Saeed Paths


Clan Signature Power :: Pestilence 
¤ Arcane Contagion: infest an area with an arcane or necromantic disease or contagion as called. Affects those who resist and are immune to disease but can be resisted by MR. 
¤ Contagion: Contaminate an area with a normal contagion, microorganism, or contagion as called. can be resisted by those who resist or are immune to disease. 
¤ Disease Bolt: is a spastic disease which does aggravated damage and staggers -1 AR per ace. 
¤ Contagious Disease Bolt: like disease bolt but spreads to others who contact the one infected. 
¤ Call how contagion is spread: by contact, airborne, by water sources, etc. 
¤ Deadly contagions: if called, a crit is required, does progressive damage per day until cured or dead. 
¤ Damage for normal disease: can last up to +1 day per ace as called. Disease Bolt, if called,Stamina 1 (1-3) 
¤ Corpse Visage - Called person takes on appearance of a corpse. 
¤ Cause Fatigue - Causes lapse of extreme fatigue, -1 Stamina per success. 
¤ Necromancer's Lock - Locks a chest, door, book with a dark lock which causes extreme pain and damage as long as unauthorized person attempts to open locked object and is within a 10 foot radius of protected item or door. 
¤ Necromancer's Skeleton key - A key that unlocks any door, drawer, chest, etc. that is enchanted by locking it with the key, to open only with the key. key will fit any standard lock. Forced entry causes degeneration and intense pain as long as infiltrator is within 10 foot radius of protected item or door. 
¤ Hide in Shadows - Person disappears into shadows, but may be seen if they make sudden movements. 
¤ Stench of Decay - Fill an area with damaging stench of death. 
¤ Hidden Door - Hide a door with a necromantic phantasm. 
¤ Deathly Silence - Fill an area with absolute silence. 
¤ Healing Aura - Heals minor wounds. 

Stamina 2 (4-6) 
¤ Detect Undead - Detect vampires, zombies, wraiths, etc. 
¤ Stunning touch - Paralyzes 2 turns. 
¤ Chill touch - Chills to the bone and drains -1 HP, WP and Stamina per AR used to touch. 
¤ Shadow Form - Form shifts into shadow and cannot be seen where there are shadows. 
¤ Choke Hold - Unseen force grapple's target's throat and chokes them. 
¤ Shriek Of The Banshee - Several people who hear the Banshee's cry are unable to defend next turn. 
¤ Conceal Magic - Hides spell from detection. 
¤ Feign Death - Death looks real and one cannot tell they are living. 
¤ Summon Shadows - To conceal self or someone. 
¤ Healing Grave - Heals serious wounds. 

Stamina 3 (7-9) 
¤ Invigorate - Returns Stamina and strength to someone who is weak or fatigued, +1 per success. 
¤ Spectral Hand - The hand can make ranged touch attacks at +2 bonus to hit. 
¤ Sadist's Touch - Touch causes agonizing pain. 
¤ Vaporous Form - Shift into a vaporous, mist form. 
¤ Vampiric touch - touch causes -3 life. 
¤ Death Armor - Body generates +9-AC, +1 per success skeletal armor. 
¤ Necromantic Seal - Seals Necromantic spell against Dispelling, Disenchantments, etc. requires correct spell of higher level mage +2 to break magic Seal. 
¤ Mark of Mage - Seals spell against detection and identification with necromancer's mark of power. 
¤ Phantasm - Realistic illusion. 
¤ Protection against Evil - Protects again dark magic and powers and warns of encroaching evil. 
¤ Speak to the Dead - speak to souls and spirits. 

Stamina 4 (10-12) 
¤ Conjuration - A gate summoning spell of a called item. 
¤ Invoke Fear - Causes enemies to flee or miss in combat and others to retreat. Power and Willpower vs. Willpower. 
¤ Telekinetic Commands - Grapple, Push, Shove or throw someone telekinetically. 
¤ Contagion - Summon select disease to target 
¤ Enervation - Drain -2 levels until end of encounter. 
¤ Mask Of Death - Corpse takes on appearance of chosen individual. 
¤ Shatter Seal - Shatters mage's seal with higher power. 
¤ Shatter Mark - Shatters mage's mark. with higher power.
¤ Delay Death - Delays death 1 minute per level or success. and 5 minutes per Ace rolled. 
¤ Deadly Vapors - drain life rapidly, 20% each turn, while caster and those selected are not affected. 
¤ Soul Beckoning - Summons spirits and souls. 

