. 
..... Wounds heal fairly quickly in this form. Some 
..... Deluvians, those with seraph blood lines; carry a natural fragrance which is very pleasant and delicately sweet, but which is hard to define. Their powerful blood shares a flavor in common with their scent. 

Deluvian Form: This is their true form and it is equipped with a pair of massive feathered, fur covered, or naked bat like wings. Their claws lengthen in this embodiment. They also have Deluvian prowess in this form: muscles gains mass to buff them up and they gain added strength when they shift into this, their true form. Their fortitude and regeneration also improve in this form. They might also present protective scales if predisposed via dragon or another scaled creature's blood.

Deluvian Inborn Powers 
Planar: Ability to planes walk across great distances through the astral planes and harness planar gates.
Astral Projection: Deluvians can project a physical image of themselves across the astral field to appear in any called location so that they are in two places at once mentally and quasi-physically.
Astral Form: Ability to shift into an astral form and back into physical form. This form is ethereal and can present as shadowy, like black smoke, electrical, water or other elements in the shape of their forward physical form.
Exsanguinated Forms: Deluvians can shapeshift into animals, people, and creatures they have consumed the blood of. They have to drink enough blood to kill their prey, or in case of immortals; until they have been drained of as much blood as possible. This allows them to imbed the genetic code of the being whose blood they consume into their own embodiment. 
Haste: Various forms of haste, including phasing haste and quantum haste. The more this ability is practiced the more powerful it becomes in technique and speed.
Deluvian Presence: They can project their emotions and will to influence the emotions, will and even the actions of others. If someone has a strong will or mental constitution, or a more powerful presence, they can resist their presence.
Telepath: They can share their thoughts with others and pry into the thoughts of others.
Visionary: Deluvians sometime have visions of past, present or future events (as an SL allows) although they are random. They come to them in dreams or restful times of wakefulness, and if it occurs while they are awake they often have the appearance of being dazed or out of it as they phase out. These occurrences are usually infrequent, although if there if a lot of powerful activity in an area, they may have these visions more often. This is an involuntary ability.
Kindred Fate: Deluvians all share the same way of death. If a physical form is slain, another ancestral form manifests, when all their ancestral forms are killed, their Astral form remains, which is an ethereal, shadowy likeness of their most commonly assumed physical form. 
..... If their Astral form too is destroyed, then they die. Their Astral form is impervious to weapons and physical things, which pass right through them. 
..... Deluvians can remanifest their physical forms if their Astral Form remains, within a few days (1-6 days). This makes them very difficult to kill. 
.....They can be resurrected by others if they die (with penalty of 10% difficulty per death up to 90%). Their Astral form must be resurrected before their physical form, however, which makes them difficult to raise if they die. Few have the knowledge to resurrect spirit and astral forms which is a high level power of resurrection.

Master of the Mind 
{1} 1-3-Influence Thoughts: this is more like domination than presence as he dominates the thoughts of others to change their thought train as he sees fit. 
{2} 4-6-Mental Manipulation: another form of mental domination, they can tangle thoughts, calm them, make the mind go blank, control actions through the mind, cause lapses of dementia and hallucinations with this power.
{3} 7-9- Memory Alteration - The more powerful the Deluvian is, the more memories they can alter. Includes memory restoration.
{4} 10-12-Memory Erasure - The more powerful the Deluvian is, the more memories they can erase. 
{5} 13-15-Implant Memories - The implanted memories are so vivid and real to the mind that the subject feels as if they had truly lived those memories. 
{6} 16-18-Mind Walk - This is a very power. The Deluvian can 'walk' into the mind of another to see their thoughts and secrets and reveal their own embodiment to that mind. 
{7} 19-21-Dream Walk - This rare power is related to mind walking. The Deluvian can make themself appear in another's dreams lucidly and influence subject through their dreams. 
{8} 22-24-Command Mind - Used with mind walk, Deluvian can completely control the thoughts of another and by doing so influence their will, behavior and actions.
{9} 25-27-Command Dreams - Used with dream walk, deluvian can control the dreams themselves and convert dreams into an alter-reality where victim is subject to whatever happens in their dreams.
{10} 28-30-Master of the Mind - Formulate mental and illusory commands.
{11} 31-40-Improved Power - Apply powers at these levels as gained.
{12}36-40-Improved Power - Apply powers at these levels as gained.

