Legion of Shadows

General Information

Player: Troy, the main leaders.

Allies: Acheron, Eremon aka Solbaid

Status: free to roam on the condition that their leaders respect the Global Laws of Auros and the laws of the kingdoms they reside or sojourn in, and see that their subordinates do the same. Otherwise they could be recalled to Acheron. 

Superiors: Maelmorda, Sammael, Acheron by proxy (all of Acheron or the Morning Star's proxies)


The Ranks

Nuadises the Shadow Weaver and his wife Megruanya

Nuadises (noo-wah-diss-seez) this shadow devil's presence radiates a darkness so unfathomable that the mystery he was cloaked in itself was disturbing, and in form he was just as dark. He was as the shadows which surrounded him and ethereal, yet phantom facial features and a the form of a devil could be defined, albeit his appearance was very subtle and unless he chose a corporeal form he fluxuated between the form of a handsome elf and a winged, serpent tailed, wolf-faced, pawed, horned devil, revealing both forms which he could take. 

Shadows Aspects: all spells and formulation with chaos roll. 
Pentacle of Fate: all powers and formulation with chaos roll.

Abyss Aspects: all powers and formulation with chaos roll.

Legion: Nua and Meg can take their entire legion into themselves overnight or split them then release any number of them as they see fit. They can also call their legionaires to themselves at will.

Megruanya Almost always at her husband's side is this sephiroth, an oriental female in likeness of such beauty that she could steal mens breath away, with long, flowing, black hair done up in beautiful braids with curls around her face, the gowns she wears as black and sheer as her mate is ethereal but scintilating with pin head sized beads of black sapphire, which were in fact such a dark shade of blue that they only looked black in shadow but glowed like twilight in direct light. The weight of these beads combined as they formed patterns like constellations lay against her perfect body and fell off of her in drifts with those whispy layers of thin, silk cloth to reveal her shape in such detail that she might as well have been naked when in fact all but her hands, throat, face and bare feet was covered, the colour and creamy texture of her skin like butter toffee cream in its perfection. Her skin alone was a powerful enticement. Though very Japenese in her looks she had never seen Earth or Japan. This was a goddess in shape and substance who held such beauty that no man could have denied her had she wished to seduced them and indeed she was a powerful temption to predators. Around her head is often a net of silver which glittered like stars amidst the black heavens that was her hair and otherwise black semblance. With her husband she commands the Legion of Shadows all of whom belong to Nuad and Meg who either created or summoned and bound them all. 

Metaphysical Aspects: all powers and formulation with chaos roll. 
Pentacle of the Spirit: all powers and formulation with chaos roll. 

General Sedrimades

Morghmantis :: Wraith Demon

Normal weapons do nothing to this demon, but direct sunlight, and bright artificial light causes them to retreat into the Shadow Plane and damages them-{-1-VF per turn exposed}. They devours souls to maintain vital force. Their vital force IS their stamina and life force (VF=HP).


  • Class: Battlemage 
  • Level: 34
  • Telekinetic Strength: 40 (Level +6)
  • Vital Force: 1020 (Level X 30)
  • Haste: 44 (Level + 10 = mvm)
  • Mental: 21
  • Ice Reaver: Freezes and weakens soul by touch and presence. Soak and freeze at range of up to +1 yard per ace. On death, soul plummets into the abyss and becomes a Wraith Minion which serves the Wraith Demon.


  • Weapon Specialization: +2 HB, +3 d6 damage, +1 AR
  • Rally: call allies together to form a unified attack, +1 HB, +1 init, +1 willpower, +1 per ace, lasts +1 turn, +1 per ace, all allies
  • Shadow Riposte: +1 damage per success.
  • Channel Power: enchant a called weapon or armour with a called power or powers (-1 AR each), lasts until disenchanted or until another power is channeled.

Arcane Paths

  • Path of the Abyss: All Abyss Spells
  • Abysmal Ice: all Spells
  • Shadow Path: all, improved by +3 d6
  • Abysmal Necromancy: all Necromancy Spells improved by +3 d6

A Morghmantis is a demon that was nearly destroyed, only for its soul to plunge deep into the abyss where it soaked up the infernal forces of the crushing black void. Ironically, out of this near death, arises something very powerful. With no physical embodiment, the only visible manifestation of this demon wraith, is a jet black shadow in a three dimensional silhouette of its former demonic shape, wings included. Their shadow form can also be altered into any chosen shape. They can wear clothing, owed to their metaphysical energy, and often wear cloaks and robes to guard them from light, but if they become ethereal, they can gird nothing material, and any clothing or physical items on them would fall right through them. The Weapons they once weilded in life were reforged out of the abyss with powers of its elements (Weapon Level=Number of Spells and MA dmg). Very ancient and powerful Wraith Demons may command their own army of Wraith Minions, made by them through the power of Ice Reaver.

Field Marshals:

♧ Barumeth: Balrog (level 31-temple knight, level 33 paths, with balrog and vengoath forms) 

♧ Casthul: Morgul (32-battlemage, level 31 paths, shade with black goatkin form, ariad elven form, human form, and shadow dragon form, Innate Shadow Path, Assimilation, Engulf)

Shadow Legion Subordinate Ranks

♧ Create characters for any of these ranks.

  • Angels of the Pit
  • Devils, Shadow
  • Ethereals, Abyssal
  • Ethereals, Shadow
  • Phantoms
  • Shades
  • Vampires, Shadow
  • Vampires, Darkrealms
  • Wraiths
  • Zombies
  • Zombie Ghouls