Stamina 5 (13-15) 
¤ Enervation - Drain -2 levels until end of encounter. 
¤ Shatter Seal - Shatters mage's seal with higher power. 
¤ Shatter Mark - Shatters mage's mark with higher power. 
¤ Mortis Decomposer - Inflicts someone with fatal withering disease. 
¤ Skeletal Trauma - Causes victim’s bones to quake and pulse causing massive pain, damages with -1 strength, Stamina, and WP, -1 per success for 2 turns, 4 turns on a crit. 
¤ Death Recall - Recalls the death of someone just passed away and restores them with 2 HP. 
¤ Enchant weapons and items - With known magic, effects are permanent. 
¤ Dread Shock – Damages, stuns and inflicts target with shocking terror, -1 turn, -1 turn per ace. 
¤ Hold Undead - Holds vampires, zombies, wraiths etc. even in vapor or shadow form. 
¤ Dome of Silence - A barrier which allows no one outside of dome to hear what is being said by those the dome surrounds. 
¤ Necronomican Curtain - Those behind curtain cannot be seen, sensed or heard, as this power makes subjects selected cease to exist to those who are not veiled. 
¤ Deathly Majesty - Command and summon souls, spirits, wraiths, and the undead at level 13-15 +1 per ace. 

Stamina 6 (16-18) 
¤ Animate Dead - Bring Corpses to life to command at level 16-18, +1 per ace. 
¤ Illusory Mantle - Creates an illusionary area. 
¤ Shadow commands - Allows magic user to command the shadows and shadow walk. 
¤ Gate commands - Allows for gate creation on the fly or creation of fixed Gates and warding commands over gates. 
¤ Black mantle - Cloaking spell which resists TRUE sight or powers that pierce cloaks. 
¤ Spectral Steed - Creates quasi-real black demon steeds for several people at level 16-18 with Shadow Horse stats (see bestiary). 
¤ Scrying Eye - Ability to spy on someone at a distance. 
¤ Shape Change – into called form, take stats from bestiary if a living form. 
¤ Haunt - Summon ghosts to haunt a target. Chill on touch for -1 strength and Stamina. 
¤ Necromantic Sphere of Force - An orbic shield which drains life from anyone who contacts shield or who attempts to infiltrate it. if someone attempts to infiltrate shield a second time, they are struck with a rapid decomposition infliction, which will decompose them to ash. 
¤ Mortus Infliction - Rapid degeneration which results in death if infliction completes. 

Stamina 7 (19-21) 
¤ Cryptic Poison Spell - Antidote, ash of deadly nightshade, the cure itself unpleasant as it causes violent purging. Poison affects those who are immune to poisons, including immortals as poison is necromantic, 20% dmg every a day until Poison is cured by antidote. Caster can also specify antidote as they cast. Antidote can only be discovered by specific detection spells 
¤ Arrow Of Bone - Arrow can be fatal and causes extra damage against undead. 20% damage to mortals. 50% damage to undead. 
¤ Dead man’s Eyes - if someone meets necromancer's eyes using this, their gaze is deadly, draining the life from victim in moments to take the life into their soul to gain +1 level in necromancy. Succeeds on a crit, vs. save. 
¤ Deathly Joining - Dominate an undead creature to control it, Power vs. Willpower. 
¤ Control undead - Commands the will, mind and actions of an undead creature, Power vs. Willpower. 
¤ Diabolic Summoning - Powerful creature or demon summoning power that is increased by 3 levels, which allows for command of creature summoned. 
¤ Sepulcher’s Suffocation - Victim suffocates breathing in air which chokes with fatal, rotting stench 
¤ Master of Familiars - Turns target into a familiar for one day per level, or permanently if Will can overcome will of target. 
¤ Force Shape change - Victim Shape shifts into commanded form 
¤ Morbid Tomb - Victim is plunged into a sealed, ancient tomb which infects them with necromantic withering. Victim degenerates over period of three days until death results. Anyone entering tomb is trapped and inflicted with decomposition as well. 

Stamina 8 (22-24) 
¤ Enchant Weapons - Using available power. 
¤ Viable Phantasms - Life like phantasms controlled by user. 
¤ Dead Realm's Horrid Wilting - Wilts all who are not selected for bypass within a 22-24 foot radius of caster, doing double damage to the living 
¤ TRUE Life Projection - Project up to 4 quasi-real projections of self at 50% power 1 Projection per Ace up to 4. 
¤ Flesh to Skeletal Armor - Powerful armor generates quickly at +8-AC, +1 per success. Takes one turn. 
¤ Heart Of Stone - Changes selected target's heart to a stone heart, true heart guarded within stone. Caster rendered great defensive abilities but hard to heal at -50% healing. 
¤ Forced Alliance Catalyst - Turns target to caster's side, Power vs. Willpower. 
¤ Protection against the Light - Protects against sunlight, holy powers, or forces being employed by angels or divine beings, +5% resistance per success. 
¤ Soul Capture - Captures soul in item or called area. if performed on a living creature a zombie is created. 
¤ Dead Realms Warding - Wards buildings and areas. Area warded protected against magic, impact, infiltration and anti-warding powers. 
¤ Morbid Paralysis - Paralyzes and shrivels body to deathlike appearance. 
¤ Splintering Bones - Splinters victim's bones, causing great damage, and excruciating pain. 
¤ Dark Reincarnation - Reincarnates the dead into a new life as called. Two traits of corruption must be called into person being reincarnated. Example: (Greed and Obsession) (Sloth and Insanity) (Depression and Theft) 
¤ Resurrection - Knowledge of Soul Beckoning and Capture, Corporeal Restoration restores body. Soul Command, Union of Flesh and Soul, Vital Flame and Raise and Awake the dead to resurrect a person. 

