Morghais Argheled

Allies:  Vendos Torgran, weyrtiger, King of eastern Elorendor

Location: Aurora, capital city of Elorendor

Though the king of Elorendor, very little is actually known about this 'white devil' beyond the code of honor and high standards of ethics and integrity he follows diligently. It has become known to a few beyond his officers that he is the leader of the ancient coalition of enforcers that have come to be known as the Army of Man, or AoM. But he ihas passed his mantle down, to a chosen heir, King Octavian Sirrilius of Esscha Endor whom he has entrusted his legions and their purpose to. He believes he may have found the dedication, heart and genuine honor he has been looking for. Now will any of those few he has set his gaze upon prove capable?

Octavian has rebranded AoM as the Legions of the Dawn or LD.

Mocha skinned, longish black hair with loose curls, bright green eyes, handsome, mid-thirties and arabic human in appearance. Can shift and partial shift into white sephiroth devil form, which few have every seen or know what it looks like.

Morgais is a legendary warrior, can summon and ride great eagles and is an elemental artificer (can invoke any elemental effect once a day).

Morgais will still remain Steward of the Legions of Dawn in an advisory and enforce the enforcers fashion. NPC, character available upon request.



Elorendor is roughly 5000 miles across and 1000-1100 miles long. It is 3000-4000 miles south-south-west of An Morendor, 125 miles north of Damhas, and 7000 miles dead east of Morganth.