Deluvian Blood and Siring 
Blood Traits Deluvians can pass select powers and forms to others through their blood. A child or Arcane Progeny must consume onepint of blood from a Deluvian to inherit one path, one form, one trait, and one ability from a Deluvian sire (they can sire arcane progeny which are not Deluvian but those who gain power and quasi-immortality through blood consumption). Each power is passed on as willed by the sire, sometimes in collaboration with their progeny. 

Reproduction: Deluvians are a very rare race of immortals and they reproduce by conception. The males are fertile to anymammal, but if they produce offspring with an animal the result is a child that is part beast (see Bestial Hybrid below). It is believed that Deluvians are the progenitors of some breeds of lycanthrope, but no one knows for sure. 
..... The archetypes of this race forbid bestiality and the act is punishable by death. Wulfgar's Arcanon grandfather is one of the enforcers of this law. The females are only fertile if they mate with a male Deluvian. A Deluvian pure blood is far more powerful than one of mixed race. 1st generation Deluvians are often albino as may be their pure blood kin. 

Pure Bloods: Deluvians of pure blood are born as immortals, with all their traits and inborn powers, but their Arcane or Elemental paths of power must be bestowed to them by their father or mother. Power is bestowed to offspring by offerings of blood. Deluvian offspring of pure lines are often albino, and are a tall race between 5'11-6' (females) and 6'2-8' (males). A Deluvian named Wulfgar is actually short for a Deluvian in his 5'11 stature. 

Hybrids: Deluvian-Mortal Hybrids are not immortal but quasi-immortal. This means they stop aging between 18-80 as the heart wills but that they are succeptible to the same diseases and mortal wounds as humans are, although they do resist disease and have low regeneration. 
..... Hybrids have the appearance of their subrace with the Deluvian fair skin and white or pale hair if they have albinism predominate in their genes. 
..... They do heal more rapidly than humans and can only inherit 1 limited path, 3 traits and 2 inborn powers. They can learn any path of power their sire bestows them, but their power is limited. 
..... Mixed breeds are called Deluvian+Subrace; Deluvian Human, Deluvian Vampire, Deluvian Demon, Deluvian Lycanthrope, etc. Hybrids can only produce offspring with hybrids of the same kind; deluvian vampire with deluvian vampire, deluvian human with deluvian human, etc. 

Bestial Hybrid: Siring this breed is highly unlawful and punishable by death or long term imprisonment. The offspring are not punished for the sire's mistake however. 
..... They are born as animals, but as time progresses they begin to metamorphose into a Deluvian form, becoming part beast, part Deluvian in appearance before they change into Deluvian form completely. This change can take days, weeks, or even months to complete itself. Without proper care, it can be very traumatic to the cub. As the cub matures, they learn to control this change, and by adulthood, they can shift at will and do so swiftly. 
..... Predatory beast kin crave fresh meat, and if they prey on a human and do not kill them, their prey may becomes a Bestial Breed itself, owed to a virus which developed in this breed. The virus is contagious to humans, and some quasi-immortal people alone by bite and lapping which spreads the virus through their saliva. A simple bite will not contaminate the prey's blood. If their prey is killed by the them, the virus also dies. 
..... Over time they learned that they could make others like themselves, either by conception or feeding, and as outcasts of other races, they did so to create a therianthrope breed of their own to relate to and form relationships with. The rare, few, first generation Bestial Breed were bestowed power by their sires, but as they became their own breed as Beast Kin, they evolved to learn their own powers through their close connection to nature and animals. 
..... The Bestial Hybrids are quasi-immortal, and have low regeneration and have 3 Deluvian Traits, their animal traits, and whatever powers their sire bestowed them to pass down to those they sire. The Beast Kin are quasi-immortal, and have decent regeneration, and evolved to have high fortitude and traits of their own. Those with a close connection to the moon become Lycanthrope, the rest are therianthrope. 
..... Therianthrope can only reproduce by mating with beast kin or animals of the same kind. Lycanthrope can be born from other lycanthrope or be sired by blood infection. 

