Wyvaaru the Pathfinder

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Date of Character Creation: Nov. 15, 2020
RPG Platform: TMK
Status: Recruit (start at level 1)

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Character Name: Wyvaaru the Pathfinder
Race: OTHER (describe below)
Sub-Race: Unknown (Antaru Human of Antares)
Character Age: 111
Age by Appearance: 22

  • Appearance: Race: Unknown to Actor (Antaru Human, dormant  Antarus devil)
    Skin Colour: deep sienna brown
    Hair Colour: platinum blonde streaked with auburn and brunette
    Eye Colour: pale grey, blue eye whites
    Height: 5'11
    Build: athletically muscular
    Defining Features: though tall for his Antaru race he is short compared to males of other races. He looks somewhat elven but his race is unique and bears no resemblance to Morashtar people. He has wildly kinky platinum hair streaked with auburn and brunette locks, metallic silver eye lashes and ear tufts, and metallic gold tatoos on face, arms and upper body. (Not shown in image)
    Styles: thin layered elegant clothing and medium to light armor, might appear archaically elven.

Place of Origin: Antares System: Antares
Location: Morendor

Resources: Resources:  Just what he carries in his pack of holding: 
Antaru clothing, Light and medium armor sets, basic camp gear kit, duel phase laser swords, duel phase laser pistols, weapon and  utilities harness, device utilities  (shielding and cloaking rings, fabrication amulet, and modulating field bracelet) and various high tech utilities (grappling hook gun, modifiable energy probe, technical tool kit, rope, quantum hand held computer, nano-replicator pen (repairs, mends, and replicates whatever it is programmed to replicate, locked).

Renown: 9-12 Obscure: +2 evade, +1 Steal.

Companions: COMPANIONS
Name: Binx
Race: horse (unknown android)
Age: 4
Class: combat mount
Combat Levels: 1, Class Level 9
Paths and Levels: bite, kick, trample, charge, laser beam, bolts and disabling cloud aura, phasing haste 
Information: (this horse's powers are/were unknown to rider until active) horse is a pale blonde with bright blue eyes, a white face, and blonde streaked chestnut mane and tail.  Looks flesh and blood accept for its glowing blue eyes when power is charged.

HISTORY: Just wound up on Morashtar in the forest of Shadows with no recall of how he and Binx got there, where he was from or even what he was. He is relearning how to use all the devices he has with him.  Once a master techno-warlock he has forgotten all his skills but still has an innate sense for using his equipment and figuring out how to maintain and repair them. He is relearning the Dark Realm path of Power he also wielded in the past as well.


Actor Rank: 33, Dedicated
Class Rank: 7, Novice
Primary Rank: 7, Novice
Single Rank: 1, Novice Technomancer, 1, Novice Dark Realms, 1, Novice Ranger, 7, Novice Civilian 

Class: Techno-Warlock
*     High tech Nack: +1 on all stats using, enginerring, or repairing high tech devices
*     Advanced Entity: +3 stam & +4 intel, +1 d6, +1 HP on all tech rolls.
*     Innate Dark Realms Invoker: +1 lvl, +1 HB, -50% XP cost.

Class Skill Sets - Ranger
*  Dogged Tracker: +1 per ace on all tracking skills. Hard to get a dogged tracker off one's trail
***  Duel Blades Adeptness: +1 HB dual wield any one handed blades.
***  Field Apothecary: brew, identify, use poisons and medicines while en-field. Total Roll=Damage of Poison and Curative Affects of Medicines. +1 HB per ace.
***  Forage Adeptness: Identify, and correctly harvest, edible plants, mushrooms, nuts, roots, herbs and know how to prepare them. +1 intelligence to roll. +1 edible found per success.
*  Hide in Shadows: +2 stealth, +1 stealth per ace in shadows 
***  Medicinal Adeptness: Identify, and correctly harvest, medical plants, mushrooms, roots, herbs, etc and know how to properly prepare them. Knowledge of treating wounds. +5 HP per success, +10 HP per ace, healing.
Move Silently: +1 stealth per ace vs. perception
*  Reading Signs: +1 per ace to all tracking and scouting skills.
*  Set Snares and Traps: +1 intelligence to roll, Level (LoD) vs. detection
***  Survival Skill Adeptness: Ranger gets wilderness survival with this. Can hunt, track and trap, make lean-to shelters, or more permanent shelters that will withstand the weather, make traps and snares, start fires, make weapons if need be, make strong rope, from what nature provides. Can tan hides and craft hides into boots and clothing. Can make a comfortable home of a cave if necessary, roll level against any survival check in field taken. (1000 XP)
*  Terrain Mapping Sense: +1 perception and stamina per ace, Keen Sense of direction, tracking, and scouting when traveling by land while following 'signs,' from animal movement, disturbed plants, rocks, even dirt. Track by perception as well, or lack thereof. Skill vs. stealth of target being tracked, or LoD of environment.
*  Tracking: skill vs. stealth of one being tracked.
***  Travel Light: +5 mvm. +10 stamina when traveling light.
*  Vigilant Scout: +1 per ace each on perception, stealth, movement, perception, and sixth sense. Sense ground vibrations and ascertain target movement and numbers, read and understand signs, see far, move silently and unseen, cover a lot of ground quickly, comprehend and identify combat formations.
***  Weapon Specialization: duel laser melee and ranged weapon +2 HB, +1 AR, +1 dexterity and movement.

