Player Info

Login Name: Pending Player
Email: NPC, request to play via contact.
RPG Platform: TMK

Character Information

Character Name: Zahsulim (zah-soo-leem) or Zahsu, Aureliun
Race: Angel, 5th Pentacle, Alamascan
Sub-Race: NONE
Rank: seraph of swords, poses as a namas and works as a city guard in Hawkers Fort.
Appearance: female, tall, 6'7, clad in sheer ivory layered robes, ivory feathered wings, skin, and hair, pale golden eyes, spirit form similar but with golden aura. Dresses like a human among mortals.

Demeanor: stoic, in tight control of her emotions which as an ensouled Alamascan she has. Capable of great compassion towards the good and innocent or utter ruthlessness towards enemies.

Combat Skills: twinblade weilder and archer, incredible with both.

Passive Skills: knack for common skills, picks them up quickly. Can also alter her presence to present herself as other races.

Paths: Weaver of the Divine, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Quantum Weaver.
Spellbook: all of the above
Place of Origin: Haman
Weapons: heritage Twinblade, Bow and Arrows (replenishing quiver), Soul Splinters and Divine Reckoning (x2 dmg evil, undead or corrupt, +50 added dmg, at 50% dmg command will +5 will, +1 per captured soul vs. rival Will. Souls captured 8)

Armour: none but fortitude or the fuard armour the city she works for provides.

Magic Items: heritage weapons, ring of bilocation, creates doppelganger who can appear at another location when ring topaz is kissed.


Property: a residence in Haman, a manor in Hawkers Fort city.

Gold: enough to get by.

Equipment: a pack of holding with camping equipment, rope, the usual adventurerer's gear.



Name: Lilput
Race: small cat like creature
Age: 5
Class: pet, familiar
Combat Levels: 4
Paths and Levels: defensive phasing, healing aura and touch.
Information: soft, fluffy white fur, sky blue eyes, cat like but with feather wings, a deer like face, large perk ears, racoon like feet. Immortal. 

Name: Cahgir
Race: Auroran Lion Mount
Age: 10
Class: mount, guardian
Combat Levels: 12
Paths and Levels: stunning roar, celestial aura, repels dark kinds and burns on contact, x2 dmg evil, undead, corrupt.

Information: dire sized lion, immortal 



Was created by Alamas to replace the fallen Tsetar which she has been raised to think are corrupt and or evil. Was contacted one day by a soul proxy of the Morning Star who convinced her through sound logic to allow him to ensoul her. The shock of having emotions and her own free will was intense and she understood why Alamas denied them those things but also saw the wrong in doing so. An advocate for being ensouled she is one of very few swords who permitted the act.