Saeed Kassim

General Information

Player Information

Player Name: Matt
Screen Name:robichaux
Date Character was Created: January 2007
Game Platform: The Middle Kingdom.

Character Profile

Name: Saeed (sah-eed) Kishesh Kassim
Race: Horned Demon Acolyte Subrace: Neffari
Sire: Solbaid

Clan: Black Horn Clan 
Generation: 2nd 
Age: 646 Max Age: immortal Age by Appearance: 36
Occupation/Rank: King of Hassim, Ruler of Inaaksu
Alignment: lawful evil? Maybe not too evil, hm?
Nature and Demeanor: varies from poised to an underlying coldly hot temper which rarely surfaces. He is deceptively charismatic, merciless to those who cross him, benefactor of those who are loyal, decadant and rules with an iron fist
Location: Inaaksu, East coast of the Desert of Fire, the kingdom of Hassim
Allies: Maelmorda, Sammael, Gabrian, Marsol, Seumir
Enemies: Chieftain Marsol
Offspring: (oldest to youngest) Yorek, Saffiel, Rafee, Valkar
Foster Children: Yveline, Teazja
Wives: Paalaana, Nibetu

Father: Eremon, aka Solbaid

Key Servents (NPCs)

Braemen: Arch Devil of Proxy, Saeed's most trusted mage and intelligence officer, loyal to Saeed of his own will. 
Saamek: Braemen's trusted serf, Duminor Vampire. 
Vaazir: Horned Clan Demon, Captain of the guard. 
Trevien: Horned Demon, Knight Captain. 
Abadier: Creation of Saeed, looks Neffari unless examined closely. 
Abdiel: knight guard 
Saddiq: a mysterious immortal, looks Neffari, merchant of many talents.

The Twinstar Wardens

The Desert Wardens of Hassim

*Ytremius: Marshal, Mordim of Belial. 
*Baalta: Warden, Sephiroth. 
*Affritis: (Af) Warden, Shapeshifter (many forms) (female) 
*Khemset: Captain, Half Devil Neffari, quasi-immortal. 
*Casien: Warden, Tsetar in immortal stage. 
*Imaru: Warden, vampire rogue (trueborn out of Byron, unknown), red dragon rider. 
*Llom: (Whither) Red dragon mount to Imaru (female). 
*Caali: Warden and Arcane Enforcer, Elduain (Darkstar Elf) Arch Chaosmancer. (female and GORGEOUS) 
*Kaeom Cage: Warden, Badlands demon out of Mephais. 
*Ghazji: Warden, Werelion (brother of Veraluss) 
*Veraluss: Warden, Werelion (brother of Ghazji 
*Tressai: Warden, Neffari Demonkin 
Blessing of Belorian: all bear this blessing of True Resolve, which renders them immune to domination, possession, charms, bonding, and marks. All who join the wardens touch the 'Stone of Resolve' to gain this blessing, albeit they are not told what it does. It is up to their captain's discretion whether or not to divulge to a member that they bear these immunties. This blessing is a WELL kept a secret, known only by the marshal warden and captain to prevent anyone from attmempting to join their ranks just to attain this blessing.

Sons of Bramen (NPCs)

All at same base level: 14
☆ Erustaad: eldest son of Braemen and Saffiel, Warrior 
☆ Nisaame: second son of Braemen and Saffiel, Mage 
☆ Dumaare: third son of Braemen and Saffiel, Watcher 
☆ Ishmael: fourth son of Braemen and Saffiel, Warrior Mage 
☆ Rhavaar: fifth son of Braemen and Saffiel, Warrior 
☆ Akdir: youngest son of Braemen and Saffiel, Guard.
These fraternal sextuplets are close and quite protective of each other, their King and their father. See Braemen's page for further information.

Saeed Neffari Appearance

Eyes: dark blue
Hair: jet black, long, curly, often brained and decorated with gems
Skin Pigment: medium reddish-brown skin 
Build: lean hard muscle, broad shouldered
Height: tall, 6'7
Outstanding Features: very handsome and desert tribal; lip, ears, tongue and body piercings; decorative tribal tatoos on arms, throat, legs, thighs, cheeks, and back; battle scars on torso, one across his left eye and brow, another across the bridge of his nose. Always very opulently dressed with a long cloak which brushes the ground.

Saeed Horned Demon Appearance

Eyes: completely black
Hair: bald, wears a gold crown with sleeves which fit his horns
Pigment: grey-blue
Build: skeletal covered with ash colored flesh with no muscle
Height: tall, 7'10
Outstanding Features: wears layers of rich vestments and robes, has large flared horns crowning his head, face is mostly skull covered in skin with no muscle, no ears, often hooded beneath his crown, deep eyesockets. Mouth full of sharp teeth and fangs. Clawed fingers. Always very opulently dressed in silks, satins, and fine linens and gem crusted robes, with a long cloak which brushes the ground

Saeed with his horse Topaz

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