Saeed Attributes


                                            ◇ Poised
                                            ◇ Charismatic: +4 charisma
                                            ◇ Intelligent
                                            ◇ Cunning
                                            ◇ Smooth Talker
                                            ◇ Intimidating
                                            ◇ Feared
                                            ◇ Respected
                                            ◇ Loyal Retainers: king's guards, king's knights
                                            ◇ Well Protected: by his guards and knights
                                            ◇ Logical: balances his tendency to be cruel and cold hearted somewhat
                                            ◇ Extremely Wealthy
                                            ◇ Free Walker: was granted the freedom to live outside of Acheron
                                            ◇ Dead Realms Haven: he has a haven he can retreat to in the Dead Realms 


                                            ■  Enemies
                                            ■  Constant Danger of Assassins
                                            ■  Heartless
                                            ■  Burden of Responsibility
                                            ■  Unable to Trust
                                            ■  Marked by his Sire
                                            ■  Must answer to his sire Solbaid and to Sammael who he pledged himself to serve in Acheron

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