Stamina 9 (25-27) 
¤ Wilting Presence - Shadow cast on Targets Wilts them with degenerative life drain -2 levels per ace, -1 per success, and damage. 
¤ Hold of Subservience - Brings target to their knees with head bowed in complete submission. 
¤ Dead Realms Warding Factor - Increases power of Dead Realms wards with 150% MR. 
¤ Life Siphon - Drain Life, Soul, and Essence. Drains -1 level, -1 strength, and -1 Stamina from target, -1 each per ace rolled. 
¤ Necromantic Ward - Places a deathly shield around and beneath a building or area, which inflicts anyone trying to enter area, who is not permitted safe entry, with violent nausea. if person tries to enter warded area again, they are struck with a deadly force which decomposes them very rapidly, until nothing but ash remains. 
¤ Artifact Zombie Ward - Places a necromantic ward around and beneath a building or area, which inflicts anyone trying to infiltrate area with a deadly force, which snatches their soul and will from them to transform intruder into a Zombie Minion at present level, who will obey the Necromancer who placed the wards implicitly. The wards entrap the soul in its barrier, but the person's will is devoured by the ward's powers, increasing its strength by +1. Only those selected to be bypassed can enter the warded area safely. 
¤ Dark Warding - Necromantic Selection for warding havens, areas, items and buildings. 

Stamina 10 (28-30) 
¤ Active Negative Force Commands - Allows magic user to command and manipulate negative energies at will. 
¤ Prison of Obsidian - Encases target, or their soul (on death) in obsidian. They are preserved if captured alive. 
¤ Spell Reversal - Can alter alignment of spells or reverse them back on caster. 
¤ Thief of Life – Drains Blood, Strength, Health, Stamina, Levels, and Willpower. Does great deal of damage. Increases mages power by levels taken until spent. 
¤ Dead Realms Walk - Ability to walk to any death dimension, plane, world, underworld, hell, or other realm of the dead. Soul must be marked for passage to enter any underworld's forbidden corridors. 
¤ Crack of Doom Spell - Snuffs out the life force of several creatures, +1 target, +1 per ace as called. 
¤ Immutable Death Crush - Spirit hand grapples vital area to crush windpipe, heart, brain. Will pass through magic/energy fields. 
¤ Dark Creation - Powers of Necromantic and Dark Temple Spells; Commands; Factors; Improvised Casting (failure with failed chaos roll of 1 d6 roll of 1 fails); Recreation and Creation of Monsters, Flesh Crafting; Artifacts; and items Creation. 

Stamina 11 (31-35) 
¤ Arch Necromancer - Create death spells, curses, artifacts, magic items, improvise dark magic, create wards, monsters and creatures. 

Stamina 12 (36-40) 
¤ God of the Dark Temple - Ascension into Lich, Demon, Devil, Vampiric Deity, and Angelican vampire only. Holistic creation and command of the Dark Temple's powers. Any Life and Death command can be invoked. Improved Ward Creation, Stable Weaves and unbreakable seals to any not exceeding their power with the knowledge of disabling powers selectively. Failure with more 1s than successes. 
¤ Resurrect Army - Does what it says. Massive aural wave blasts over an army like a gust of shadowy wind and restores corpses, then the bodies begin to glow as their souls plunge back into their bodies and vital flames are sparked, and with command, Raise the Fallen, the dead rise fully resurrected with 100 HP each. Caster is KOed for a day and requires a week of recuperation.

Necromantic Corruption

Any alignment can take necromancy, but if used for evil; this power will corrupt its wielder and shift their alignment. Typically; those of chaotic or evil alignments learn this path. Those who become supreme masters of Necromancy, become so infused with the powers of the dead realms that they ascend into a dark being (see level 12, God of the Dark Temple). Good aligned must at least become chaotic if this occurs.





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