*** Defensive Cloaking: invisibility at will that can cover self, areas or chosen targets within range of roll = yards. At expert levels or higher range extends to miles, at legendary or higher levels range is limited only by planet with triple crit.
*** Voluntary Nightvision: only active when activated by rolling eyes back hard. No light penalties unless active.
***  Antarian Presence: calming or tranquilizing effect on target at will when speaking in calming manner, +2 willpower, 10% chance of anti-resistance.

Technomancer Skills
Repair: device or function
Factor: add +1 Factor to spell or function, +1 per ace.
Diagnostics: +1 on repairs.
Command String: the string of commands that make a power or set of functions work.
Contingency: write a contingency function for a power or command.
Power Guide: loop, weave, phase etc.
Bind Power: to an object
Glyph Command
Functions: imbed functions in a machine
Magnetism: create magnetic fields as called in objects
Scrap Project: destroys a project utterly.
Tweak: slightly alter commands.

***  Ambidexterity: take no penalty when using either hand.
***  Animal Handling: +1 called action per ace succeeds with animal.
***  Build Fires: ace required to build a fire, +1 ace required against each obstacle against building a fire.
***  Climbing: skill vs. level of climb.
***  Camouflage: +1 stealth.
***  Cartography: ranger can make functional even fetching maps to any known location. With a crit, they can even render usable maps from description.
***  Internal Compass: know which direction is being traveled, Level vs. LoD of terraine, conditions, and climate.
***  Light Sleeper: take perception while asleep.
***  Perfect Balance: +2 dexterity, +1 per ace vs. trips and unbalancing.
*  Precise Memory: +1 intelligence to roll per ace


Spell Book I: Dark Realms Power
Spell Book II: Technomancy
Spell Book III: NONE
Spell Book IV: NONE
Spell Book V: NONE

Dark Realms Power

This power is wielded by the Antaru race of planet Antares or the underworld denizons of Antarus the planet presides under. 
***  1 - Ethereal Cloak: A cloak that conceals physical, spiritual and mental presence alike from senses, spells, and perception
2 - Spirit Dart: drains -1 life as called per hit, stuns and does aggravated damage for 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
3 - Invigorate: restores +1 stamina and strength per success.
4 - Deathly Concealment: hide all aspects of death and make a corpse, wraith, or undead being appear as it did when alive.  Lasts up to 1 hour per success without permanence factor.
5 - Dark Realms Sword: sword of power is summoned which fights by invoker or called target's side that is wielded by a martial spirit.  +1 Level enhanced damage/strength per success.  +35 damage, -1 stamina per hit.
6 - Dark Realms Familiar: A dark realms creature that can be summoned as a mount, spy or fighting companion depending on what kind of creature it is.  They have a corpse-like appearance.  Familiar has three Dark Realms attacks.  Level of familiar is +1 per success.  If killed outside the underworld; these creatures sink into the dark realm of Antarus where they recover and can be summoned again within 1 d6 days.  Like Planar creatures, dark realms creatures can only be killed permanently within the underworld of Antarus.
7 - Grave Wounds: aggravates wounds to do full added damage for +1 turn, +1 turn per ace
8 - Dark Enchantment: Enchant select items with dead realms magic to create magic items and artifacts.
9 - Bahor's Might:  roll total=strength enhancement.  Lasts 1 turn, +1 turn per ace.
10 - Scepter of Antarus: Attainment of a magic item which: grants the Antaru the ability to combine powers, ward, factor power, improvise dark realms powers, create items and artifacts, and use to gain access to a fortress and kingdom that spans 100 miles in the underworld, which when entered, becomes the kingdom of the scepter bearer.   Creatures within this territory will serve the Antaru and come when summoned.  Scepter comes equipped with power of recall and +100 strength added to a level 30 strength roll vs. breaking or destruction.
11 - Aura of Immunity:  raise an aura of immunity against magic, elements, a single condition, or a single damage type (blunt damage, slashing damage, or piercing damage).  Lasts until another spell is cast.
12 - Antarus Devil - Antaru ascends into an Antarus Devil and gets +160 spells in any path.  Devil also gains +4 levels in Arcane power.
Machine Aspects
Machines can include: mechanized doors, mechanized defenses, furnaces, generators, vehicles, gates, complex weapons or creatures, war machines, robots, computers, machine monsters, etc.
Roll=Damage, Power, Strength, or LoD of Machine