Arcane Progeny: The last relative which can come out of Deluvians are arcane progeny. Progeny are not actual Deluvians but a race that is bestowed a Deluvian's power and specific traits by blood. Progeny have Limited Magic, can only drink three paths of power, attain quasi-immortality through their sire's blood, inherit low regeneration, and 3 Traits, 3 paths, and 2 Inborn Powers. 

Bestowing Power: Deluvian offspring or progeny must consume one pint of their mother or father's blood over time to gain the ability to command one path of power, 1 trait, and 1 ability. 
..... This blood sharing also bonds the offspring or progeny very closely to their parent or sire. 
..... Some Deluvians develope a taste for blood owed to this, and become blood drinkers, although blood alone cannot sustain them without compromising their health. They are not vampires, unless they assume a vampire form, it is simply a preferance or even a habit for some of them which improves their stamina for one hour per pint of blood consumed. 
..... Deluvians can be bestowed power through the blood of other Deluvians as well, and Arcane Progeny are created through these same methods of bestowing power with their blood.

Immune to disease.
Immune to Death by Fire and Ice elements, Highly resistant to Heat and Cold.
Highly Resistant to mental and metaphysical probes and trespass. In time these mental barriers can develope into an immunity. 

Healthy Environment
Deluvians require clean living to stay healthy. If they do not .eat healthy, organic, natural foods, or if they breathe in or ingest too many toxins, or if they smoke and drink booze, they grow lethargic, tired or sick if over-exposed. Their requirement for clean living makes their physical forms susceptable to poisons. If they are in a polluted area they will retreat to areas with fresh air from time to time to purge themselves of any toxins. 

Dietary Requirements
Blood Thirst: Some Deluvians crave blood. Blood boosts their stamina but they do not rely on blood. A lack of blood over time does diminish their stamina and results in them tiring more quickly however.
Healthy Foods: they require natural foods to maintain their health. Deluvians tend to love nuts and fruit. They are susceptible to toxins, therefore if they ingest alcohol, too much caffeine, drugs, or smoke, it drains their strength and stamina and makes them very lethargic, even sick if too many toxins build up in their system. 
Dietary Disadvantages: Highly processed foods, pesticide residue, and meat from animals that are not raised naturally (injected with all kind of hormones and other growth stimulants) make them feel terrible. 
High Metabolism: They burn calories quickly so they are often hungry, which makes them a huge fan of food. 

What is a Deluvian Exactly? 
These fairly rare immortals are a product of chaotic evolution. Most people, mortal and immortal alike, are unaware that they even exist. When many (5 or more) immortal races mix together a Deluvian offspring can result which is born as a first generation Deluvian. 
..... First Generation Deluvians are often born as albinos with pink eyes but their eye color can, on very rare occasions vary, but albino eyes are always very light in pigment regardless. This variation is slightly more common in higher generations. 
..... In many cases, the races which spawn Deluvians, cannot normally intermix, which is why this unusual genesis occurs when specific races do combine. They are the result of five or more different immortal races combining. 
..... One famous line, the line of Nystori, resulted from a combination of Angel, devil, fallen angel, vampire, demon, lycanthrope, dunai (a human race with a long life span) and Arcanon (only six Arcanon exist). Because the Arcanon Aeros Nystori sired a first generation Deluvian son named Lucian out of his Norse-vampire-demon-werewolf wife Vaeol, the line was named after him. 

Children born as Deluvians out of other races are first generation inasmuch as their conception is a revolutionary occurance in evolution which creates this race. 
..... All beings born as Deluvians share the same traits in common; but the forms they can take, the arcane powers and elements which fuse with their immortal embodiments varies. These forms and powers can be passed on to their children through their blood and.genes. 
..... The fact that Deluvians sometimes drink blood leads others to mistake them for vampires, but they are not vampires, for blood is not a dietary requirement for them. Drinking blood, whether to improve their stamina or because it is a habitual preferance, is a choice.