* Soak Power: disenchants and nulls power, gain +1 stam, strength, or HP, +1 per ace.

* Telekinesis: see Inborn Powers

Spell Book I: Morph Elements - (morphomancy)
Spell Book II: Conjuration
Spell Book III: Arcane Reaver


1-Eye of the Reaver - Reaver soaks stamina very rapidly through their eyes as they focus on a target while they are gathering energy to cast a spell. This 'releases' the stamina, at what time they absorb the stamina through a vacuume in their eyes. Their eyes turn into black voids when this occurs. This disrupts casting, as the stamina harnessed to cast a spell is captured. This void also does some damage.

2-Internal Tap - Stamina captured is stored internally by the reaver, and accumulates. They can tap this stamina to power their own abilities without spending their own stamina unless the store of stamina runs out.

3-Project Arcane Resistance - They can project their magic resistance to protect a select target, but their own resistance is lowered while doing so, by the amount of MR they shield another with. They can recall their resistance at any given moment.

4-Arcane Aura - A vacuuous aura surrounds the reaver to soak the stamina of multiple targets when they cast, at up to a +10 foot radius per success. The aura lasts until the reaver uses another ability, which dispells the aura. The aura damages as well.

5-Invigorating Gaze - Stamina can be shared by the Reaver as it is released through his eyes to a target they focus on.

6-Occult Shield - Reaver spends enough stamina to project their MR over a select target as an 85% MR-Shield, while their own MR is not compromised. Shield lasts 1 turn per success, or until shielded subject uses magic.

7-Boost Resistance - Reaver can draw in a deep breath while concentrating on the natural energies surrounding them, and draw that energy into themselves to boost their MR, or build a temporary resistance. Lasts 1 turn. +1% Resistance per success.

8-Field of Resistance - Like Boost, but covers a large area with +1% Resistance per success vs. called effects. Radius of +10 feet per success. Lasts 1 d6+1 turns.

9-Tear of the Abyss - Reaver can tear a hole in the universal fabric, by pulling the void through themselves and then pushing it outward to redirect the void, which soaks power, and can devour shields in large area (+10 foot radius per success). if a critical void is formed, it also damages and drains stamina.

10-Arcane Dead Zone - Reaver can pull the shadows of the abyss through an area of up to a radius of +10 feet per success, nullifying all arcane pathways in that area. To restore the area, reaver must recall those pathways from the abyss they seeped into, or area will become barren of all life within 5-6 days time. Nothing will grow in an arcane dead zone, and animals leave it for the oppressive feeling over such an area, nevermind the rapidly vanishing food chain.

Learned Only After all other Abilities are Learned.

Healing Void: Reaver can pour their stamina into healing another by soaking a person's injuries, sickness, or poisons into themselves through a void. Reaver feels the subject's illness or pain while doing so, though to a lesser degree than the actual victim. Level of stamina spent, and level of healing is dependant on what level the reaver applies. Resurrections can also be performed in this way, but with serious damage to the Reaver each round until full Health is restored to the deceased. Reaver takes Successes=Damage each round until subject is resurrected, and they will experience the subject's last dying moments. Heals and Restores: 5 HP per success, 10 HP per ace.

Healing Costs and Levels
1 stamina - Levels 1-3
2 stamina - Levels 4-6
3 stamina - Levels 7-9
4 stamina - Levels 10-12
5 stamina - Levels 13-15
6 stamina - Levels 16-18
7 stamina - Levels 19-21
8 stamina - Levels 22-24
9 stamina - Levels 25-27
10 stamina - Levels 28-30
11 stamina - Levels 31-35
12 stamina - Levels 36-40











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