***  1-[1-3] Formulate: create a mental blueprint of the intended machine and project (or draw) it onto paper or vellum.
2-[4-6] Material Tap: tap and channel the materials needed to formulate a called machine aspect.
3-[7-9] Fabricate: fabricate the machine parts
4-[10-12] Construct: using the fabricated framework, plates, hoses, seals, filters, levers, clockworks, mechanisms, pulleys, gears, engines, etc.
5-[13-15] Fuse: fuse together those parts of the machine that need to be joined, +1 strength, +1 per ace.
6-[16-18] Power Up: using chosen fuel such as fire, solar, steam, fusion, atomic, etc. Machine Level up to +1 per success.
7-[19-21] Catalyst: create certain catalysts which trigger the machine's defenses or performance as called. reset Machine Level +1 per success, +2
8-[22-24] Objective: give the machine an objective. reset Machine Level +1 per success, +2
9-[25-27] Artificial Intelligence: give the machine virtual intelligence. reset Machine Level up to +1 per success, +3. Intelligence based on logic, logic +2.
10-[28-30] Reconstruct Complexity: imbed how complex the machine's thought processes and mechanisms are to make it more powerful. reset Machine Level up to +1 per success, +4, logic +4.
11-[31-35] Duplicate Machine: Duplicate a machine up to +1 times per success at current level of target machine.
12-[36-40] Biomorphic Creation: generate a living machine that looks like a creature with the reparability of a machine. Call emotions, powers inherited from creature, intelligence, lifespan of the machine (immortal if the creature it is made out of is). Machine Level up to +1 per success, +5, mental checks and power of creature type (as called), Logic+5.

*     Longevity:
Hardy: resist disease
*     Immortal Contingency: is a devil of Antarus in mortal form. Immortality and memories will be quickened when killed as a mortal.
*     Innate Charm: +1 will and presence.
*     Racial Feats: see feats
Advantages: *     Highly Intelligent +4 Intell.
*     Highly Adaptive +4 will and survival.
*     Highly Intuitive +4 perception
*     Likable: +1 charisma
*     Lucky: +10 chance of success on any failed roll or of getting out of a bad situation, +1 to save fixed, or +1 reroll fixed.


*     Amnesia until immortal quickening occurs.
*     Naive
*     On unknown world
*     Fear of Snakes
*     Fated (to rule Antarus)


Gold: 45
Property: None



Weapon: duel phasing laser swords and pistols, adjust to stun, hold (w/crit), cripple, DoT, dmg. And even heal laser wounds. -1 AT to adjust settings.
Type: swords melee, pistols range of 50 yrds.
Dmg: 20 each
Str: 20, 400 reinforced
Enchantments: technical
Weight: 0lbs (base str - dmg = weight)
Stun: -1 AR, -1 per ace, base damage
Cripple: -1 AR per ace until healed, base damage
Aggravated Damage: normal damage for +1 extra turns, +1 per ace.
Wound: damages each turn until healed.

Piece: 2 harnesses
AC: 25/40
Material: unknown
Quality: high
Craftsmanship: (Antarian)
Enchantments: technical
Weight: light/medium
Armor 1 Activation
Armor 2 Activation
Plasma Shield Activation
Kinetic Shield Activation



Antaru clothing, Light and medium armor sets, basic camp gear kit, duel phase laser swords, phase laser pistol, weapon and utilities, harness, device accessories  (shielding and cloaking rings, fabrication amulet, and modulating field bracelet) and various high tech utilities (grappling hook gun, modifiable energy probe, technical tool kit, quantum hand held computer, nano-mending pen).

Stolen saddle and harness

Strength: 15
Stamina: 20
Stealth: 15
Dexterity: 16
Movement: 14

Intelligence: 21
Willpower: 16
Charisma: 14
Wisdom: 15
Perception: 16

Health Points: 310
Action Rate: MA+2, PA+2
Regeneration Level: 4
Fortitude: 3
Resurrection Difficulty: 1

Save Bonus: +1
Resistance: 25% vs MA, 10% vs Poisons, 80% when devil
Immunities: Disease 
Armour Class: 20,25

Class: 7
Magic: 7

Combat: 0
Path I:  Technomancy  1
Path II:  Dark Realms Power 1
Path III: 0
Path IV: 0
Path V: 0
Inborn Abilities: 3

Traits: 3
Feats: 3
Common Skills: 7


Rank Dot Gained: XP=0
XP Spent: XP Spent: 0
Spending: O

Current Story Goals: Getting Established

Current Missions:

1. Find Shelter or Haven
2. Find means to communicate in unknown languages
3. Find Work
4. Make Contacts
5. Acquire Property
6. Establish a Business
7. Make Name for Self

8. Find Mentor

9. Train

10. Gain lost knowledge


1. Pending:

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