Player: NPC-JD

Date of Character Creation: 2019

Dragon Scion of Noctmaire

Name: Remus Aurelius Ambrosious
Race: Deluvian out of Noctmaire Shadow Dragon, Silver Dragon, Gold Dragon, Vampire, Darkstar, Morgrue.

Rank: Prince of Noctmaire
Appearance: As a dragon Remus is all silver with black fins, tendrils and spikes, and gold underbelly and lip scales.
     As a vampire and in his base form, Remus looks elvish, being part human and Darkstar elf, with deluvian white hair and mother's green and gold eyes, gold claws tipping his fingers that retract and become much longer, but in full vampire form he is more buff, has wings, fangs and claws.
     As a Winged Morgrue, he has a buff skeletal frame covered in silver gold edged scales like fitted body armor. He has a pair of flared horns that like his claws are black bleeding into silver then gold at the tips. His lips are black and his sharp teeth and large fangs are gold. His eyes are gold ringed with black flesh. His dragon wings are black with silver wing fingers and gold claws.

     As a Rat, Remus looks like a fat dark grey rat. 

Blended Forms: Remus can combine physical aspects of his forms and the power of them as he shifts. He can also gain new forms via exsanguination.

Family: father Aurelius, mother Melisseant, brother Remus

Demeanor: antisocial in crowds as he is socially awkward and aware of it. Intelligent but odd. Loyal and obedient to his family and protective of them, his older but younger looking brother Beren in particular.


Spectral Illusory (phantasms, alter realities, dream shaping, and uncommon spectral weaving, silver dragon aspected)

Nature (harnessing plant, earth, mineral, water and animal abilities, and innate animal kinship)

Wizardry (healing, protection and defensive attacks)

Conjuration (summoning, formulation, and fabrication of select targets)

Wylde Walker (Special Path, very rare, wild magic weaving, commands and rare planar access, 1 d10 check, fails on roll of 1 with bizzare power relative counteraction called by GM. The more powerful the command the more potent the counter affect, with Wylde Magic storm at apex.  Can only be passed to another with blood imbued by wild magic and the subject in throws of a transient death, knowledge gained by quest into Corridor of the Wylde in the Dark Realm)

Shadow Abyss Walker (shadow planes and abyss Walker and commands, inherent path inherited from Noctmaire ancestry)


     Remus spent most of his first six years, since he could walk, wandering around a deep dungeon in the bowls of a massive tower. His only company was his darkstar elven mother who was shackled and chained. They were political prisoners of his father's arch nemesis, Hesstromeph Behesthma, a great lich king of the Eastfold of Mephais. 

     Because of his lonely and rather dark early upbringing Remus is not comfortable around crowds or strangers. He keeps his distance until he feels a bond of trust with someone. As such he is socially awkward and has few friends. Being a prince he is often thrown into social engagements and has learned to cope with people. 

     In the company of friends he is a different person than he is around strangers who don't really know what to think of the strange, shy elfkin (part elf).  When told he is the Prince of Noctmaire most show him respect, though the rest distrust him.  That distrust stems from the rumors of him having been a slave, agent or even son of Hesstromeph when it was a known fact of the court and Aurelius that he was irrefutably Remus' father.  Aurelius had felt his son springing into life at the moment he was conceived. Little molecules though he was.

     Remus worshipped his father but the rumors had shaken him. He'd gone to Aurelius and asked, "My Lord, was I...fathered by thy enemy?" So frail with fear his words.

     Aurelius had smiled down upon him then hugged him tight. "No. No no, Remus. You are one hundred percent mine and your mother's."

     "But... am I not different than you?" He searched.

     "Well of course you are. You are Remus and I Aurelius.  You are all that your mother and I are but in a way that is your own.  Don't fear the misanthropy you hear, for by cowards are such lies spawned. The weak won't last, lies will soon be gone."

     Remus held his god of a father tight. How he loved him.

     His brother Beren. Gods just to have a brother!  Remus followed him everywhere. It drove Beren nuts at first.  Beren was older than Remus by eight years yet Remus looked older... like a young adult, maybe eighteen, could pass for low twenties.  Aurelius had slowed Beren's immortal aging. Remus just wandered around in a vast mostly empty dungeon for six years. 

     Hesstromeph rarely kept prisoners long.  But this was a queen and Prince of a great nuisance.  Bargaining chips.  But... they'd escaped while Hesstromeph was engaged in heavy battle along the western fringe of his kingdom. Westguard had risen against him once again. And who at the behest of? The young scions of Aurelius. It was the very group who had raised allies that stole their way into the unbreakable black tower.  The clever queen meanwhile had slipped the cuffs and shackles it had taken her six years to loosen, hunted Remus down to take the boy, who was black with filth, by his grimy hand and lead him through the cavernous dungeon to find a way out.

     Remus was a wirey little thing and long legged like a four legged spider creeping about the dungeon corridors in the dark and stale air and by torchlight. He'd been bitten by rats but he bit them right back. It was the cleanest meal he'd had since eating solid food.  His mother had breast fed him as long as she could bear it. He was four when he tasted his first grool.  It sustained them but not well.  Particularly not Remus.  But a new day came in the darkness, a day that spoke of something only dreamed of... sunlight. Fresh air. The world out there. 

     There was something strangely comforting about living in the dank and the dark in the aloneness, when you had good bedding, which they did. It was dull, quiet, always the same. But not this day. This day mother was holding his hand while standing up, while walking. Remus had to straighten his bent animal like posture. So they went for a walk, only Remus, that six year old was soon pulling his mother along because he knew the dungeon, every niche and cranny.  Where not to tread.  Remus had a few scars. He was quick though, that little spider boy. 

     There were guards where there usually weren't today. But wait... is that someone fighting the shadow men? It was indeed. It was Mathew, Kent, Kelly and Varen out of Noctmaire.  They had a small company of men and women with them. Remus had never experienced fighting.  Biting, clawing, snapping and nipping yes. But not swords and magic flying. Shields and armored bodies crashing. It was rather spectacular and exciting. His mother had to hide him he wanted so badly to see.  The Noctmaire youngbloods could not have come at a better time to save the queen and her beautiful son. 

     Melissant loved her sons and had a special place for Remus not only for what he'd endured but how he'd endured it, the spindly but lovely little boy. Remus had gained some muscle since then, trained in sword and crafts. He was still Beren's younger older brother though. But now they were friends. Remus respected that Soren was Beren's best friend and treaded lightly there.