Guardian Stack Wards

Palace Wards

The first wards of the palace are those that prevent breaching the walls of the palace, they are laired to prevent the use of magical attacks, portals and the like, anything and everything and anyone penetrating the walls and making it inside. Rooms within the palace are similarly warded. Anything that does breech will find itself tossed back out across the desert in the middle of it. This ward also protects against contagion in and around the palace. 

There are inner wards in place to keep unauthorized people/animals/objects from opening portals to depart or allow the like from entering. 

Violence in the palace is the sole province of the royal family, their soldiers and lackeys although that has been upgraded in light of Rafee, any attempt to murder or attack or otherwise assassinate any one in the palace by any hand other then saeed, or those he authorizes (orders) to carry out any such attempt is met swiftly by the immediate imprisonment of the offenders, for a mere mortal this would mean the dungeons, for the more powerful, this means things like more in line with Braemen's preferred method, his arcane prison thingy..jigger..mabob. 

Now, when two guests start having it out, they'll be frozen in place for five minutes unable move...a second attempt will result in imprisonment. While Saeed or whoever he designates sorts it out. This is bad, Saeed considers this a constipator, it fucks with his shit and that's annoying. 

Any person, not a regular of the castle who exceeds their authority and gets unruly, will find themselves on the dunes. If they've attacked or threatened anyone then the wards concerning violence kick in. 

Thievery. Thievery is bad, so is kidnapping, no pilfering toilet paper or bathroom fixtures or the embroidered dinner knapkins, fine dining china or ANY ITEM OR PERSON WHATSOEVER IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM from the palace will land you in the supermax Pokey, this is a place not even the rats want to go. Not even the most hardened criminals, mortal or immortal want to go there. You don't want to go there either. Your characters, beg you, not to do anything that would send them there. Even cockroaches avoid the place. 

As for souvenirs, Perfidy and Pilfering are not necessary! Saeed does souvenir bags for honored guests and his Palace is the only one he knows about anywhere on Morashtar that has a gift shop to service guests. The King Saeed Kassim pop up book of phobias! The King Kassim pop up book for children! amongst other things, and that's just for the kids, plenty of other items for adults too. 

Weapons, Saeed will let guests keep theirs on their person, the wards do however prevent the summoning of magical and enchanted weapons to unauthorized people, (like prisoners and such) Brandish a weapon threateningly on saeed and the wards on violence will kick in, likewise Kassim reserves the right to confiscate any weapon or item and the use of force and wards to do so if necessary 

Communication. these are actually standard, Saeed can prevent telepathy except for those authorized (i.e. himself, his kids, yorek etc, his soldiers and aids and mages etc, and of course honored guests.) likewise saeed can listen to thoughts within the palace by utilitzing the wards to do so. 

Magic and spell casting is another no no in the palace and it is thus warded..anyone unauthorized attempting such will find themselves unable..if they persist and attempt to break the wards concerning spells they will find themselves cast out and dumped in very unpleasent places, dungeons, septic tanks, sewers, toilets of doom, ten thousand feet over the desert or the ocean...don't expect to be tossed to high altitude if you have wings though, that's reserved for people who can't fly. 

City Wards

Somewhat like palace wards but less comprehensive, thieves can thieve...they just better not get caught!! Telepathy can be used in the city unless the Blanket Ward is activated which halts telepathy and direct magic in the entire city for everyone, including Saeed and his people. This ward does not affect the palace proper and is used as a security measure when trouble arises. These wards also answer to master commands which allow Saeed and certain persons he permits to command the city wards to choose individuals or groups to eject from the city. These persons must be in sight of the ward master and anyone ejected lands in Shark's Head bay where they can cool off with the sharks. If they make it back to shore, they will be met by the King's guard, if not the King himself and their justice. This ward also protects against contagion in the city. 

Likewise the skies are warded over the city and the palace to prevent anything from flying in. This was done after marsol. 


Realm Wards

As a rule, guests and friends can portal to the palace gate to come and go during their stays or visits, otherwise regular travelers who aren't guests but come and go frequently can do so from the city gates. Outsiders entering the realm for the first time wind up on the edge of the realm at the fixed gate which anchors incoming gates at the outpost on the northwest shore of Shark's Head Bay. In this case, or if traveling by foot or mount; it's best to stick to the roads which are patrolled and have watering and supply stations for travelers...as the desert of fire is a very inhospitable place if you don't know it.


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